homestead house milk paint.

When I decided to do this 12 days of giveaways thing, I reached out to my friends at Fusion/Homestead House and they were super gracious and provided some great stuff for me to give away.

First, a little background info for you all, because this all gets a little confusing sometimes.  Homestead House Milk Paint is a Canadian company that has been around since the 1980’s.  They also have been manufacturing Miss Mustard Seed’s Milk Paint since 2012.  The MMS Milk Paint is branded differently (the packaging looks different) and comes in color palette that Marian Parsons (a.k.a. Miss Mustard Seed) developed herself.

However, aside from colors and branding, these two products are manufactured by the same people.

Check out all of the gorgeous colors available in Homestead House Milk Paint here.

Fusion Mineral Paint is an off-shoot of Homestead House too.  Fusion paint is an acrylic paint though, not milk paint.  Regardless of whether we’re talking about Fusion Mineral Paint, Homestead House Milk Paint or Miss Mustard Seed Milk Paint, the one common thread that runs through all of these products is the company’s commitment to high quality non-toxic paint and wax.

If you are someone that paints a lot (like me), you really need to be aware of what you are exposing yourself to on a regular basis.  So be sure that you are using a product that is safe for both you and the environment.  And if you are using a more hazardous product, be sure to use the proper protective gear such as gloves, eye protection and/or air masks.

One of the colors of Homestead House Milk Paint that I’ll be giving away today is Barn Red.

I used it on a pair of faux ski’s that I painted and stenciled back in 2017.

Some of my other favorite Homestead House Milk Paint colors include Maritime Blue, which is the really pretty periwinkle blue that I used on this watering can

And Laurentien, which is the fabulous aqua that I used on these small vintage chairs

I tested several of their shades of yellow

before landing on Ochre for the Jenny Lind bed in my guest room …

They have some great neutrals too, like Bedford which is the light grey on this beautiful dresser.

I consider Midnight Blue to be a neutral too, and it was gorgeous on this dresser.

And of course there is Coal Black which I used on our master bed.

If you are a lover of Miss Mustard Seed’s milk paint but want to branch out and explore more colors, you really should check out the Homestead House Milk Paint line.

If you’re familiar with Fusion Mineral Paint, you may have noticed that many of the Fusion colors are the same as the Homestead House Milk Paint colors (like Laurentien, Coal Black, Bedford and Midnight Blue).

This brings me to day 11 of my 12 days of giveaways.  In addition to the Barn Red milk paint, today’s prize also contains a package of Homestead House Milk Paint in a color called Soldier Blue.

Um, hello.  Can you say gorgeous?!  I haven’t tried this color yet, but I kept a package of it for myself and can’t wait to use it.  It looks like just the right blue for Pantone’s 2020 color of the year, doesn’t it?

This prize also includes an array of Fusion waxes including their metallic waxes in Rose Gold, Copper and Pearl, their clear furniture wax and the Homestead House Antiquing Wax.  You’ll also get a package of the Fusion Fresco, which is a powder used to add texture to your paint.  I’m also including another fabulous Staalmeester brush.

Thank you to Homestead House and Fusion for sponsoring this giveaway by providing all of the products I’m giving away today!

The rules:  to be eligible to win today’s prize leave a comment on this blog post.  If you can’t think of anything to say, just let me know whether or not you’ve tried milk paint.  Your comment must be left on the blog, not on Facebook or Instagram.  You are not required to follow my blog, although it would be awesome if you did!

I will randomly draw the name of a winner for today’s prize from all of the comments left on this post by Sunday, December 22, 2019 at the stroke of midnight (U.S. Central time).

The fine print: no purchase necessary, you must be 18 years of age or older to win, void where prohibited by law, the number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning, approximate retail value of prize is $100 if the prize is not claimed by Thursday, December 26, another name will be drawn at random to win, blah, blah, blah.

Good luck!

106 thoughts on “homestead house milk paint.

  1. Miss Quandie! A realization that bonked me on the head reading this post: the sheer Herculean number of projects that you done! All just perfection…….not a runt in the bunch! You ARE truly an inspiration to me ;-* ;-* ;-*

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    1. LOL, sometimes I am also amazed at the number of pieces I have painted! As I was composing this post I wasn’t sure I’d find enough pieces I’d painted in Homestead House milk paint, but there were many more than I needed for one post. But I have to say, not all of my projects are perfection. Some don’t even turn out well enough to share here on the blog. I think I’m going to do a blog post next week sharing the projects that didn’t make the cut 😉


  2. Oh, wow. These colors are gorgeous. As I’ve already confessed in a previous comment on your blog, blue is my favorite color and these blues really are fabulous – I mean the bed in midnight blue is to die for 😍. I have not tried milk paint yet and have no good excuse for not doing so before now. Thanks for the chance to win. 🎄

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  3. Thanks for pointing out the environmental aspects of painting. Love Homestead paint and have used it since the 90’s and the primary’s are clear and vibrant.What another top notch give away!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. If someone paints once in a blue moon, that’s one thing, but when you paint as much as I do it’s important to think about safety for both you and the environment!


  4. I have used Miss Mustard Seed once and have been wanting to use milk paint again. This would be the perfect excuse if I won some paint! And the red is perfect!! Thanks for the great giveaways and HAPPY HOLIDAYS!


  5. Oh, my goodness. These are the best. This is an amazing package you have put together. I am amazed at each day’s items that you curated! Thank you once again for the info and ideas.

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  6. I have never tried milk paint-I always use chalk paint. I guess the between the two names, chalk paint implies it would be harder (better wear). I know that is an irrational way of thinking-would love to give it a try!

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    1. Milk paint is a really different product from chalk paint. If you use it over bare wood, it sinks into the wood rather than sitting on top like other kinds of paint. The result is that it becomes one of the most long lasting paints available. But when you use it over a pre-existing finish then it gets chippy because the surface is resisting the paint (not allowing it to soak in). And in that case, yes, I would say it’s not going to ‘wear’ as well as chalk paint. But that’s really the point when you’re going for that chippy, aged look. At that point, the durability of the finish is going to be more dependent on what you choose as a top coat over the milk paint rather than the paint itself.


  7. Welp, you’ve gone and read MY mind this time! I’ve been dragging my feet on providing my daughters with my stocking ideas, and I finally decided today that I would ask for some milk paint, as I have never used it (chalk paint gal over here). Your giveaway and this post have me swooning. Beautiful colors! Thank you for another wonderful opportunity to spread my artistic wings 🙂 Happy, busy weekend!

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  8. Hello and happy Friday!
    I haven’t tried milk paint yet, though my sis-in-law had some beautiful results with diy milk paint in the 1980’s. I’m (really) anxious to try some on a few projects for myself! I have a pair of rustic corner cabinets that are just screaming for a milk paint makeover!!!

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  9. I have painted with plain acrylic paints, and chalk paint, and have a small sample of the milk paint from Miss Mustard Seed, but have never opened it because I am afraid…..plain & simple, but when I see all the beautiful things you paint it inspires me, and I want to try it more than ever….soon…will break open that little puppy and see what happens…love your give-a-ways and the work you do…

    Liked by 1 person

    1. My advice is to find some small, cheap thing at the thrift store (a wooden box, small shelf, etc) and experiment a bit with the milk paint. It is a little trickier to use sometimes, but the results can be amazing!


  10. I have never given milk paint a try. I have heard that it can be chippy or not, seemingly having a mind of its own. i think there is an additive if you don’t want it to chip? I would think the chipping is the beauty of it! I love the projects you’ve posted here, and especially love that periwinkle shade on the watering can!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Correct on all of the above! And yes, you can add a bonding agent if you don’t want the paint to chip. But I agree, the chipping is the beauty of it. I always say, if you don’t want chipping just go with the Fusion Mineral paint instead.


  11. I might be the only person who has never used milk paint. I would love to give it a try on a couple of pieces, fingers crossed that the results will be half as nice as yours!

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  12. I want to thank you for explaining the connection between the three paints. I have been following all 3 on Facebook. I came across them while caring for my husband during cancer treatment. In November I picked up a brush and started painting Raw Silk on used bathroom vanities for the new house. I fell in love with a Typewriter and Boxwood combination for my bedroom set and kitchen cabinets and ordered them. I love that Barn Red in Homestead, I have an old family toboggan and skiies that would be perfect. Just waiting til I’m finished with the vanities and then I’ll order the Barn Red. Your projects are a great inspiration.


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