the humble washstand.

I felt like I needed a bit of a break last weekend.  Although I had a number of projects I could have worked on, I just wasn’t in the mood.

I think the trip that Mr. Q and I took to Target on Saturday morning threw me off.  There was just something so disconcerting about people making an obvious effort to stay 6′ away.  Of course I know why people are doing it, but I still somehow feel rejected when someone takes a big detour around me as though I am giving off a bad odor.  And then there were the people with bandannas over their faces.  Are they about to rob the place, or are they just out hoping to find toilet paper like I was?

The world has turned completely upside down, and I needed some time to process it.  So Mr. Q and I played some board games, went for a walk in the park and then binge watched Travel Man on Hulu.

But I didn’t want to leave you guys hanging today, so I decided to do a compilation post.

Thus, I bring you the humble washstand.

I’ve painted quite a few of these over the years.  They are perfect for a quick makeover because they are smaller than a dresser or desk and you can easily whip one up in a day.  They are also fairly versatile pieces.  You can use them as a bedside table, an end table, in the foyer … I’ve even seen them with sinks added to the top and used as a bathroom vanity.

Another possibility is to use them as a coffee bar.

Looking back, it seems that my favorite color to use on washstands is white.  I’ve painted several of them, including this next one,  with Dixie Belle Paint Co’s Drop Cloth, which is a warm white.

Miss Mustard Seed milk paint in Linen is also a lovely warm white, and it worked beautifully on this washstand

Miss Mustard Seed milk paint in Grain Sack is also a good choice if you want a cooler, grey undertone to your white (and if you aren’t a fan of milk paint, I recommend Dixie Belle’s Sawmill Gravy as a substitute for this color) …

Grain Sack was the color I chose for the washstand that I inherited from my grandparents.  We use this as a nightstand on Mr. Q’s side of the bed.

If you want more of an almond color, Miss Mustard Seed’s Marzipan is a great choice.

I’ve done two in Marzipan, this next one being one of my favorites.

I didn’t even have to paint this next washstand, it was already white when I bought it.  But I did add the Out on the Farm transfer from with prima.

Every once in a while, I break out some more vibrant colors.  This washstand is painted in Sweet Pickens In a Pickle and turned out perfectly chippy.

This next washstand is painted in a custom mix of Miss Mustard Seed milk paint, 1/3 Boxwood to 2/3 Kitchen Scale

In general, I’m more of a neutral lover though.  Dixie Belle Paint Co’s Putty was perfect on this one along with with prima’s Fine Horseman transfer.

So, there you have an even dozen of my favorite washstand makeovers.

Which one is your favorite?  Or have you painted some washstands yourself?  What is your favorite color to use on them?

As always, thanks to my blog sponsors Dixie Belle Paint Co and with prima for providing many of the products used on these washstands. 

31 thoughts on “the humble washstand.

  1. It’s really hard to pick one as these wash stands are my favorite! I have a wash stand thst I refinished you the natural wood over 40 years ago. It was my grandmothers and holds a special place in my heart ❤️


  2. Thank you for the post! Many of us are feeling ‘off’. I haven’t had time to work on any projects now that kiddos are home schooling. Just getting something in the inbox is so uplifting! We can click on links and read past posts. I love the wash stand painted in boxwood/kitchen scale! Stay well!


  3. Hi Linda, I get what you are talking about. Even on the couple walks we went on, people feel like you have a disease! I hate it! I am trying to maintain by digging in project after project. Wow, you have painted a lot of washstands! They look great!


    1. I know, I was a bit surprised by how many I’ve done too. And actually there are a couple more that I didn’t include in the post because I didn’t have great photos of them 😉


  4. Your furniture catalog is really impressive! Think of all the projects you’ve done over the years! Also feeling off although I don’t mind the 6 foot rule as I have a rather large personal bubble 😉


    1. It is kind of crazy to look back and just how many pieces of furniture I have painted! Here’s looking forward to a time when we can once again hit the thrift stores!


    2. Meggan, that reminds me of a meme I saw with a person holding their hand up and saying, “After this is all over, I’m still going to need you stay 6 feet away.”

      Liked by 1 person

  5. Thanks for your honest comments. This new normal is not something any of us want to get used too.Thanks also for continuing to post as I look forward to them from the old normal that I am sure we will return to in the future.Love the wash stands I have painted a few for family through the years.


    1. I read somewhere recently that we can’t call the current situation the ‘new normal’ because it’s totally abnormal and it will stay abnormal until we can truly resume our ‘normal’ activities. So I’m going with that. This situation is abnormal and you’re right, none of us want to get used to it!


  6. Love the coffee bar washstand. I don’t like the big coffee bars as I think they are a decorating fad, but this one is perfect!


      1. Howdy from over at the St. Croix Beach River area. The water is completely covering the sandy beach area right now. It is weird to go out for anything these days. I saw online they were making one-way aisles at HyVee and when I commented on it, Jim said he can’t picture me waiting patiently behind a slow shopper. Lol. Times they are a’changing. Anyway, my favorite is the black bar. Although I love all the shades of white and that green one catches my eye too. You have a gift for sure.

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  7. I love the black coffee bar one too. And that In a Pickle green is perfection. The number of pieces you have transformed is nothing short of amazing Thanks for continuing to post during this time. It puts a smile on my face to see an email from you in my inbox.


  8. My favorite color is the Boxwood/Kitchen Scale mix. But I love all washstands & mostly prefer any of the off-whites. My house would be FULL of them if I bought all the ones I fall in love with!
    I find that the longer I’m in the house, the less I want to go out! Even for groceries. I put it off until I had 1 cup of dogfood left so pretty much HAD to go to the store. I do without for myself but that crazy dog thinks he needs to be fed twice a day!!! 🙂
    Trying to stay safe.

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Our cat Lucy insists that she is about to perish from hunger any time one of her meals is even slightly delayed, so I know exactly what you mean 😉


  9. Hello Miss Quandie from one Twilight Zone to another! ! (What was the name of the perfect little town that the despairing man dreamt of and where he jumped off the train? I always loved that one!) I totally understand your not being in the mood to tackle a project………there’s just such an oddness in the air. I loved seeing your washstand collection of which you should be justly proud! You’ve covered so much washstand territory! I always love the Drop Cloth!


  10. Whites for me. Find I tire of pieces painted in other colors more quickly. As for normal, I didn’t care much for the old normal. Taking this quiet time and appreciating what we have and what is unnecessary works for me. Grew up in a time when “less” was the norm and I feel comfortable again. It is certainly time to evaluate what is “want”and what is “need” .On a fun note, my hometown is having a “drag Main Street Saturday night” next Saturday and three generations of my family will be there.!!


    1. Well, clearly you’re going to have to tell me more Kaye. What is a ‘drag Main Street Saturday night’? Because I’m picturing men in drag wandering around Main Street while keeping a 6′ distance from each other, and that can’t be right. Can it?


      1. LOL LOL! when you live in a small town and don’t have a drivers license you “hitch” a ride with someone who has a car and license and you drag the Main Street through your town honking and waving at everyone you meet. Now mind you Main Street may only be 5 blocks long but you can meet lots of kids who come from all the smaller towns to “drag Main”. You got to see all your friends who were working in the fields and, Lord love it if there were some new guys in town on harvest crew!! Doesn’t take much to entertain Okies!! We keep it simple!! Here’s the
        Kicker….wait for it!…the name of my hometown is Hooker!! The CofC sells many tee and sweat shirts that say “ Hooker…it’s a location, not a vocation”; “Once a Hooker, always a Hooker’”; “Hooker reunion 2020”. I’ve bored you enough but surely there are others out there who “drag Main”! I understand if you don’t want to post this. 😜


      2. Thanks for letting Mr. Q and I start the day with a good laugh. I read your comment out loud to him this morning and we both cracked up over your town motto. It’s perfect!


  11. They are all beautiful but I find I’m drawn to the In a Pickle and the Boxwood/Kitchen Scale washstands. And I agree with you. I refuse to believe that this is the new normal. If it is, then manufacturers need to step up production of paper products. There still isn’t any in the stores. I don’t get it.


    1. At some point people are going to reach toilet paper saturation, where they have so much toilet paper that they can’t possibly buy any more. Then the shelves will fill up again. I wonder how long that will take?


      1. I’m all set for toilet paper. I’m just looking for a box of tissues and a roll of paper towels. Still can’t find any.


  12. I love all of them. I have followed your Blog for quite some time now and I love seeing all of these again. I have painted a couple of them. Yes, I have also used Miss Mustard Seed’s Linen. I have also used Fusion’s Linen. I tend to like the creamy, soft whites. I like to use them in the bedroom as bedside tables. 😊


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