the world’s smallest bathroom.

Today we’re moving on in our house tour to the one and only bathroom in the house, which is just off the kitchen next to the pantry.  In other words, a long way from the bedroom at 2 a.m.

Well, technically it’s a long way from the bedroom at any hour, but it seems especially far in the middle of the night.

That’s probably the biggest ‘con’ to living in an old house.  I don’t mind not having a dish washer, or central air, or an attached garage, or laundry facilities on the main floor.  But we sure would love to have a bathroom upstairs.  We looked into it once and we simply couldn’t justify the expense.  When we consider expenses like these we think ‘how many trips would we have to forgo to have a bathroom upstairs?’, and in this case it was at least 4 or 5.

So instead we make do with the world’s smallest bathroom.

I ended up having to recycle some photos for this post that I took way back in 2014 when my blog was new.  The weather has not been cooperating around here lately.  It’s been rainy and gloomy and generally not conducive to getting photos of a small dark bathroom.

But I haven’t changed anything in the bathroom since then, so good enough!

Much like many of the rooms in our house, this one has seen a couple of different looks over the years.  When we moved in it was wallpapered in pink and blue and had some hideous square stick-on linoleum tiles on the floor.  We swapped out the sink and toilet, added the wainscoting and re-wallpapered in a Waverly pattern of purple and green violets complete with a matching border.  Come on, I bet some of you remember when Waverly was all the rage.

Eventually of course all of that wallpaper had to go.  We took it down, had the walls and ceiling skim coated, re-painted, added a heated floor (absolutely one of the best things we’ve ever done, and not terribly expensive at all) with ceramic tile and some new light fixtures, all around the same time we re-did the kitchen.

The only things that have remained from when we moved in are the tub and the mirrored medicine cabinet over the sink.

I’ve debating changing the medicine cabinet out, but I’m glad now that I’ve kept it.

By the way, those light fixtures on either side of the mirror may look like they could be original to the house but they are reproductions from Rejuvenation.  If you have an older home and are looking for some period style lighting, be sure to check out Rejuvenation.

The tub sits in an arched alcove and I imagine it would be rather difficult to find a replacement of exactly the right size.

The shower curtain came from H & M Home.

You have to get creative about storage in a small bathroom.  We have one tiny linen closet plus the medicine cabinet and that’s it.  So I keep my makeup in that old metal tin, and makeup brushes and q-tips are in those galvanized containers hanging on the wall.

The wall mounted soap dish came from Restoration Hardware.

We use an old stenciled bucket for trash.

I debated even including a post about the bathroom in this Wednesday house tour series.  There just isn’t much to show.  But if nothing else, maybe it will make the rest of you feel pretty good about your own more sizable and luxurious bathrooms 😉

Be sure to check back next Wednesday when I continue the tour of our house with the master bedroom!

22 thoughts on “the world’s smallest bathroom.

  1. I laughed when I saw how large your bathroom is compared to mine (think airplane bathroom only smaller)! It literally is a water closet only 30” wide with pink ceramic tile on the walls and floor, a real decorating challenge both in size and color.


  2. Our bathroom is small too, but not quite as small as yours. Our saving grace is that the bedrooms are right next to it on the same floor. I think you’ve done a great job utilizing the space you have, and it looks great. That 2nd floor bathroom will just have to wait for the lottery to come through…


    1. Thanks Christina! We are really limited in sink selection because the door opens in to the bathroom and just clears the sink. We were lucky to find one we liked.


  3. Last time I saw your bathroom, I mentioned that I love that Paris street scene! Still do!
    Now I really think we must have some common DNA! In the nineties, when wallpaper was cool, I too had the purple and green violets wallpaper with matching border! Mine was made by Laura Ashley! Here is the sad truth..It is still in our master bathroom!
    Even worse, I still like it!!! A huge part of still liking it is I don’t want to tackle an update!! Lol!! I also figure nobody else sees it, and it might come back in style!😁


    1. Stripping wallpaper is the worst. Luckily my BFF is an expert stripper and always helped me when I had to do it. We had three layers of paper in our master bedroom that had to go. As for that particular pattern coming back in style … well … never say never, right? 😉


    1. That cabinet does seem to be a keeper. Plus with so little storage in the room, we really do need a cabinet rather than just a mirror. Where else would be put the toothpaste?


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