a stitch in time.

One of my regular customers brought me a present the other day (thanks again Suzy).  She had seen my post about the button box, and she thought this piece had a similar feel.

I photographed the ‘before’ shot with it lying on a table, but it is supposed to be hung on the wall to hold spools of thread.  It’s not in terrible shape, and the little daisy chain at the top is pretty cute, but that shade of yellow … well, it’s a little garish, isn’t it?

But, that was nothing that a little spray paint couldn’t fix.

First I sanded off the daisy chain though.  The paint used for the flowers was a bit thick, so had I just painted over it you would have still seen the outline.  So I sanded those flowers off completely, then added a few coats of Rustoleum’s Heirloom White.  Next I added a little section from the Classic Vintage Labels transfer from re.design with prima to the top.

I had remarked on how much I loved the look of the old wooden spools that came with the button box compared with modern plastic ones …

But I’d included them with the box when I sold it, so I didn’t have any of those left.  All I had were the 4 spools that came with this rack.

So it was kind of kismet when I happened to find a big box of old thread at a lunchtime garage sale for $1.

They weren’t all old, but there were enough vintage spools in there to make it worthwhile.

I put all of the plastic ones in the Goodwill pile, and added the vintage ones to the spool holder.

Wouldn’t this be sweet hung on the wall in someone’s sewing room?

I don’t actually happen to sew though, so that someone won’t be me.

But if you’re local, and a seamstress, it could be you.  It is for sale for a mere $22.  If you’re interested, leave a comment or shoot me an email at qisforquandie@gmail.com.

And if there aren’t any takers, I’ll be putting it in the pile to take to Reclaiming Beautiful, the shop where I sell some of my things on consignment.

16 thoughts on “a stitch in time.

  1. Now it’s wall worthy! Did you use canned chalk spray paint? I’ve been wondering if the spray chalk paint worked well and how the coverage was! Cause it would be a pain to paint all those spool holders… another great make over by Q.


    1. I used regular satin finish spray paint on this one, but I have used the Rustoleum ‘Chalked’ spray paint (see that post here). I quite liked it, and in fact I have another small table I’m currently working on and have already purchased some more of the Chalked paint to use on its base. Unfortunately the Rustoleum brand of Chalked paint doesn’t come in a whole lot of colors. The white shade looks rather bright and the cream shade looks a little too cream. Much like Goldilocks, I want a warm white that is just right!


  2. Well, look how cute that turned out!! I always said I would become a quilter once the kids are out of the house…I may be sorry to have let this go! JK – someone worthy will enjoy this piece! As a Realtor, I’ve seen some adorable craft/sewing rooms – I’ll likely never have that in my small house anyway 🙂


    1. I’m so terrible about shipping. I really don’t know what it is, but I just can never manage to get things in the mail on a timely basis (just ask anyone who has ever won a giveaway here on the blog). I’m also not really set up to take any sort of remote payment. Of course, that would be another thing that is probably easy to do, but I just haven’t taken the time to look into it. Sorry Wendy!


    1. I’m in a suburb of St. Paul, on the east side. I googled it, just out of curiosity, we are about 2 hours apart. See my reply to Wendy above re: shipping. But, regardless, I do have a local buyer that I’m making arrangements with already 😦


  3. Very cute! I especially love that set of transfers and you always find just the right place for one! And you’re so good at making something look vintage 😀


  4. And I’m trying to think if a non-sewer, non-collector use for it….calendar numbers, attendance board, key rack, hmmm


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