it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

As I mentioned yesterday, we had our first snow here on Friday.  Go figure, we went from 80 degrees on Tuesday, to snow on Friday.  Lucky I finished getting my windows washed and the storm windows in place on Thursday!

There’s always something magical about that first snow of the season.  And what better way to celebrate than with a little Christmas project?

I’ve been plugging away at my pile of toolboxes, tackle boxes, and lock boxes.  As I was working on them, I decided it might be fun to give one a holiday look.  I have to admit, I chose one of the very simple lock boxes for this because I wasn’t sure I would like the results.  I figured if it didn’t turn out well, it was a small one and I could easily do it over.

Silly me!  How did I not realize how lovely a Christmas lock box would be?

OK, let’s start at the beginning.  Well, not precisely because I’ve gotten really bad at taking ‘before’ pictures lately.  But you can just picture your average putty colored lock box here.  Nothing special.

This one wasn’t really rusty or gross at all (that’s generally reserved for the toolboxes), so after washing it, I skipped over the B.O.S.S. step and went right to paint.  In hindsight, I won’t do that again.  Somehow that coat of B.O.S.S. just makes them easier to paint, although I can’t really explain why.

I went with Dixie Belle’s Silk paint in Fiery Sky on the inside.

It took three coats to get really good coverage, but red is just like that.

Next I painted the outside in two coats of Dixie Belle’s Sawmill Gravy.  Then it was time to get creative.  I first pulled out Dixie Belle’s Evergreen and Holly transfer and added the pretty poinsettias and holly to the box.

But then I felt like it needed just a little something more.  You know how I love to use typography.  So I pulled out another new Dixie Belle transfer called Vintage Post.

I trimmed out a section here and a section there and added them to my box.

It was precisely what the box needed.

The typography doesn’t have anything at all to do with Christmas, but those fonts have a holiday look to me.  What do you think?

I finished off the outside of the box with a couple of coats of Dixie Belle’s flat clear coat.  I didn’t need to clear coat the inside because the Silk paint has a built in topcoat.

Wouldn’t this lock box be perfect for storing your most treasured vintage glass ornaments?

It would also make an amazing gift box!  If you have someone special you’re exchanging gifts with this Christmas, why not package it in a fabulous lock box?  Or simply fill it up with homemade baked goods, or Christmas candy.

I’m definitely going to do some more of these holiday themed boxes.  I just can’t get enough of ’em.  Well, I say that now, but by mid-December I’m sure I’ll be sick of anything that’s red and green.  But for now, staging these photos sure was a fun way to welcome the first snowfall of the year.

So tell me, is it looking a little like Christmas where you are?

This Christmas lockbox is for sale, so be sure to check my ‘available for local sale‘ page if you are local (sorry, I still don’t ship my creations) and in need of a fabulous lock box.

Thank you to Dixie Belle Paint Co for providing the paint and the transfers used on this project.

36 thoughts on “it’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas.

  1. Oh my goodness! How sweet is this little box. And all your suggestions were spot on for how to use it! The typography was the icing on this little gem. Can’t wait to see more Christmas from the Q stash of toolboxes!😃


  2. Hi. I live in Minnesota too and always look forward to reading your emails and seeing what you’ve been creating! Thank you for your inspiration. Julie


  3. Oh my! That is perfection! I adore Christmas and you were spot on with suggestions of how to use. Also a great place to store vintage Christmas cards to display every year!


    1. Perfect! I went right to the “for sale” page to see if I should call and put Dobbs on it! Your toolboxes are getting better and better. Love the red inside, but the outside is just fantastic. You definitely have a decorators eye….and hands to accomplish the look.


  4. So glad to know you are making more! I was too late in purchasing this one and will be waiting to see what you come up with next!


  5. seeing your adorable box gives me the Christmas spirit! while i am late to the party on your garden post survey – i love them!! so fun to see what’s happening up north…… sometimes not so different except for the snow!! Loved the fall shots this past Sunday – so dry in central AR this year our main fall color is brown. so enjoy ALL you share!!


  6. It is ALWAYS looking a bit like Christmas at our house. Christmas crafting is my favorite so I do it year round. This box is perfection – and that red interior! I cannot wait to see more Christmas boxes “Q- ified”


  7. I Iove this! How ’bout a Halloween box? A couple years ago you had a Halloween
    sign, I think. I didn’t get it but am awaiting


    1. I love the idea of a Halloween box, but there isn’t much to choose from for transfers with a Halloween theme. Although … hmmm … someone has skulls is a sort of steam punk style, I may have to look into that. I might have missed the boat on that for this year, but maybe next year!


  8. OUCH Miss Quandie! This box is so beautiful that it hurts!!! I’m saying for the nth time that you are just so dang good at this! The choice of transfers, the arrangement of the transfers, that red color inside……oh my!


    1. If my local sales ever dry up, I may consider it. But for now it’s just so much easier to have buyers come to me. You’ll just have to create your own Laura!


  9. Unfortunately it doesn’t look or feel at all like Christmas here in Texas. Our Fall is also pretty short here but it’s because summer lasts longer. Although today it has felt like the beginning of Fall which is nice. We lived in Pittsburgh for 3 years and that was enough of long winters for me-I don’t know how you do it! I love your Christmas lock box!


    1. Although I love some winter, I have to admit I don’t love how long our winter can get to be. But I do love living near family and friends, so I suck it up for winter weather 😉


  10. Thank you for spreading some holiday cheer. It’s hard to feel Christmas when it’ll be 91 on Wednesday here in Northern California! The box turned out beautifully and your snow is gorgeous.


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