stylish storage solutions.

Today I’m sharing another quick and easy thrift store upgrade.  Unfortunately, I forgot to take a real ‘before’ photo.  Instead I grabbed a quick photo after paint, but before the remainder of the makeover.

Does that count?  Probably not really.

Well, suffice to say, this metal storage drawer box thingie was originally just a dark colored metal throughout.  I left the drawers unpainted, so you’ll see that original color in a minute.

I painted the outside of the box in Dixie Belle’s Sawmill Gravy first.  But it turned out that I didn’t like it in that color.  I felt like it was too stark of a contrast with the dark drawers.  So I then painted it in Dixie Belle’s Putty.  As a result, when I sanded to distress, you can see some of that Sawmill Gravy peeking through.  But that’s OK, in my opinion it just adds another layer of interest.

Next up I added a couple of designs from IOD’s new Brocante transfer to the top.

This is another set of transfers that are perfect for using on smalls.  I have to give my honest appraisal though, this one is probably not one that I will purchase again.  It leans a little bit more towards the florals rather than the words, and it’s also a bit pricier at around $40.

And you know I love me some typography.

You know what?  Maybe that’s not fair.  It really does have a good mix of everything.  Typography, florals, farmhouse animals, birds, bugs, and the Eiffel Tower is really cool (can’t wait to find something to use that on).  You do get a lot of bang for your 40 bucks.

So you be the judge.  You may absolutely love this one!

I’m sure that I will ultimately use almost every one of those designs on something, and I’ll probably have to eat my words at some point.

But back to the drawers.

They are perfect for storing craft supplies like distress ink and some paper ephemera.  They would be great for someone’s scrapbooking area.

One of these days I really need to get back to finishing up my index card scrapbook project.

Maybe if I run out of stuff to paint next week I’ll find time to work on it.

What would you store in these drawers?  And what are your thoughts on the Brocante transfer?  Are you a fan of more than just typography?  Leave me a comment and let me know!

16 thoughts on “stylish storage solutions.

  1. I LOVE it and I am all into storage right now. Really anything that organizes and hides things is what I am looking for now that I have downsized.


  2. Another very cool piece. I like the colors and the transfers you used. I also Love the drawers! I was surprised to see them when they appeared in your photos. Bravo!


  3. I LOVE THAT YOU QUIT YOUR JOB!!!! 🤣 No seriously though! Inspiration with every post! I would either put this in my armoire and what we call or command central station and store pens and pads of paper maybe keys rubber bands and things like that otherwise it would be really cute on my desk, or I would totally use this in my bathroom to store toiletries. So is it for sale?❤️


  4. Love it! I think I just really like all transfers. There is ultimately a use for every single one of them. Just have to have “Quandy Vision” to bring out the best and bring them to life. Great little box. If it wasn’t so feaking cold outside, I’d be tempted to fo thrifting….


  5. I just love all your small projects and right now I’m totally into making little cute storage items for all my crafty stuff. (Most of them have been inspired by you!)

    I’m a big fan of IOD and they’ve been making some adorable transfers, including this Brocante transfer (which, I admit, I bought 3 of them when they came out, but I haven’t used a single one yet). Brocante is expensive but I think you get a lot of bang for your bucks. I just purchased Exploration, and I really was pleasantly surprised about how much I like it and am looking forward to finding little projects to use it on.

    I’m still looking for- and finding- their discontinued transfers (again, based on the cool projects I’ve seen on your blog) and am getting quite a stash built up.

    IOD made some really cool typography transfers, and like you, I’m a huge fan of using labels/typography. Label Ephemera is another favorite that I cut up and use on small projects, and the new Traditional Pots transfer (I’ve bought two of those already and I like to use them on upcycled jewelry boxes).

    BTW, I’ve now read every post on your entire blog. They’re all excellent (!), and you just keep getting better and better! My Pinterest boards are filled with your posts. You’re an inspiration to me.

    My only complaint is that I’ve spent a lot of money since I’ve read through your entire blog. ;- )


    1. I’m impressed that you read all the way back. I’ve written 1,302 posts to date, that’s a lot of reading! I’m so glad you’ve been inspired by my work. Have fun with all of those transfers!!


  6. In the future you “may be eating your words.” Chuckle, chuckle. Nice little play on words.
    I especially loved the chickens on this set.


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