a holiday play list.

Oh boy you guys.  I have been struggling to pull together some kind of blog post for today.  I so wish I had a beautiful piece of painted furniture to share.  Or even just a simple painting project of some kind.

And actually, I do have a couple of small completed projects that I could share if only I had good pictures of the finished pieces.  But these days I go to work before the sun comes up, and I return back home after it sets. I have to either take all of my photos on the weekend, or try to get home on my lunch break to take photos with natural light.  I’m playing catch up from my trip at the day job though, so that just hasn’t happened.

I was working on trying to pull together a post without good photos, but I just couldn’t do it.  I do have some standards after all 😉

In the meantime, I had gone back through my blog archives looking for something from last year and I was reminded that I did quite a few crafty projects last Christmas.  So I thought, hey, why not just recap all of them today and include links back so that you guys can revisit them as well.  Maybe you’ll get some ideas for things you want to play around with this weekend.  Let’s call it the blog version of a holiday play list.

Let’s start with the Cut & Carry Saws.

I’d picked up a bunch of old hand saws at an estate sale earlier in the year.  I transformed them into Christmas decor with some paint and a stencil.

I sold some of them at Reclaiming Beautiful, I gave one to my sister and I kept one for myself.  If only I could remember where I put it now!  I’ve been looking around for it, but so far it has not appeared.  I’m sure I’ll find it this weekend when I get serious about decorating for Christmas.

Updating a more traditional tree wall hanging was a quick and easy project last year.

The original red and green color scheme wasn’t really me.

So I painted the ‘branches’ white and added a Prima Marketing transfer.

Another black and white project involved revamping some vintage sleds.

I had simply stenciled over the original wood slats the year before, and that just didn’t have quite the right impact.

So this time I painted first and then stenciled.  I kept one, and sold one at Reclaiming Beautiful.

I also painted and stenciled some faux wooden skis.

It was another simple project that made a big impact.

Adding some Christmas spirit to a vintage wooden sock stretcher with some IOD Decor Stamps was a simple project too.

I was hoping to find more of these stock stretchers at garage sales last summer, but no such luck.

I might re-work this one this year.  I like it, but I have another idea for it too.  We’ll see if I get around to it.

And then there were the pretty in pink projects that I did using what was then a new color from Fusion called English Rose.

I painted cardboard gift boxes in English Rose and a paler Fusion pink called Little Piggy.

Then I used Fusion’s transfer gel to transfer some 12 Days of Christmas graphics onto the boxes.

Finally, I also painted a pair of ice skates in English Rose.

This was such a fun makeover, I think mainly because the skates started out so grungy …

but they ended up looking so gorgeous.

I hope you enjoyed revisiting some of these holiday projects and that maybe they’ve inspired you to create your own holiday play list this weekend.

I’ll definitely be working on a few things and hopefully I’ll have some new projects to share with you next week!

25 thoughts on “a holiday play list.

  1. I am amazed that you even have the time to post this week! So, a recap of Christmas projects from previous years is completely welcomed. I have the saw and the stencil for the cut and carry project, I just need to get it done. I really like having all the projects in one blog post, easy to refer back to each post that way! And it’s Friday, enjoy your weekend!


  2. I remember that I wanted to do some of these projects …so a good reminder as I am redecorating and have a wee French Yuletide theme. So the boxes and stencils & transfers are a great idea to tie in skis and other traditional Christmas objects .


  3. You always have good ideas! If you are struggling…just relax…we will appreciate whatever you can post! This is a busy time and you’re right, the light is bad! Enjoy this month and don’t be stressed…your followers appreciate whatever you are able to do!


    1. Thank you so much for saying this Valerie! I think I tend to put a little too much pressure on myself. Lately I’ve found myself speeding through projects so that I can get them completed and posted on the blog, and I end up taking short cuts I later regret. Or making decisions about aspects of the projects based on time rather than on style. I need to work on that!

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  4. My favorites on this playlist (1) the sled in black omg! (2)The red skis and (3) those clever saws. Never tire of your projects.


    1. I loved those sleds so much that I kept one! I’m still contemplating where to put it this year. I also found my saw just now. It was tucked away with the rest of my indoor decorations. Hopefully my house will be looking a little more Christmas-y by the end of the weekend.


  5. Love them all! You must have some serious storage in your house. Lack of storage seriously dampens my creative spirit, You’re so wise to sell some of your creations … and share your projects with us 😉 Happy decorating!!


    1. In a sense, I do have some pretty good storage space since I have an attic. Do they even build houses with attics anymore? I keep most of my Christmas stuff in bins in the attic and the faux trees are up there too. I don’t want to expose my vintage ornaments to the temp extremes up there though, so they are all in the closet under the front stairs. However, when it comes to clothing storage, my house has pathetic storage. Three small clothes closets, one in each bedroom, and that’s it!


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