same day service.

First up I want to thank everyone for the kind comments left on Monday’s post, thank you so much, those comments mean a lot to me!

Some of you may remember the black dresser that I worked on earlier this year.  When I brought the dresser home, it had a mirror on it.

I usually find that dressers sell better without a mirror, they are so much more versatile that way and can be used in more settings than just a bedroom, so I removed it.  Initially my handyman Ken and I tried to salvage the frame that held the mirror and keep it on the back of the dresser.

But in the end I felt like the scale of it was all wrong, so I replaced it with a plain, straight board.

I never like to just discard pieces like this, so I held onto it for a rainy day.  Recently I pulled it out of a pile of random furniture parts and decided to turn it into a pegboard sign.

Basically all I did was add a stencil …

some wooden knobs, and a picture wire on the back so it could hang on the wall.

And voila, a cute decoration for someone’s laundry room was born.

It’s perfect for hanging your vintage clothes pin bag, or some old advertising wooden hangers.

There’s just something about adding wooden knobs to function as pegs that elevates a stenciled sign.  When I saw a couple of Ziploc bags full of them at a garage sale for $2, I snatched them up pronto.

Now I’ll have plenty of them for some Christmas cupboard door signs.  Four of them were perfect on this piece too.

This was an easy way to give this discarded bit of trim a new life.

I’d keep this pegboard for myself, but I don’t actually offer same day service on laundry … how about you?

The laundry co pegboard sign is available for sale locally, be sure to check my ‘available for local sale‘ page for more details.

18 thoughts on “same day service.

  1. Charmed! Salvaged pieces accumulate in a corner of my workspace. There’s a particular backsplash calling me for this treatment…thank you!
    Sure wish you were commuting distance from the lovely PNW…


  2. Same day service on laundry? Now I have to clean my screen of the coffee that I was drinking when you pulled my leg! Nice repurpose, clever you.


  3. Saw a mirror from a dresser turned upside down with a board attached to the now top for a shelf. Mirror and shelf painted white. Kinda neat and a good way to use those unloved pieces. Yours looks big enough to maybe be a bathroom mirror. Know you could “dolly” it up really cute.
    Love the laundry sign!


    1. I have done a couple of those, and in fact have one in my workshop waiting to be painted right now. I haven’t figured out a great way to photograph them though, which is why I’ve never shared them on my blog. Maybe one day …


  4. I love it and a decorated laundry room. I recently found you and love all you share! You are so talented! Your toolboxes and furniture flips are my favorites .


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