the traders market 2022.

Last weekend my sister and I drove down to Elko, MN for the Traders Market.

I have to say, after having just been to the Gold Rush at Oronoco, this market is much more my style.  There were tons of fabulous things to look at, so I took a few snapshots to share with you guys.

Many of my favorite things were available, like cameras and clocks …

blue ball jars …

vintage scales …

(now that I’m looking at this photo, I wish I had considered purchasing that turquoise colored one on the bottom shelf, that would have been a great addition to my pantry)

and there were even quite a few toolboxes!

I have to say that many of them were even reasonably priced.  I’ll admit, I mainly didn’t buy any of them because I didn’t want to carry them around the market.  The next time we go, I’m definitely bringing a cart.

We saw quite a bit of the red, white and blue.

It gave me a 4th of July vibe, which was confusing in September, but then I thought maybe Labor Day is also considered a patriotic holiday by some?  Or maybe Americana is in style all year long.  I don’t know, what do you think?

Remember the swanky swigs I found last March?  There was a vendor with an entire table full of them.

There were quite a few vendors with more traditional collectibles, like military stuff.

There were also vendors with more unique items like this cow with a milk can head.

Some hanging lights made out of old globes …

Or this really cool, chippy, model ship.

You can’t really see the scale in that photo, but that thing was probably close to 4′ long.

Once again I came across some roller skates in a metal carrying case.

Now that they’re on my radar I’ll probably see them everywhere.

Speaking of seeing things everywhere, these Halloween buckets seem to be all the rage these days.

I’m curious, do any of you know someone who makes these?  Is there some sort of laser cutting machine that cuts out those faces?  They all seem to be exactly the same, although I have seen other versions (like the Frankenstein monster face on the one my sister purchased at Oronoco).

I did purchase a couple of things at the Traders Market that are a little more interesting than the mop I purchased at Oronoco, and they both went into my potting shed.  I picked up an addition to my watering can non-collection (in the background of this photo).

I didn’t have a watering can in that style, and it was only $12, so I snatched it up.

And I also picked up this mint colored step stool to serve as a plant stand.

But I have to say, my sister got the find of the day.  It’s a bit obscure, but a couple of years ago she started collecting pieces from the Dept 56 Disney Parks Village Series.  Now, this is not to be confused with the Disney Christmas Village, or the Disney Pumpkin Town.  Although she does have some pieces from them as well.  They are much more readily available.  But the Disney Parks series features actual buildings from the parks themselves.

A couple of years ago we found several of the buildings at a 2nd hand store for a reasonable price, but if you try to buy these online they are usually priced quite high.  She is currently coveting the new Haunted Mansion piece, but the cheapest I’ve seen it is $249 on Amazon.

I’d love to say that we found that piece, but not hardly.  But she did find two other pieces for $10 each, so we were both pretty excited about that.  Unfortunately, I neglected to get a photo of her finds.

The Elko Trader’s Market is held three times per year, Memorial Day, July 4th and Labor Day weekends.  I’ve only been to the Labor Day version, but I told Debbie that we have to make a note to go over Memorial Day weekend next year to see what kinds of summer/garden sorts of goodies they might have.

So, I’m curious.  What kinds of things do you usually buy at a market like this one?  Leave a comment and let me know!

14 thoughts on “the traders market 2022.

  1. Looks like fun-wish I could say what I would buy but there is no such event in my neck of the woods. The closest one was 3 hours away this summer and it was much smaller and much more expensive.I admire your restraint in purchasing only several stalls……


  2. I love markets like these and typically find something to purchase. But since I shop at the cheapest places I can find because I resell, it has to be unusual and very desirable for me to purchase it marked up a bit. I am not having much luck selling Americana or rusty type items online so I am hoarding them until I can figure out a booth situation. I just need a strong back to help me load and unload stuff and once I figure that out I’ll start looking for an antique mall for my primitive type of treasures!


  3. I look for good prices on architectural pieces, iron stone, really just goods I collect. I really think I need to clean out my garage and my she shed. There would be move of what I collect! 😉😳😊
    Sm8les, alice


  4. This post made me jealous that I didn’t make it there last weekend. I’ve gotten great things for my lake house at the Memorial Day, 4th of July and labor day markets. One of my obsessions is finding (and buying) vintage minnow buckets and I always find one or two there. As you said, I also think many of the prices are reasonable.


    1. Well, I hate to tell you this Jill, but I did see a super cute minnow bucket at what I thought was a very reasonable price (I believe it was either $22 or $24). If only I had a lake house to go with it!


  5. Looks like a fun market and similar to our Brimfield Flea Market which also happens three times a year. Even more fun to explore with a sister. Thanks for sharing your day


  6. My think is rehabing old plaster type frames. I found that they are easy to repair if the plaster is missing and painting or gold leaf is doable and you can’t tell at all. They are super cheap when damaged and a little modeling clay for a mold and “rockhard” builder’s compound for the plaster repair works well. Lots of sanding to fit it in place so it’s a tight fit and poof, it looks amazing…


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