I went to a garden party.

Earlier this week I had the pleasure of being invited to a really lovely garden party along with the other vendors at Reclaiming Beautiful, the shop where I sell on consignment in Stillwater, MN.

Everything was just so beautiful that I had to snap a few photos to share with you guys!

The party was held at David and Nancy’s house, and some of you may remember when I shared a tour of their home back in June 2020.  Back then, their gardens looked like this …

And now, a mere two years later, that area looks like this.

They’ve added a gravel patio and a lovely little cottage to that space.

Let’s start with the patio which you enter through this fabulous arch created from old doors.

It’s a really nice sized patio, and much of it is sheltered by a gorgeous tree.

And while some of the furnishings are more traditional patio pieces, like this seating area …

What really makes the space magical is the use of indoor furniture in an outdoor setting.

The frames hanging from the tree are such a whimsical touch.

And how about that organ?

Don’t you just love that?!

You may be wondering how these pieces hold up outside, and so was I.  Nancy said she painted them with outdoor paint, and they get a fair amount of protection from that tree.  However, they do cover them if it’s going to really rain hard.  I didn’t ask, but I’m also guessing they will store them for the winter.  Although maybe not.  As Nancy explained, she paid very little for each piece so if something gets ruined, oh well.  I can just picture that organ draped with evergreen garland and lights sitting in a snowbank, can’t you?

The fact that all of this is in such an idyllic setting surrounded by fields of wildflowers is part of what makes it so magical as well.

When I first arrived there was even a doe and her fawn grazing nearby in a most picturesque fashion, although I imagine those deer are precisely why Nancy’s zinnia garden is completely enclosed in fencing.

OK, you’re all probably dying to get inside that little cottage, I know I was.

I’m afraid I was too busy snapping photos to get all of the details on how this little building came about, so I’m sorry about that.  But isn’t it gorgeous?

The details of the cupola and those star shaped vents are fantastic.  I love that it opens all the way up on one side.

Naturally Nancy has gone all out decorating the inside.

Here’s fellow vendor Amy testing out the furniture.

Looks comfy!

We did get a tour inside the house as well, but the light was going at that point and I only had my phone for photos rather than my camera, so I didn’t take any.  But I can refer you back to my original tour of Nancy’s home if you want to see that.

No garden party is complete without party favors!

Nancy sent each of us home with some of those pretty zinnias from her garden.

Isn’t her little card just so sweet?

That is a drawing of her house, and this is the card for her business, The Festooned Farmhouse.  She offers home and/or event styling.  You can also find Nancy on Instagram.  Be sure to check her out!

5 thoughts on “I went to a garden party.

  1. That is such a charming spot! Thanks for the tour! I love that garden entrance it really is so inviting. The little cottage is a girl’s dream!
    Smiles, alice


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