touring in the time of COVID, part 1.

Two years ago I shared Jackie’s garden here on the blog (part 1 and part 2).  At the time I promised to return the favor and let Jackie and her friend Netti tour mine.

It took me two years to get around to it, but I finally reached out to Jackie a week or so ago and asked if she was still interested.  She jumped at the chance, I believe her exact words were ‘finally … something to look forward to’ and ‘we’ll mask up and be over.’

My sister stopped by to join in the fun as well, and we all donned masks so that we could get within 6′ of each other.

To make up for my two year delay in reciprocating a garden tour, I threw in a tour of my friend Sue’s garden too.  Sue is my picker/garage sale mentor/co-worker/Carriage House sale partner and friend, and she only lives a few blocks away from me.

That huge lush thing growing on her arbor is a Hardy Kiwi vine (Actinidia).  The leaves have white tips on them.

Sue focuses on white and green in her garden, so this vine is perfect for her.

I love the feeling of serenity that is created in her garden with its white color scheme and her use of vintage pieces scattered here and there.

Everywhere you look you can find some unique touch that has been tucked into the garden.

Sue’s garden is mostly shaded.  Although the sun peeks through to certain spots as it moves across the sky, it is fleeting.  So she uses a lot of shade loving plants like ferns, hostas and bleeding hearts.

No garden is quite complete without a water feature, and I remember when Sue found her fountain at a garage sale.

Sue’s garden isn’t completely green and white, she does have some lovely peonies scattered about as well.

Over the years Sue has divided and shared quite a few of her plants with me, including some anemone that look fantastic interplanted with my hostas.

And although that glimpse of my garden makes it look like I also stick with green and white (and I do in some spots), I also have a bit more color in my garden.

But you’ll have to come back on Monday to see that.  I hope you’ll stay tuned!

9 thoughts on “touring in the time of COVID, part 1.

  1. Sue’s yard looks great, as always. I sure wish I enjoyed gardening, but I didn’t inherit my Mom’s green thumb!


  2. Well thanks Miss Quandie! I look forward to it! Sorry so much cruddy stuff is going on in your environs……


  3. I love your friend’s garden! It is so lush and green! I love all of the shade. I live in north Texas where we gets lots of sun on our lot because of no old growth trees. It is very hot in summer and the sun beats down on my flowers. I did plant some hostas down at our creek in the shady area, but the rabbits ate them all. Oh well, I will try again! Thank you for sharing such beauty in these trying times.


    1. Phew, that does sound hot! I do always feel just a little bit sorry for those plants that are growing in the hot, full sun. I know there are varieties that love it, but they always look a a little overheated to me 😉


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