a holiday sneak peek.

I’m gearing up to bring some holiday goodies into Reclaiming Beautiful, the shop where I sell on consignment in Stillwater, MN.  They will be having their annual Christmas open house on November 12, so I plan to have the bulk of my holiday items into the shop by then.

But I always like to give my blog readers a sneak peek at some of my things, and thus give local followers the opportunity to get the first crack at purchasing items before they go into the shop.  So, that’s basically the purpose of today’s post.

First up, I’m planning to sell a few things that I made for myself in previous years.  I enjoyed them in my own home, and now I’m ready to let them go to others.

I’m going to part with the Skate Rental headboard sign.

It is 43″ tall by 42.5″ wide and the price is $58.

The nice thing about this one is that you can leave it up all winter, it’s not Christmas specific.

Next up is the S. Claus & Co sign, perfect for hanging a pair of Christmas stockings.

It is 24″ wide x 11″ deep and the price is $28 (SOLD!).

I’m also selling my sock stretcher stockings.

Only two are pictured, but I have four of them.  They are going for $22 each.

I also have that pair of rusty cherubs going for $30 each.

The mid-mod most wonderful time chair will go to the shop unless a local wants to snatch it up for $40.

I’ve also got a few items that I’ve painted up to sell that I haven’t shared yet here on the blog.  For the most part, these are repeats of similar things I’ve posted about in the past so I’m not sure I’ll do specific blog posts about them.  But I want to give you guys a chance to potentially snatch them up, especially the sleds since I know a few of you are hoping to snag one this year.

I have four sleds for this year.

No. 1 – the tall black sled is 56″ tall and priced at $58 – SOLD!

No. 2 – the tall white sled is 50″ tall and priced at $58.

No. 3 – the short white sled is 42″ tall (or wide if you’re displaying it as shown below) and priced at $55.

No. 4 – the short putty sled is 41″ tall and also priced at $55.

The sleds can be displayed just leaning up against something …

or hanging sideways.

I also have another sweet kid sized chair for $40.

And I love my own Rudolph & Co footboard sign so much that I made another one to sell.

This one is 32″ tall by 41.5″ wide.  Although I show it just leaning in the photo, I will put some d-rings on the back so it can be hung up like I do with mine …

OK, so locals, first come, first served.  Send me an email at qisforquandie@gmail.com if you’re interested in any of these items.  Everything that isn’t sold by next Wednesday will be going into the shop.

I have plenty of fun Christmas projects planned that I will share in upcoming blog posts too, so be sure to continue to stay tuned!

4 thoughts on “a holiday sneak peek.

  1. There is not one item on this post that I don’t love love love! Every one of them 😍👍 An old sled is another one of those things that I’ve been on the look-out for for YEARS but, nope! The way you quandify them is just so charming and awesome! So Christmasy!


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