an embarrassment of riches.

Recently Dixie Belle sent me a few of the new brushes they have come out with. In fact, they sent me three sets of two of them. The first set were prototypes of a sort and they just wanted some feedback on the quality. Then they sent a 2nd set of them … honestly, I’m not quite sure why … maybe they just mistakenly sent them? The third set was the final version of the product, and they have the name of the brush engraved on the side of the handle which is a nice touch.


I’ve worked with both of these brushes now and I found that the Best Dang Brush works beautifully for stenciling.

It’s nice and big, so you can make quick work of it.

I also think the Best Dang Brush would work well for waxing, although I haven’t tried it.  I did try the La Petite brush for waxing, and it worked quite well.

That pointy end is perfect for working the wax into corners.

Both of these new brushes are now available on the Dixie Belle website in case you are in need of a fantastic stenciling or waxing brush.

Receiving these new brushes made me realize that my brush storage system was already at full capacity and I needed a new solution. So I headed off to Hobby Lobby and I came home with these galvanized containers.

They are divided into three sections each (although you can’t see that in the ‘before’ photo) which will help keep my brushes standing upright.

They aren’t terribly exciting to look at, but I liked the size of them and the price was right. They were originally $12.99, but 50% off the day I found them, so I got them for around $6.50 each.

Of course I had to dress them up a bit first, so I added some sections of the IOD Label Ephemera transfer to the front of each one.

Someone recently mentioned in a comment that this transfer has been retired.  Such a bummer!  It was so perfect for using on small projects like this.  I guess you should stock up while they last (but leave some for me please)!

I decided to put all of my paint brushes into one container, and my wax brushes in another.

I know some of you must be looking at all of those brushes and thinking ‘jeesh, that’s an embarrassing quantity of brushes!’ and I don’t disagree.

When it comes to paint brushes, I really can use lots of them though.  In the summer when I’m able to paint out in my carriage house workshop I often have multiple projects in different colors going at one time.  I’ll often have half a dozen or more brushes in use simultaneously.  I also like having different brushes for different things.  Sometimes I want an angled brush (to get a clean edge), sometimes a brush with a short handle (to paint the insides of cupboard), sometimes a smaller brush, sometimes an inexpensive chip brush because I know I’m going to wreck it (using it for applying mod podge, I can never get that brush perfectly clean again) and so on.


So yes, I really can use this many paint brushes.

On the other hand, I definitely have too many wax brushes.

Don’t get me wrong, I always apply my wax with a brush and it’s very convenient to have enough wax brushes that I can use each one exclusively for a particular color of wax.  At a minimum it’s good to have one brush for dark wax, one for white wax, and one for clear.

But as you can see, I have far more than that.

Quite honestly, having this many extra wax brushes has led to total laziness on my part.  Rather than wash my wax brushes, I just pull out a new one when I’m ready to wax.  How wasteful is that?  So as soon as I’m done writing this post, I’m going to wash all of my wax brushes so that they are ready to go for my next painting project.  I find the Fusion Brush Soap is perfect for cleaning wax brushes (check out this post for more on keeping your brushes clean).

I always end up feeling a bit guilty when I have ‘too much’ of something.  Excess makes me uncomfortable.

So I’ve decided to give away the extra set of these brushes that I received from Dixie Belle.  I suspect that some of you don’t have a bunch of wax brushes, or possibly don’t have any at all.  For the first couple of years that I was painting furniture I applied my wax with an old t-shirt because I didn’t want to splurge on a good quality wax brush (and FYI, it’s much easier to apply wax with a brush).  I’m hoping this pair of brushes can go to someone who will put them to good use.

The rules:  Simply leave a comment on today’s blog post to have your name thrown in the hat to win.

Your comment must be left on this blog post, not on Facebook or Instagram.  You are not required to follow my blog, although it would be awesome if you did!

I will randomly draw the name of a winner for today’s prize from all of the comments left on this post by Friday, March 26, 2021 at the stroke of midnight (U.S. Central time).

The fine print: no purchase necessary, you must be 18 years of age or older to win, void where prohibited by law, the number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning, approximate retail value of prize is $50, if the prize is not claimed by Friday, April 2, 2021 another name will be drawn at random to win, blah, blah, blah.

As always, thanks to Dixie Belle for providing the items I am giving away.  Good luck!

106 thoughts on “an embarrassment of riches.

  1. My very first Dixie Belle painting project is Craigslist bed frame that had a bad finish when I bought it 15 years ago. The cross-country move, five years in storage, and other misadventures have not been kind to it, yet it has great potential beneath the scuffed up honey pine finish, abundant dings, dents, and scratches. I recently invested in Midnight Sky and Dropcloth, premium quality paintbrushes, and Best Dang Wax. Somehow, I did not think about purchasing a brush for wax until I considered how valuable one might be for the chair spindles on my reproduction pressed back farmhouse chairs which are to follow. Thank you for always being down-to-earth, informative, and entertaining. Each new post is generally the highlight of that particular day. I am amazed at the “silk purses” you can make from “sow’s ears”. That noise coming from behind you is me applauding your vision…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’m planning a big project come spring!
    I’ve decided to use Dixie Belle mineral chalk paint
    and wax. But I Have NO brushes like these,
    Miss Q, and they would really improve the
    quality of my project! 🙃 Thanks!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. You have read my mind as my furniture business is coming along the need to have a wax brush for each color entered my mind and something I thought to do just after waxing a bed with lots of spindles I used my one and only wax brush with black wax. While I washed it and it appears to be clean from traces of black wax I’m not sure I would feel confident using it on a white piece (although clear wax to the rescue) I don’t want to take the chance WOW would I love to win these.
    They would be put to excellent use and much appreciated!


  4. Hi! Just a couple of questions…1. Did I miss something? I thought after much soul searching you had decided not to be a DB ambassador and 2. How many times have you actually drawn the winner at the stroke of midnight? 😜. Love it when you have give-always!


    1. I’m not precisely a Dixie Belle ambassador, I’m what they call a content creator. I don’t work nearly as hard as the ambassadors! However, I am still a content creator. You’re thinking of with prima. I was a brand ambassador for them, but resigned from that group a while back. And I never actually draw the name at midnight. I don’t even stay up until midnight on New Year’s Eve. But I do only include the people who left their comments by midnight in my random drawing the next day … or possibly even several days later 😉


  5. Happy Monday!
    I’m so glad you touched on this topic. I am still trying to find my groove with waxing. I have started on small projects using the really small wax brushes (from Michael’s & similar) and soft cotton cloth. I also spotted those containers at Hobby Lobby, love the transfers you used (I’ll have to try to catch the next sale).
    As always,thank you so much for your posts.

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  6. Oh, yes! I am still using an old t-shirt for waxing. I have invested in some fancy brushes for paint, but have not for wax. Would love to try my hand with a brush! Thanks for your posts. I love seeing the ‘smalls’ that you do!

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  7. I’m the one who’s still debating on getting the wax brush. I think i already made a hole in Home Depot’s shelf just by constantly staring at it 🙂
    Love your new containers!!

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  8. You are absolutely correct. Still using an old t shirt. Never felt an expensive brush would make that much of a difference but now, you have me wanting to give it a whirl. Especially free. Thanks for the give away even if I do not win. Always fun to see them on your blog. Would love to hear from winner on what they think after using them. Just a thought.

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  9. do have alot of brushes…but you do sooo many amazing things. I would live to have a few more brushes…you inspire me!!!! Thank you!!!


  10. Thanks for the great idea on your galvanized containers. I have a similar one and have been wondering if I should completely paint, then stencil. Leaving it in its galvanized coat with a stencil may be just the ticket! Dixie Belle has the best products so I know these brushes will only add to my projects!


  11. I love your work and all the great inspiration you generously pass on to us. I would enjoy having these two brushes to do my waxing and stenciling. Thanks for giving so much on your blog!


  12. Oh I would love to win a set of the brushes! I have wanted a wax brush for a while but I am on the frugal side so haven’t ever splurged on one. I did buy my son one for Christmas a few years ago-it was on his wish list! Love your work, your blog-your inspiration!


  13. I love the way you take a simple object like the galvanized container and dress it up with a transfer! It looks so much more interesting that way.


  14. I am that one who uses an old T-shirt to apply my wax on with. I try to keep my costs down since some of the supplies can be pretty pricey. So I would love to own a wax brush because I think I could apply my wax to my project much smoother and as you said would probably save money on wax! Thank you so much for your generosity to give us a chance to win these brushes! I love your blog and have been inspired so much by your work!


  15. I am inspired by your brush container idea and I would love to win some brushes! I still use a t-shirt to add wax to a project and waxing has not been my go-to final coat. I have a can of Best Dang Wax clear and maybe with the right tools I would like using it better. Thanks for ideas and for this give away!


  16. This post made me think of all your other non-collections! The containers appear to be perfect for corralling your brushes and will inspire your readers to get more organized ….painting supplies and otherwise! Oh and 2 more thoughts: I love a pretty new paintbrush and I do not have a wax brush. I know!!!


  17. I too have a paintbrush fetish, but, alas, I have only one large wax brush, and it sheds like mad. For small projects, I use a tatty old stencil brush for waxing. To actually have two proper, high-quality wax brushes – from Dixie Belle no less – would be like a dream come true! Oh, the fun I’d have with those brushes! It is too kind of you to be willing to gift one of us with this set. I’m crossing my fingers and holding my breath! Thank you!


  18. Hi! Great to participate in another gift giveaway!🙃. Question about your paint brushes – do you use synthetic brushes with Dixie Belle paints?


  19. I’d like to throw in my hat for a chance to try the new Dixie Belle brushes. One can never have too many brushes…aka tools …says everyone with a project in mind. I have one very cool round waxing brush that I have washed often as I use dark wax then clear wax. I’d love to try another. Your brush storage solution is great. Thanks!


  20. What a great giveaway! Yes, some nice brushes would definitely up my wax game from old t-shirts and shop towels! Thank you for all the inspiration!!


  21. I would love to win a brush. I will even share with another so you can have 2 winners if you like. I don’t have either but would love to try a wax brush and a stencil brush. I think I could love the stencil brush more though 😉


  22. I agree, using wax brush is the best way but they are pricey. I have been wanting to get that pointy one from my DB retailer and I am saving my coins to do just that. It would be great to win these though and I really appreciate the chance, so thank you!!


  23. I have never used a brush for wax! I too usually use an old t shirt! I have a sofa table in our booth, that I thought would be snapped up, but its still there! I think people are keeping the good stuff more. Shows like pick-in and antique road show hurts us too! The auctions are more pricey as well!😐 I hope when the weather is better there will be more out there! Keep the faith! You are too talented to quit!😍


  24. I never seem to get the wax right with a t-shirt and would love to try a brush. I love all of your projects and get many ideas.


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