how to dress for cold weather.

I was googling up some good cold weather quotes to use for this post and I saw this one:


I never follow that advice though.  If I did, I’d probably have to stay in bed for about six months out of the year here in Minnesota.

I was exchanging emails with one of my readers over the past weekend and I mentioned to her that it was 11 below zero here.  She’s from Los Angeles, and she was wondering if anyone goes outside when it’s that cold (yes, I’m talking about you Connie!).

So the next day, when my sister, niece and I decided to go to Como Park for the afternoon I was thinking about Connie’s question.  As it turns out, yes Connie, we do go out when it’s that cold.  Sometimes we even go to the zoo.  We just have to dress accordingly.

That’s my niece Kris, my sister Debbie, and then me on the right.  I have to mention, that hat I’m wearing is the warmest hat I’ve ever owned.  It’s fleece on the inside and faux fur and knitted on the outside, and you can wrap those furry tails around under your chin to keep your neck warm.  Super toasty.

I found it rather comical that masks were required even in outdoor areas at the Como Zoo.  Do you think Covid can live in sub-zero temperatures?  Does anyone know?

Well, no matter.  The masks were great for keeping our faces warm.

One of the big benefits to going to the zoo on super cold days is that you have the place practically to yourselves.  Pretty much none of the benches are taken.

Another benefit is that the polar bear is really active.  He (she?  I don’t know which polar bear this was and the zoo has three of them) was in and out of the water (just look at that steam coming off of him), rolling around in the snow and trying to get that frozen hunk of meat detached from the ice.

And also apparently posing for photos.  My sister took that photo.

Other animals that seemed oblivious to the cold were the reindeer, the arctic foxes, the wolves, and the bison.  They were all out and about.

But for those humans that don’t happen to be cold weather lovers, you can always head inside the conservatory.

Once inside you’ll find lots of tropical plants …

not to mention lots of people trying to pretend like they live in a tropical climate in January.  I saw one girl meditating in the lotus position on a bench in the fern room.  I’m fairly sure she was chanting in her head “I’m in the Bahamas, I’m in the Bahamas, I’m in the Bahamas” or something like that.

But really the main reason I like to go this time of year is to see the poinsettia display.  I almost missed it, but it runs through January 9 so we made it in time.  They had an interesting display for 2021 with red, orange and yellow ones.

The red one in that photo is a new variety called ‘Christmas Mouse’ because of its more rounded bracts that resemble the shape of mouse ears.

I love that they change it up every year, but I have to admit that this particular color combination was not one of my favorites.  It was very cheerful and colorful, but I’m just not a a yellow and orange girl.  And definitely not for Christmas.

As we were heading out after our visit to Como Park, all three of us agreed that our favorite part of the day was having the outside mainly to ourselves.  I guess all three of us are truly Minnesotan’s at heart.  Not only do we prefer cool temperatures outdoors, but we also prefer cool colors in our poinsettias.

24 thoughts on “how to dress for cold weather.

  1. ha! That was funny 🙂 It was -30 at the cabin! Still out and about though! It’s all about the gear. Glad to see you all enjoying yourselves!


  2. This is inspirational! 25 here today but we will go outside and do something. As long as the sun is shining it feels great. Something about sunshine really lifts the spirits! I’m with you on the orange poinsettias but to each his own I guess. Christmas in the Bahamas might be a good spot for an orange poinsettia!


  3. From this Texan, y’all are hardy stock! 😉. I understand the no people 😂 . I’m so glad for y’all and your retirement!
    Smiles, Alice


  4. How fun! I especially love polar bears! I’m in NW Indiana and we do get below zero temps occasionally. I do remember -24 actual temp which I was not a fan of!!


  5. Loved this post. Being a life long Mi nesotan, I always will complain about the cold, but the only part I really don’t like is driving on ice. You can layer your clothes to go out, but once your car starts sliding, it gets pretty scary really fast. Once you get below zero, it’s all pretty much the same… you learn to just take it day by day til Spring. Love the four seasons…which is the real reason we live here. ❤ loved the polar bear pics!


    1. I’m with you Terri! I love having four distinct seasons, and now that I’m retired and I don’t have to drive on icy roads when I don’t want to, I’m good 😉


  6. Well Miss Quandie! You testified that life does happen in Meeeeeeenesota in the winter time and now you’ve brought the evidence! And I love love love your hat! (Though I do worry for your sister’s brain.) I have one that’s similar in blue but with wide wool ties for under the chin……….it’s at least 25 years old and I still love it. Every time I pull it out to go to cold weather I expect to see that it has disintergrated! Hahahaha! That polar bear’s little face is just so darling and I bet HE’s SO HAPPY when the winter comes……it reminds me that I HAVE heard of these “Polar Bear Clubs” whose “members” hack a hole in the ice and jump in! What the what?!!! Besides the other animals that you saw I guess the other animals just stay inside all winter? Yikes…..The conservatory is absolutely beautiful, just the kind of thing I love, like something built in Victorian England! So awesome to have that in your environment!


    1. LOL, yes, the other animals do stay inside. And there are little buildings where you can pop inside to see them. So, full disclosure, we weren’t outside the entire time. It helps to be able to head into a building to warm up every 15 minutes or so. And you’re right, that polar bear did seem perfectly happy with the weather 🙂


  7. Thanks to a true MN ! It was -39 at the pottery studio & I took a break & went snowshoeing 😊🙏😷 & survived plus the cauliflower soup with French bread was refreshing’n
    We have always loved & supported Como !!


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