let the decorating begin.

Normally I get most of my holiday decorations up on the Friday after Thanksgiving.  I’ve never been a Black Friday shopper, instead I like to spend that day putting up the tree and adding other holiday touches around the house.

But this year I was traveling home from Italy on Black Friday.  Speaking of which, one thing that really surprised me on our trip was how many Black Friday sale signs we saw!  Especially in Ravenna where we spent a little time on their pedestrian shopping street.  I had to take a quick photo of this window display because it was so fab.  I love the clock and the peg board on the wall.  You can’t see them in the photo, but there was a stack of vintage books on the floor too.

In hindsight, now I wish I’d taken a photo of one of the Black Friday sale advertisements.  Many of them were painted right onto the windows of the shops.  But I wasn’t thinking ahead on that one.

Anyway, celebrating Thanksgiving on the 4th Thursday in November may be an American thing, but apparently celebrating Black Friday on the day after is universal.

So, after a bit of a travel related delay, I finally found the time to do some holiday decorating last Sunday and this year I decided to change it up a little and decorate our master bedroom.

I’ve never done much decorating in here in the past, but I’ve always thought it would be nice to have some twinkling lights and a small tree in the room.

The red and white knit stockings garland is from Michael’s.  It was on sale for only $6.  I just purchased one for our headboard, but my sister bought three of them and will use them on her tree.

The cable knit throw pillow is from Target.  The furry white throw probably was too, but I’ve had that for several years now.

I tied together small bunches of dried boxwood from my local Bachman’s, added some pretty silver ornaments that I purchased in Germany a few years ago and then hung them above my old photos on either side of the bed.

Over on the other side of the bed (ie. my side) I placed a stack of my favorite holiday decor magazines, a cup of coffee and a lavender topiary in the shape of a Christmas tree that I also purchased at Bachman’s.  I haven’t quite found the time to enjoy coffee and those magazines in bed yet, but I am determined to do that before the holidays are over.

My co-worker Jodie gave me the cute galvanized pot that the topiary is in, I just doctored it up a little with a Prima Marketing transfer from their French Pots IV set.

I added lots more holiday touches on the other side of the room too.

The little tree in the bucket is faux and I just purchased it a Target.  It was the perfect size for the old bucket.  I wrapped it with one small strand of battery operated lights which was just enough to give it some sparkle.

I also added a small strand of the same lights to the cotton bole swag that I draped over my old window.

I also purchased these cute little wooden houses at Bachman’s, one of them this year and two of them from last year.  They have little lights inside, but I’m finding that the light in the newest is one so much brighter than the other two.  Too bright in fact, so I don’t even turn it on.

My friend/co-worker/picker Sue gave me the calendar for my birthday last year.  It’s not really meant to be a Christmas decoration, but I like using it that way.

I purchased the paper tree from my friend Lori Miller at the Holly Jolly Market just before I left on my trip.  Isn’t it unique and fabulous?  Lori always manages to find the coolest things.

I’ve had this adorable little linen ‘woolens’ bag for years and I think I very well may have purchased it at Lori’s old shop, The Round Barn (it’s no longer in business).

I’d never really figured out a great spot for displaying it in the past though.  Turns out that it’s perfect hanging here on my cupboard in the bedroom.  Who knew?

The girls are not especially dressed up for the holidays, they pretty much wear their fancy jewelry all year long.

I did add a dried boxwood wreath hanging from a vintage hanger behind them.

It was fun snazzing up the bedroom with some holiday decor.  I think this just might become a regular thing from now on.

Speaking of things that become a tradition, tomorrow I’m heading over to my sister’s house for our annual Christmas baking.  I’ve pretty much perfected my ball rolling skills now, so this year’s baking should be a breeze 😉

I hope you have some fun holiday season plans for this weekend too!

36 thoughts on “let the decorating begin.

  1. Love this ! I love all the small details that are just so pretty.
    I too keep a stack of magazines by the bedside. Now if I could just keep from dozing off😴


    1. I think your comment is correct … I think the key to decorating is that it is winter decor. No rush to take it down after Christmas.


    2. That’s a good point Kim, I could probably keep it up for the entire winter. I put some individual battery operated candles in my windows and I like to keep those up all winter too.


  2. Love your decor. I know in Canada we have adopted Black Friday… I think because merchants don’t want to lose business from shoppers going to look for bargains across the border. I went to Detroit on a Black Friday , border guards pretty much waved they were so busy ( well close but little questioning) Don’t you love some of those creative window dressings. Thanks for the photos of that and your displays.


  3. You really did just the right amount of “festiveness”…love your room. You should be a store decorator with limitless funds…you’d be great at it! Or even better, a home decorator with limitless funds!!❤


    1. Limitless funds. Hmmmmm. At first I was going to say ‘how fun’, but after thinking about it I suspect having limitless funds would totally destroy creativity. No need to come up with new ways to use stuff you already have, just buy all new stuff!


  4. I never decorate my bedroom, but yours is an inspiration to start! Everything is understated and festive st the same time, I love it. Thanks for sharing, looking forward to seeing the whole house Christmasfied. Have fun at the cookie baking marathon! Roll those balls girl.


  5. Amore’ you bedroom decor, so festive! I laughed when I read your comments on Black Friday. I too just returned from Italy, I spent 2 weeks in Beautiful Southern Tuscany (Bella Toscana meridionale). I was very surprised to see Black Friday signs in shop windows too, so you are right it must be a universal thing now! The gal at the shop said, Oh Yes, we do like the United States! LOL . Buon Natale! (Merry Christmas!)


  6. I love all the decorating ideas. I have decorated in black and white this year. After seeing your pictures I can do a few more things!! You are awesome ❤️


    1. Awww, thanks so much Monica! I do seem to gravitate towards non-traditional colors for Christmas decorations. If it’s not black and white, then it’s pink and aqua 😉


  7. I love your Christmas decorating style! Well I love your regular decorating style too!
    Merry Christmas and Smiles,


    1. I did write about the bed back in summer 2017 when I revamped my master bedroom (here). It’s an antique and was originally full size. We modified it to fit a queen sized bed, and you can read all about how to do that in that post. It was a challenge finding a headboard that had the look I wanted but wasn’t too tall to fit under our slanted ceiling. We ended up having to cut about 4″ off the bottoms of the feet on this one, but it worked out perfectly!


  8. Your bedroom is stunning! I love the bed especially but all of the furniture is gorgeous. Your taste is impeccable!


  9. Oh my goodness I love everything! I mean the stocking garland just pops against your headboard and the girls fit in so perfectly and those tiny little houses are awesome. I was so surprised to see how small they were after the first photo of them. And the calendar nice touch you clever girl.


    1. I need to figure out how to change out the lights in the tiny houses. One is burnt out, one is too bright and the third is fading fast. But there doesn’t seem to be a way to get inside and change them out. I might have to study them a bit more later today 🙂


  10. Beautiful! My Christmas wish for you is that you DO get through your stack of Christmas books and magazines! I’ve come to the conclusion that while I don’t have the time to actually read them, I can still enjoy the pretty pictures! Happy baking!


    1. That’s exactly why I love the foreign decorating magazines that I pick up on my trips, no need to feel guilty about not reading the articles and just looking at the pictures 😉


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