another quandie quickie.

After painting the petite buffet with MMS Ironstone milk paint, I had a little paint left in my jar.  Waste not, want not.  So, I decided to paint a few clay pots.

Here are the tools of the trade.  Some MMS milkpaint in Ironstone, some 7 gypsies and Tim Holtz rub-ons, and let’s just pretend those pots aren’t painted yet 😉

painted pots supplies

I needed 3 coats of paint to get solid coverage, which is what I wanted.  But this paint dries so fast you can do 3 coats in no time.  I’d paint a coat, go fold a load of laundry, paint another coat, go surf pinterest, paint a 3rd coat, pour a glass of wine.  You get the idea, just multi-task while your paint dries

I did not, however, take time to take photos during the process, so you’ll just have to use your imagination.

Once the paint was dried, I sanded the pots down a little, to give them a distressed look.  Then I just added the rub-ons.  Who doesn’t love a good rub-on?  You can find the Tim Holtz brand at Michaels and Hobby Lobby.

painted pots 2

After making sure the rub-on was adhered properly, I went over the entire pot with just a little MMS furniture wax.painted pots 1And voila.  Some sweet little painted pots.

4 thoughts on “another quandie quickie.

  1. These are to die for….excellent use of your leftovers…how pretty would these be with herbs in them? Or filled with little gifts in a gift basket? Well done.


  2. you can find almost the same exact graphics at the graphics fairy website. Just print them off (many come with a reverse image) and adhere the image. Then seal with modge podge. Directions are on either the website or on pinterest. I made a bunch last year and they are very sweet.


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