Amy’s eclectic Christmas home, part 2.

Welcome back to part 2 of our tour of Amy’s house!  Today we are checking out her family room, party room and that fabulous greenhouse.

Let’s start out by heading downstairs to check out her family room.

Isn’t that collage of old shutters on the wall over her stairway awesome?

It’s the perfect spot for that festive banner!

While Amy used a lot of green and gold in her Christmas décor upstairs, the downstairs is devoted to red and white.

I love the way she mixes the mercury glass and bottle brush Christmas trees and masses them all together on the mantle.

I’m also a fan of these knit stockings with a Scandinavian feel.

Amy’s love of Christmas villages is apparent here in the family room too.  She has a few more Putz pieces sharing the bookcase with some fabulous vintage cameras and old books.

She also has this very old, and rather tiny, paper village showcased in a small cabinet.

I did a little quick google research and I think this little village might date to the late 1920’s (  If any of you know differently, please let me know in a comment.

It always amazes me when something this delicate has held up for nearly 100 years.

Back upstairs let’s head into what Amy calls the party room.  This room is accessed through a pair of french doors off the foyer.

I think it’s an absolute testament to Amy’s decorating talent to note that this room is really a converted garage.  It has a cement floor and really no especially redeeming architectural features, yet I think it’s my favorite room in Amy’s house.

Maybe because it’s filled with treasures everywhere you look.

Really, how many people could pull off putting a simple metal bunk bed in the family room?  And it feels perfectly suited to the space.  I especially love the lanterns hanging from hooks next to each bunk.

The dough bowl on the coffee table is from my favorite shop (a.k.a. Reclaiming Beautiful, where both Amy and I are vendors).  One of the bonuses of being a vendor is that you often get first crack at items that are for sale.  Amy snatched up that giant dough bowl before it ever made it to the shop floor.

Amy has added another of her faux fireplaces to this room.

She created the whitewashed finish on the fireplace herself.

The fireplace is topped with a charming nativity set.

I asked Amy what her secret was for finding all of these fireplaces (because she often sells them at the shop too), and she said Facebook Marketplace.  So, FYI, if you’re looking for one, maybe check out Marketplace.

There is a fantastically rustic dining table on the other side of the room.

The fact that it has five (count ’em, 5!) chairs down one side should tell you how long this table is.  Isn’t it fantastic?

There is another lovely tablescape on this table, this time focusing on natural wood, white pottery and flocked greenery.

This room has a bit of industrial chic about it with the metal shelving at one end of the table …

and a set of lockers in the opposing corner.

And you know I love those suitcases!

A few of my favorite touches from the last time I toured Amy’s house at Christmas time have found their way into this house as well including this cool vintage postal desk …

the village displayed on top of the gigantic book …

this … um, what do you call these things?  Cubby holders?

and a gorgeous tree filled with lanterns.

I have to remember that idea for my garden tree!  I definitely need to find some lanterns to add to that tree.

I see these garden ornament type lanterns at garage sales and never think to snap them up.  Remind me to do that next year, would you?

Apparently Amy has a bit of an obsession with these Magnolia Hearth and Hand dollhouses.

I didn’t even know these were a thing.  Apparently they come out with a new one each year.  I’m loving the greenhouse one!  I might have to splurge on that myself.  They come as a kit and you have to put them together.  They are charming.  I’m curious, did you guys know that these were a thing?

And speaking of greenhouses, that brings us to the rest of our tour, the outdoor space.

I really admire Amy’s fearless style of decorating.

She’s fine with putting faux fur throw pillows and wool blankets outside and doesn’t worry about them getting ruined.  I believe she mentioned that a friend gave her a bunch of these, so while she wouldn’t spend a lot on something like this to leave outside, in this case she doesn’t have any cold, hard cash invested in them so why not?

But same goes for that old church pew, an old scale, and even an old chandelier (not wired to live electricity).

I definitely need to step up my own game in this area.  I tend to clear off my deck for the winter and leave it bare except for a pot of greens or something.

Amy’s area is much homier looking.

Amy and her husband only recently finished their greenhouse … well, or as she kept telling me, it’s not quite finished yet.  She needs to clean up some details still, but I don’t think they mattered.

They put it together using a bunch of inexpensive windows, and Amy painted the framework black.

She doesn’t actually plan to use this space as a functioning greenhouse, it’s just going to be a fabulous space for entertaining.

  And I imagine Amy is going to have a blast styling it for each season.

I think we might have to arrange to revisit the greenhouse in the summer just to see what she has done with the place.

I don’t know about you guys, but I’m green with envy over Amy’s greenhouse!  Who’s with me on that?

I hope you all enjoyed this house tour as much as I enjoyed doing it.  Now that I have a bit more time on my hands, I’m hoping to do more house tours here on the blog again.  Let me know if this is something you would like to see.

Many thanks to Amy for inviting us all in to see her lovely home.  If you have a minute, please leave a comment letting Amy know what your favorite part of her home is.  For me, I have to go with the greenhouse, but really I loved it all!

25 thoughts on “Amy’s eclectic Christmas home, part 2.

  1. Just wow! Amy you need to be in a magazine! My faves were the party room and of course, the greenhouse. Love the black paint. Please do revisit her greenhouse in the summer! Enjoyed it all. Thanks Q and Amy


    1. I’m always so bad at sharing my own house! I think because like so many people, I’m always most critical of my own space. I look around and think ‘oh yeah, I need to re-paint that room, or update that display’ etc, etc. And then I decide to go do something else 😉


  2. What a wonderful house tour!! I loved it! The house must take months to prepare for Christmas. AND where does one store all of the stuff! Amy’s house is beautiful. I loved her attention to every detail. The green house is awesome! I would love to entertain in that space! Thank you for sharing this beautiful home with us.


    1. I asked that same question, where does she store it all? But she said she throws it all in bins and it fits in a storage closet that she has. She does use a lot of real trees and greens, so those don’t require storage.


  3. I want details on how they made that greenhouse?!!! Where did they buy the material and how did they construct it all?!!! LOVE!


    1. Well, I know they bought most of the materials at Menards. I also know that they had initially planned to use salvaged windows, but ultimately decided it was easier to use new windows that were all the same dimensions. But the rest of that construction-y stuff is way over my head!


  4. Her house is charming! But so is yours! I love your home. That green house of Amy’s is super! I am so amazed at how you both style your homes. It was a great tour. Thank you!
    Smiles, alice


  5. I love the outdoor decor! Also love the lanterns. I’m going to be on the lookout at garage sales and resale stores for plaid wool blankets and lanterns.


  6. Wow….Amy’s house really DOES belong in a magazine! Wonderful decorating and use of everyday objects that are pulled together to make her Christmas magic happen. And….I’m with some of the others on wanting to see more of your house, the Carriage House/garage and potting shed/photo studio. I’ve always loved coming over and seeing what you’ve changed. Merry Christmas to you and yours!


  7. It’s beyond fabulous!!! Gorgeous tour and you’re right Linda, Amy’s fearless decorating is what puts her in a league of her own! Bunk beds, greenhouse, vintage, what eye candy!!! Beautiful Amy!


  8. Thank you Amy for letting Miss Quandie share your Christmas-time home with us! Your decorating efforts and the sheer volume of your Christmas collections is mind boggling! Yep, my mind is boggled by the amount of storage space you must have! I’d just LOVE to know your resource for all those bottle brush trees! (Hope you’re reading this (-:) I’m so drawn to your room with the bunk beds! I feel sure that your children will have tons of happy memories from life in that room…….Wish we had a Reclaiming Beautiful here in Los Angeles and that only a select few of us would be allowed to know about it! Hahahahahahaha! Aaaaaand Hohohoho Merry Christmas!


    1. I’m guessing that if there was a shop like Reclaiming Beautiful in L.A. the prices would be much, much higher 😉 As for those bottle brush trees, I asked Amy about them. They came from Hobby Lobby. Do you have those in L.A.?


  9. I loved the family room with the bunkbeds to the side-I would never think to do that. I would love more home tours for inspiration. As always I enjoy your blog every week. Merry Christmas!


  10. What a beautiful house! And Amy has a wonderful eye for detail too. My favorite thing in her house is the collection of red mercury glass and bottle brush trees and all the lovely greenery on the mantel in her family room. It creates such a warm and cozy ambience. Thanks so much for sharing with us. Merry Christmas!


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