my v.l.f.g. addiction.

My name is Quandie and I am addicted to v.l.f.g.

What?  You haven’t heard of this one?

It’s an addiction to vintage light fixture globes, naturally.

I see them at garage sales at ridiculously low prices and I just can’t stop myself from buying them.

The latest addition to my non-collection (because as we’ve previously established, I am not a collector!) is this beauty …

Isn’t that gorgeous?  I paid $5 for it at an estate sale earlier this summer.  I just couldn’t pass it up.  I purchased it hoping it would fit the fixture in my guest room but unfortunately it didn’t.  So if I want to use it, I’ll need to get a base that fits this size globe.  I’m still considering that move.

On Wednesday you saw this pretty pink globe in my pantry.

It was also a garage sale find.

Last year I bought this gorgeous wedding cake globe at the Linden Hills neighborhoods sales.

You can buy one of these at Rejuvenation for $180, but I paid $10 for mine.

I put it on my bathroom light fixture, but since I have the world’s smallest bathroom I’ve found it next to impossible to get a good photo of it in there.

Another of my favorites is the gorgeous black & white globe that I put on my front porch.

Using vintage globes is a quick and easy way to add some instant character to your house.  If you are safety conscious, as we all should be with electricity, you can put the vintage globe on a new fixture.  A basic flush mount fixture is usually less than $20.

So, I’m curious, am I the only one who is drawn to v.l.f.g.’s?


10 thoughts on “my v.l.f.g. addiction.

  1. No, you’re not the only one who is drawn to them and uses them, I too, have this affliction. I have even used smaller, open shades as chimneys for candles outside to try and prevent the wind from blowing out the flame.
    Old items are often better quality and have great design, which is why I have my addiction for yard sales, thrift stores and curbside skulking. Your newest shade is gorgeous and will add such character to whatever room becomes its new home.


  2. No is the short answer! I only have a few and am drawn to their shape,colour and over all beauty. Thanks for sharing your non-collection….


  3. I have them as well. A gorgeous pink with hand painted flowers in my front hall. Several other Italian tole fixtures (not globes I know but I love the fixtures too!).


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