junk bonanza.

I’m really getting excited about Junk Bonanza which is next week, April 10 – 12 at Canterbury Park.  I have been working my tail off getting pieces ready to bring to the booth I am sharing with Lori from the Round Barn.

Here is what I am planning to bring.


Hudson 1

rue henri 2

sweet dreams dresser

garden chair 3

Paris dresser 7

mind the gap 1


I’ll have some painted suitcases …suitcase pair

I’ll definitely have a supply of my painted books too.


And if many of these pieces sell on the first day and make room for more, I have a 2nd string of items waiting in the wings.

sunny yellow 2

writing desk

Plus one more dresser that I am currently working on!

10 thoughts on “junk bonanza.

  1. I guess you have a good size truck that will be quite a haul. I am quite sure you will sell it all and return empty haned except for the loot you take in exchange. I hope to take lots of photos of the booth etcera for those of us in far flung locales that cannot make the journey.


    1. Actually, I’m renting a truck for a day to bring everything out, and I’m crossing my fingers that I don’t have to rent another truck to bring it all home again 😉 I plan to get some photos of our booth and you know I will share them on the blog!


  2. One of each please! Oh, how I wish I lived closer! I love the little square alarm clock that makes an appearance in several photos, I have a thing for them! Best of luck on your sales.


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