talk about flexibility.

Remember the desk I painted last July?

I painted it in Dixie Belle’s Drop Cloth and added a couple of the smaller version of IOD’s Petit Rosier transfers.

I never intended for the piano stool to go with it, and in fact the piano stool that was pictured with it sold separately right away.

But the desk is still with me.  I have to admit, I’m a bit bummed out that this piece hasn’t sold yet.  I absolutely love it, but don’t have a spot for it.  Usually I will re-do a piece that doesn’t sell, but in this case I just can’t bring myself to do that.  I would hate to cover those transfers back up again.

In an effort to try and get this desk sold, I thought, “maybe it needs a chair … and possibly a mirror” (depending on if you want a desk or a makeup table).  So on my last trip to the thrift store I picked up this chair …

I had a few basic requirements for the chair.  It needed to be sturdy, a similar style to the desk, and easy to recover.  This one filled the bill perfectly.

I started with a good cleaning, and then applied a coat of Dixie Belle’s B.O.S.S. in clear.  This type of finish tends to bleed.  An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure, so I just went ahead and started with the B.O.S.S.

Next up I gave it two coats of Drop Cloth.  As per usual, the Drop Cloth went over the B.O.S.S. beautifully only requiring two coats for full coverage over that dark stain.  Once dry, I sanded lightly to distress and gave the chair a coat of clear wax.

For the seat, I pulled off the old grungy fabric and replaced it with some pretty black and white toile that I had on hand.  I wanted something that would work with the black and white on the desk.

Using toile always feels like a risk to me, but I know there are a couple of other toile lovers out there, right?

Next I pulled out a mirror that I had taken off a dresser (this one), and painted the frame in Drop Cloth.

I added a hanger to the back of the mirror so it can be hung on the wall.

Finally, I restaged photos of this piece as both a desk and a makeup table/vanity.  Talk about flexibility!

First up, the desk.

There is plenty of space on the top of this desk for a laptop, or really any sort of computer set up you have, leaving lots of room on either side for paperwork, books, a desk lamp and so on.

And you could hide a lot of office-y stuff in those 7 drawers!

One of the drawers has this funky glass piece that slides forward and back …

I’m completely baffled as to what the purpose of that piece is.  Do any of you have an idea?

If I add the mirror hanging over the desk, it magically becomes a vanity or makeup table.

Since the piece is black and white, it can be paired with any accent color, such as a pretty coral or pink.

So whether you are a neutral lover, or prefer a bit of color, this piece could be worked in to an existing décor.

Desk?  or Makeup Table?  Neutral color scheme, or dressed up with a pop of color?


Talk about flexibility, this one could go either way.

And it’s still for sale, and now includes the mirror and the chair.  If any of you locals need a desk … or a makeup table … be sure to check my ‘available for local sale‘ page for the details.

Thanks to Dixie Belle Paint Co for providing the B.O.S.S. and the Drop Cloth paint used on this project.

29 thoughts on “talk about flexibility.

  1. Great staging! I hope it sells quickly, for either purpose. The glass piece is to set either a coffee cup or glass or makeup on so it doesn’t scar or discolor the top! That’s my take on it.


  2. The mirror is exactly what I’m looking for…but not quite ready to drive to Minnesota for it 🙂 It’s lovely.


  3. I have been in love with this desk since you first transformed it! If it is still available when I retire in November, I told my hubby we are taking a road trip to buy it. I am currently in the middle of a makeup table makeover, so it would be a desk for me. It is lovely and I honestly cannot believe it is still available.


  4. This desk is beautiful and the chair compliments it perfectly! I like how you have it staged as a computer desk. Hope it sells fast for you and im glad you didnt change the desk, its perfect!


    1. I don’t think I could handle changing it, I just love it too. Hopefully it’s just waiting for the perfect buyer to come along 😊


  5. This desk was already a stunner-you have just taken it up a notch! Love the staging and that mirror….I bet it will go quickly now.


  6. Beautiful. It would go nicely with the catalog dresser I got from you years ago, but my sewing room is too small – I remember trying to figure out how to make it fit when I first saw it! I’m sure it will sell…just needs the right space! ♥️


  7. Sitting at the back of the blog, bashfully raises hand. Hello, my name is Honoré, and I am a toileaholic. 🤣😜 By the way, I don’t know if it was intentional or not, but in staging the vanity version, I love how the mirror reflects your beautiful stained glass window. Fingers crossed that someone quickly realizes what a fab piece you have there a snaps it up!


    1. We need to start a TA group, toileaholics anonymous 🤭, as for the mirror shot, it took me forever to get it set up just right so it wasn’t reflecting my lights, or the cat food on the window seat, or the mess on the piano …


  8. What an awesome deal/steal you’ve turned this into Miss Quandie! Your price is almost criminally low! Or, oops, maybe I’m wrong? All three pieces for that price? In any case, it’s a total Quandie original and I have NO insight into why it hasn’t sold! I even went back again to look at it to find something that might be a stumbling block but…….I got nuttin’! 😀


  9. Toile is one of my most favorite looks. I have a gorgeous toile decoupage paper that I use sparingly since it’s been discontinued. It looks lovely on anything I apply it to. I’m looking for that one special piece that I will use often (so I can always gaze upon its glory) to use up what I have left. I’ll be so very sad when it’s gone!

    I don’t see how this desk/vanity won’t sell. It’s versatile and just plain pretty. I’m glad you didn’t choose to cover the transfers and, instead, incorporated them into the “new” looks. If only I were nearer, I’d snatch the thing up!


  10. Such a beautiful piece! Glad you kept it as you originally upscaled, this will sell as the staging is perfect! Paula


  11. I love it as a desk and the chair is perfect. If you lived closer I would use it in my house! It is great that you did a mirror with it so that people could make their own decision on how to use this beautiful piece. Nicely done!


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