time flies.

I can’t believe it was over two years ago that I shared this newel post …

It seriously boggles my mind to realize it wasn’t just a few months ago, but when I went in search of that original post about the post I found it in January 2017!

That’s not at all the point of today’s blog post, but I just had to say that out loud.  Time really does fly.

So, apparently I painted this post two years ago.  It ended up with a fabulously chippy patina.  I just had it leaning in the corner of a room as a sort of architectural salvage decor piece.  Sometimes it was in the piano room, and sometimes the living room.

While I was stenciling the piano last weekend I saw it and thought it could use a stencil or two as well.

I started with this ‘antiques’ stencil at the bottom.

Then I used the same stencil that I used on the little Mariner’s chair that I painted a couple of weeks ago to do two more sides of the base.

Finally, I added a portion of another stencil to the top.

I think the post has just a little more character now and it looks great just hanging out next to the cupboard that holds the ‘good junk’.

What do you think?

13 thoughts on “time flies.

  1. Funny when you get the paint and stencils out, ya kinda look around to seeb’what else is around here I can spruce up’! Looks good, Linda.


  2. I have two posts I’m going to paint. But I never even thought about stenciling them! Brilliant idea. Gonna have to copy. 😊


  3. Love it and the cupboard it’s leaning against. And yes, time does fly so fast it’s scary. My oldest grandchild turns 11 next month and I can’t believe in a few short years he’ll be a teenager!


  4. I think that it looks awesome and next to that beautiful cabinet! Sometimes it is the little things that add such charm to a room. Kind of like jewelry. 😊


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