12 days of giveaways.

Here in the U.S. tomorrow is Thanksgiving.  If any of you have been following me since the beginning you may remember that I started my blog on Thanksgiving weekend 2013.  So yep, that makes this my six year blogiversary!  Well, technically speaking, it was yesterday.  But close enough.

Quite honestly, I never thought I’d make it past five years.

I also never thought I’d make it past 25 followers.

While I haven’t ‘gone viral’ and I don’t seem to have made it into the inner circle of ‘cool kids’ (just like in high school), today I’m feeling incredibly grateful for all of the amazing things this blog has brought my way.  But I’m especially thankful for all of you.  Without you, there would be no q is for quandie.  So thank you for following, commenting, sharing and otherwise supporting my blog.

Now it’s time to celebrate with 12 days of giveaways!

Starting today and running every Monday, Wednesday & Friday until December 23, I’m going to post a giveaway here on the blog.  That’s four weeks of giveaways!!  Woo hoo!

So let’s get this ball rolling, shall we?

I know it’s a little like picking my favorite child, and we aren’t supposed to do that, but I have to confess that Re.design with Prima Marketing is one of my favorite sponsors.  I feel incredibly honored to be included on their Design Team.

I get so excited when they have a new release and they send me a box of stuff.  The latest box even literally arrived on my birthday, what a treat!  And I can’t share any of it with you today.  The official reveal date of this latest release is December 16, so I have to sit here, all alone, drooling over these new designs until then.

In the meantime, today I’m giving away their Fresh Flowers transfer.  Last summer I used half of the transfer on this drop leaf table.

Here is the full design.

I’m still hanging on to that upper portion waiting for just the right project to come along.  But the lower portion was perfect for the table.

And of course, I am giving away the entire transfer (not just my unused portion, that would be tacky, right?)

Just to add a little something more to this giveaway, I’m also including the Queen Bee clay pot that I used for staging that piece.

I painted the pot using Miss Mustard Seed milk paint, and then used Fusion Transfer Gel to add the graphic (check out this post for all of the details).  Not all of my pots turned out that day, but this one is my favorite of the bunch.

Thank you to Re.design with Prima Marketing for sponsoring this giveaway by providing the transfer.

The rules:  to be eligible to win today’s prize leave a comment on this blog post.  If you can’t think of anything to say, just tell me what your favorite fresh flower is.  Your comment must be left on the blog, not on Facebook or Instagram.  You are not required to follow my blog, although it would be awesome if you did!

I will randomly draw the name of a winner for today’s prize from all of the comments left on this post by Friday, November 29, 2019 at the stroke of midnight (U.S. Central time).

The fine print: no purchase necessary, you must be 18 years of age or older to win, void where prohibited by law, the number of eligible entries received determines the odds of winning, approximate retail value of prize is $40, if the prize is not claimed by Sunday, December 1, another name will be drawn at random to win, blah, blah, blah.

Good luck!

136 thoughts on “12 days of giveaways.

  1. What fun to win a transfer to try and an original pot from your creative hands. Long time follower and sometimes commenter. I am also one of those people who have a hard time determining a favorite anything since my tastes are rather eclectic, or is that the A.D.D. talking?

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I definitely think you’re one of the “cool kids” and when I see a new post it’s a treat! Love all you ideas and travel pics and commentary on all things vintage and interesting! Happy Thanksgiving to you and Mr. Q!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I love reading your blog and seeing all the neat things you find and how you make them look so great! I have not tried the transfers, but if I get to try one it might give me the push to use more. Happy Thanksgiving!

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Congratulations on 6 years of blogging! I stop everything to read your blog- love your relaxed and welcoming tone. And I love that transfer! Have a small kitchen cupboard piece that really would be fabulous with that so I’ll have to get to work on prepping!

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Oh my, to choose just one fresh flower bundled together in a vase would be my favorite “Shasta daisy” (Becky). I planted these 9 years ago on each side of my 30’x20′ garden bed ♡


  6. I am addicted to the transfers. After seeing you use them, I ordered some. And then some more! They are so easy- but take your time! You inspire me always. As long as you post, I’ll be reading!!🤩 Happy blogiversary and Thanksgiving!


  7. My very favorite flowers are zinnias they always make me smile and my very favorite holiday is Thanksgiving even though you didn’t ask that. Happy birthday to your blog and I’m so glad you still blog one of my favs!!

    Liked by 1 person

  8. Congratulations on 6 years! Yours is one of my favorite blogs…I get so much inspiration from you. We have such similar tastes. Thanks for the opportunity to win this lovely transfer!

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  9. Hi Q. Just found your blog this year. Been following you and enjoying your work and comments. Im just starting out and learning. Im a more mature blogger. Congrats on your anniversary! N Happy Thankskgiving

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  10. Happy anniversary! I purchased a large Prima Marketing decal after seeing your clever way of cutting them to customize projects. Love, love, love it. As for a favorite fresh flower, whatever is blooming at the moment!


  11. Love your blog–so inspiring! I would love to win the flower transfers–my favorite flower (hard to choose) are hydraengas. Keep up the beautiful work!


  12. Hi Q,
    Congratulations on thriving in this competitive social arena. I’ve only recently was lucky to find your blog this year, i love your “blog voice” and how you give your honest evaluations on the products you use.
    Thank you.


  13. Quandie, your posts are Quite enjoyable and very informative! I think it’s all about the Quality and not so much the Quantity, but your ideas have such a flare that is interesting in so many ways. All of the vintage sales you go to with family and friends, and even the trips you have taken and photos you have shared are wonderful. Thank you!


  14. Just want to say I love your blog! I’m kinda glad you aren’t one of the cool kids. They change and not for themselves. So thank you for all your hard work because I appreciate it!!! Hydrangea.


  15. As I’ve mentioned before, when I see your blog in my in-box, I save it until the end – like dessert – to be savored! Happy 6th Anniversary, Linda – here’s to many more!

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  16. Happy almost Thanksgiving Linda! Well your drop leaf table was an inspiration for the one I did. Not sure if you’ll remember me messaging you about that. 😉 My favorite flower is the gerbera daisies. They’re also the favorite of 2 of my 4 daughters. But I think the biggest reason why I would love to win this giveaway is because one of those daughters gave me that very transfer as a gift. My rule has been when my daughters give me a transfer I keep the piece of furniture that I put it on. But! I did a no-no, and put the wording section of that transfer on the dropleaf table and sold it. 😬 Now all I have is the truck which of course is a beautiful part of the transfer. But and this way I would be to have the wording again. I will purchase it again, of course. But, bad Mom!
    Have a wonderful Thanksgiving Linda and Mr. Q!


  17. I got so excited when I read that I have to be at least 18 to win, and I meet that by a long shot! Thanks for your blog — I so look forward to it. Happy Thanksgiving! 🦃


  18. Happy Blogiversary, Linda. I am pretty sure I have been a follower for most of your blog timeframe because you are the most inspiring blogger ever. I honestly have dropped most subscriptions because they just didn’t have the content I wanted. But, you, you inspire me with every post. I am picking up a small dresser today that will be the recipient of paint and transfer so you know I am totally your acolyte or whatever name you give to your people. Thanks for continuing to be creative and sharing that creativity with your blog. Happy Thanksgiving, too.


  19. Congrats on your 6 year milestone! I would like to correct you and say you ARE in the inner circle and are definitely are one of the cool kids.Love your style and your work continues to inspire me and I also must say thank for making your giveaway process so simple. I get lost on the others and very often don’t bother. Happy Thanksgiving.


  20. Happy blog anniversary, great work. Your projects are inspiring and I love shopping them at Reclaiming beautiful. Tulips, tulips are definitely a favorite flower.


  21. I enjoy your posts so much. I was born in the St Paul/Minneapolis area and still have family there. I love reading about the change of seasons and seeing all the names of the towns that are familiar to me. My family has relocated recently to Texas, So, sometimes I giggle when you are so cold and snowy and I am warm and sunny! Happy Thanksgiving!


  22. I always look forward to your blog post in my email. I’ve pinned just about all of them. Would love to win the give away. Thank you for chance and I look forward to the next 11!

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