a tree topper toolbox.

Well, I told you guys that if my latest Christmas toolbox didn’t sell I was gonna have to keep it.

And it hasn’t sold yet.

So I decided that maybe it was meant to be mine.  At least for now.

I had a feeling it would be perfect for displaying my non-collection of vintage glass tree toppers.

You’ve seen my tree toppers before.  Last year I displayed them in a primitive wooden caddy.

Back in 2019 I explained my method for displaying them.  I use floral foam and wooden skewers to hold them in place.

I place the foam in the bottom of my container, add some faux greens over the top of it, and then poke in the skewers and add the toppers.  Easy peasy.

I store all of my supplies for this in vintage suitcases.

As soon as I finished the toolbox I realized it would be perfect for showing off the toppers.  But I decided I’d attempt to sell it first.  After all, I could always make another one for myself.

But no one immediately snapped it up, so …

clearly it was meant to be.

I used the same foam and skewers, added some greens and then placed my toppers.

I wove some fairy lights throughout for a little extra sparkle.

Yep, it definitely feels meant to be.

I love it.  What do you think?

59 thoughts on “a tree topper toolbox.

  1. Oh my goodness! The toolbox is perfect for your tree toppers. You have an incredible collection (oops non-collection LOL) of them. All of my vintage Christmas is displayed in the basement because of my two curious cats but I may need to start a tree topper collection 😉. I think of you every time I see toolboxes at estate sales!


    1. Luckily my cat has never been particularly interested in bothering Christmas decorations, she has always even left the tree alone. Although she does love to chew on the plastic bags that things are stored in!


    1. I did some googling, and ‘ornemanistes’ is French and translates to ‘ornamentalist’ in English, and one of the definitions is “a person whose work is considered to be ornament rather than art.” I think I can officially consider myself an ornemanistes. I’ve never been comfortable calling myself an ‘artist’, I think this is a better fit 🙂


    1. I struggled for a few year with how to safely display the toppers. In that first photo they are actually only being held in place with some of that tacky wax for holding taper candles in place. I’m lucky I never broke any! The skewer thing was a game changer for sure.


  2. Truly lovely. If it was displayed for sale like this it would be sold in a nanosecond. But for sale sans the toppers of course, those are yours forever!


    1. That toolbox did end up being just the right size for the quantity of tree toppers I have. But I could squeeze in a few more too, so I’ll be on the lookout for more 😉


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