what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

I am off to Vegas!  Leaving Mr. Q at home to man the fort.  This may lead you to conclude that I am a party girl who likes drinking and gambling and staying up all night without my husband.  Au contraire.  In reality, my mom lives in Vegas.  Once a year or so, both my sister (from New Jersey) and I fly out there at the same time to visit with mom and hang out where the sun always shines and there is no snow on the ground.

vegas sign

I probably have a very different Vegas experience than most.  I like to visit favorite stores that we don’t have here in Minnesota.  That would be Steinmart and Hobby Lobby (although now I do have my own Hobby Lobby).  Plus there is an Anthropologie near mom’s house, and I never find time to get there at home.  I’d love to find some fun vintage shops to visit, but have never had much success in finding any out there.  Perhaps the locals are too busy gambling and they don’t care about vintage.  Does anyone know of any?  If so, leave a comment, I’ll be checking!

vintage shop

Aside from shopping, we’ll probably go to the movies, eat out a lot and in the mornings I’ll drink coffee and enjoy the sunshine because with the time change, I’m always awake 2 hours earlier than normal.

Usually I don’t even bother with the strip, but this time we are going to a show!  Mom has connections and got some free tickets to the Bee Gee’s tribute show at the Excalibur.

Making their exciting debut in Las Vegas the talented tribute band brings the music of the famous Gibb brothers to the Las Vegas Strip. The Australian Bee Gees Show - A Tribute to the Bee Gees has become the world's leading Bee Gees show.


Most of all, I’m looking forward to 5 days away from the day job.  Probably not long enough, but I’ll take it!

Don’t be surprised if I’m surfing craigslist from afar and sending Mr. Q off to pick stuff up even during my absence.  It’s a sickness, I can’t help myself.

I will miss is my blog though (well, and of course I’ll miss Mr. Q).  My mom doesn’t have a computer.  I don’t own a laptop.  Just my smartphone.  I’ll be able to read comments and surf craigslist, but I won’t be posting long commentaries of any kind.

Try not to miss me!

One thought on “what happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas.

  1. Awwww….I’ll miss you for sure – it’s never the same around here (work) without you. Have fun – say hi to Deb and your Mom for me.


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