old bessie.

Even though today’s projects are really basic, I still wanted to share them with you guys.

Let’s start with a quick photo of a pile of some of the smaller items I found at last weekend’s sales …

I haven’t gotten to everything in this photo quite yet.  The sock stretcher that is underneath everything will be tucked away until the holiday season (in the meantime, check out these sock stretchers I upgraded last year).

I’m still on the fence about the little child’s pull toy with the yellow ducks on it.  I’m tempted to paint it sort of like I did with the elephant pull toy last year.  I’m just not fond of those original colors.  They seem a bit garish, what do you think?

The wooden recipe box is the perfect size to hold my recipe card scrapbook project unlike the last one that I found that was too small, so that will get a custom makeover especially themed for those cards.

The rolling pin wasn’t anything special, I just thought it would be fun to give it some green handles.  I painted them with Dixie Belle’s Kudzu.

Oh, the bucket above is another garage sale find from last weekend that I simply dressed up with another Classic Vintage Label transfer.

I did makeover the remaining two items though, starting with the wooden cow.

Sometimes you guys must really wonder what in the world I’m thinking.  I mean, seriously, why would I grab this old thing?  At some point someone must have thought this cow should have blue eyes because they blobbed a bit of blue paint on both sides of her face.

Honestly, I don’t know what it was, but something about old Bessie appealed to me.

After taking a closer look at her base, I realized that it screwed off so that made it easy to decide on a two tone paint job for her.  I started by painting the base with Dixie Belle’s Caviar, and then painted the cow with their Drop Cloth.  Once both were dry, I sanded them lightly to distress and then added a transfer from re.design with prima’s Classic Vintage Labels to the cow.

I finished everything off with a coat of clear wax and then just screwed the base back on.  That was it.

I think she’d be pretty cute on a kitchen counter, don’t you?

The shoe stretchers received a very similar makeover.  I simply painted them with Drop Cloth, sanded to distress and added some transfers.

How fun are those?  Once again I was torn about keeping one, or both of them.

But seriously you guys, I can’t keep everything!  I get a little twitchy if I have too much stuff in my house and I already have a buyer lined up for them so they didn’t stick around long.

Tomorrow is a holiday at the day job, so I’ll probably get up early and get some more painting done before the heat sets in.  We’re expecting lots of humidity and a high in the 90’s.  Yuck!  I’ll take 3′ of snow over heat and humidity any day.  I’ll also be posting one last daily post tomorrow featuring some restyled garage sale finds, so be sure to stay tuned.

15 thoughts on “old bessie.

  1. Thank you for all the inspiration!! I have to keep smalls in my booth and i have creators block at this time. All this Covid stuff and my daughter is going thru chemo so i really have to be careful of where i go. It is mandatory to wear a mask where i live but i’m afraid it has come too late. Florida is insane right now. I miss Texas so bad but they are hot with Covid also. I love ol’ Bessie. Keep them coming and thank you!!


    1. These all turned out great. The shoe stretchers are gorgeous! As is the cow, which I wouldnt have looked twice at in its’ “before” stature. You are always thinking creatively outside the box. Nice that you share your ideas with everyone. Have a good 4th!


  2. I just love your “little” projects! You can make any ho-hum item into a “ I really want it “ item. Thanks again for all your inspiration.
    Smiles, alice


  3. I love the smalls and drop cloth is my favorite go-to color. Such a good farmhouse look!! The heat and humidity is so bad right now in Oklahoma, but they say we might get some rain later today and tomorrow so I am excited about that! Wish I had tomorrow off and I would be painting like you!!! 🙂 Happy 4th to you and your family!!


  4. Love the cow and her makeover. I would be tempted to leave the duck toy and sell as is.Sometimes a group of littles is as inspiring a large piece.Enjoy your holiday!


  5. Love it all! I vote to leave the ducks as is. They would look cute under the tree at Christmas! I have loved reading you daily!


  6. I love seeing all the restorations, they give me so much inspiration, so don’t apologize about showing all the smalls.


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