an april thrift haul.

I still have lots to share from our trip to Charleston, but just in case some of you are growing bored with my travelogue, I thought I’d break it up a bit today and post about my recent thrift haul.

Sue and I headed out Wednesday morning to see what we could find at our local thrift stores.  The forecast called for rain, but the rain held off until we were almost done for the day.  I did have to unload the van in a downpour, but at least it wasn’t snow!

First up are the items that I can flip ‘as is’, although I always wash everything I bring home first, such a these ironstone-like pieces.

I’m not sure if any of those qualify as legit ironstone, but they have the ironstone look.

I also brought home this stoneware pitcher.

It’s super heavy, and looks vintage to me.  But I don’t really know much about stoneware.  There are no marks on the bottom, but I did find these embossed marks.

Does anyone know anything about this stuff?  If so, please leave me a comment and clue me in.

I purchased this silver footed tray just because I liked the shape of it, and the fact that it’s footed.

I thought it would be perfect in the kitchen with olive oils and spices on it.

I also grabbed this set of six copper mugs.

Moscow mules anyone?

Someone really needs to stage an intervention to get me to stop buying pretty china.

After reading about grand millennial style I gave myself permission to consider china again, and so far I haven’t actually managed to sell any of it.  Also, unfortunately, although the dinner plates in this set aren’t crazed, the salad plates are.  I didn’t notice that before I got them home.  So I realized after the fact that I can’t really sell these as functional plates.  I may have to just turn them into garden china.

But that green!

How could I resist that green?

I also picked up a few things that just needed a little something-something added.  I added a quick transfer to this plain white pitcher.

I also added some transfers to these enamelware pieces.

I think any of these would be great as flower pots.  Just punch some holes in the bottom for drainage (I usually do this with a hammer and a large nail), and fill with your favorite flowering annual.  As I’ve mentioned before, in my experience these transfers hold up perfectly well outside.

When I picked up this barn bird house at the thrift store, it was obvious that there were some things rattling around inside.  I had to take 4 screws out to get the bottom off, and here’s what tumbled out.

A strange little mish mash of items; some craft paint, a chapstick, a little foam brush and a fake plastic strawberry.  Someone was having fun figuring out what they could fit through that hole in the front 😉

I thought it would be adorable to add a transfer from Dixie Belle’s On the Farm set.

Now I can’t decide if I want to keep this for myself, or sell it at the shop.  Decisions, decisions.

I love this tall wire basket that I found, although I’m not 100% sure how one would use it.  Of course, you could always put some tall faux stems in it, or maybe some french bread?

Or hey, maybe hang it from a peg and fill it with rolling pins.  To show the height of the basket, I staged the photo with a pair of rolling pins that I picked up while thrifting too.  I subsequently have painted the handles on the rolling pins to give them a more vintage look.

I went with red and green and I think I’ll hang onto these for the Christmas season.

Whenever I see a pretty original oil painting at a good price, I always grab it.

This one is perfect for someone’s lake cabin, and it’s just about to be cabin season.  I gave the frame a quick freshening up with a coat of Dixie Belle’s Silk paint in Deep Sea, which is a deep navy blue.

It wasn’t until I was about to photograph the painting that I remembered that I had this wooden buoy.  I picked it up while thrifting over the winter and I tucked it aside to be a summer project.

I wish I’d thought to take a ‘before’ photo of the buoy, but no such luck.  It was white with a seafoam green colored stripe.  I gave it a fresh coat of Dixie Belle’s Drop Cloth and then added some red stripes in their Honky Tonk Red and a blue tip using Bunker Hill Blue.  Then I added the numbers, which are from with prima’s Everyday Farmhouse transfer.

It’s the perfect companion to the nautical painting.

I did grab a few more things that I’ll be sharing next week, some garden items that will get the Dixie Belle patina paint treatment, a foursome of wooden totes that are all going to get painted, and I even picked up a couple of dressers from my friend Annie.  She and her husband have recently moved back to Minnesota from New York, and she had a little more furniture than her new house would accommodate.

I’m going to get started on this one over the weekend, so hopefully I can share the finished product with you guys soon!

So be sure to stay tuned!

17 thoughts on “an april thrift haul.

  1. I love your picks! And especially the ironstone. The crockery pitcher resembles ones I purchased in the 70’s, at a feed store or at a weird discount store we had here in St Louis called Grandpas. They were new when I purchased them. Your transfers are perfect for your projects. And I’m pretty much there with you on vintage dishes.


  2. Great haul and as always, I love ironstone! The pitcher could be UHL pottery but I don’t think they marked their pieces that way, but could be! A wee bit jealous that you retired – I’m close (63) and it’s just so hard to only have weekends. Always too much to do and I feel guilty doing something FUN on the weekends, when I should be cleaning, doing yardwork, taking care of chickens, etc.


      1. I totally understand! I think for me, the more I have to do (normally that is so, but still somewhat recovering from rotator cuff surgery) the more I get accomplished!

        Liked by 1 person

  3. Really enjoy seeing your hauls – whether thrifting or garage sales – and then what you do to remake them or spice them up. I also love your blogs about your travels – you always find interesting picture perfect places!


  4. Clever clever clever Miss Quandie! I would never have thought of painting just the handles on those rolling pins! That’s your talent that I always admire so much…….And it will be fun to see what you do with that chest! I keep thinking that your supply of awesome furniture HAS TO run dry soon, but it just keeps getting magnetized into your orbit!!!!


  5. Sooo, have you tried the “bleaching” with oxiclean for the glazing? I did some old white stoneware that had it and it fixed it. Maybe your glazing is different…..great to see your work. Love the travel items too and happy to get my make over fix now too.


    1. I know that you can clean the cracks in glazed china, but that doesn’t eliminate the cracks … it just makes them less visible because dirt is no longer caught in them. However, crazed china is still unsafe for eating on … even if cleaned in this manner. Just be cautious if eating on old dishware. Of course, if you are just admiring your stoneware in a display cabinet or such, no worries.


  6. I’m so jelly of your thrift store hauls. I just never come away with such good stuff and I go thrifting a lot. 🤬 Guess it all depends on where you live. By the way, i love the dish towel that you used in several of your vignettes. It is fab!


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