instagram takeover.

Hey everybody!  For those of you who have Instagram accounts, I thought I’d give you a heads up.  I’m taking over the @redesignwithprima account today.

Each of us on their Design Team were given the opportunity to do a 24 hour takeover and today is my day!

I’ll be sharing some of my favorite projects using Prima Marketing products throughout the day, like this one …

And this one …

I had a hard time narrowing down which pieces I should share.  I figured nobody wanted me to be posting something every 30 minutes.

But they have so many gorgeous transfers, and I’ve done quite a few pieces with them over the past couple of years.

Plus, I’ll also be hosting an amazing giveaway of Prima products (you’ll have to go to Instagram to sign up to win).

Not only that, but many of the other Design Team members are also hosting giveaways on their takeover day.

So, if you haven’t yet drunk the kool-aid and joined Instagram, today might be a great day to do that.  And if you already have an Instagram account but you aren’t following @redesignwithprima (or, heaven forbid, me @qisforquandie) be sure to check them out.

65 thoughts on “instagram takeover.

    1. Love your work! I like how you use black on furniture. I don’t see that a lot and have wondered how it looks with appliqués. Stunning! Glad I stumbled across your IG. ❤️


  1. Enjoyed your takeover today! LOVE your piece with the barn transfer. I plan now to do just that on a piece by my stairway. Excited about the giveaway. Thanks!


  2. Beautiful! Glad you did the Instagram takeover! I love seeing how people create. I’ve been wanting to try the transfers and this post is definitely inspiring. Thanks for the opportunity!


  3. I was a little confused by the reference to ‘takeover’, so I’m glad I was directed to your blog…Your work is lovely!


  4. Love it all! I have a Pinterest board and an Instagram board named after you because I want to be able to find your creations quickly when I need inspiration 🤗 I’m an official “Q” stalker😉


  5. Your work is just so beautiful. I absolutely loved your home tour-is it as calming and peaceful as it looks or do you have 3 dogs, a cat, and two grown sons running around like I do?😂


  6. I love all the transfers, but I truly love the little things I was looking forward to your sneak peek this morning that I waited to post my comment. I was not disappointed. I will be ordering the Christmas transfer. I loved looking at and reading your blog. I even subscribed.


  7. I’m so glad to have found you via the takeover! I hope you plan to share your gorgeous transfer holiday books over there – I’m totally stealing that idea to use this Christmas, and I had to laugh out loud at your precious velvet ribbon, as I have some lace ribbon that is the same. My adult daughters will be rummaging through my stash and say, “Oh perfect! Mama, can I use some of this ribbon?” and I have to have this complicated (quick) internal dialog-slash-scolding about people being more important than things before I “cheerfully” say “Sure, honey!”. Snort. You know I’m dying inside to see a bit more of that ribbon go.


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