a sweet floral nightstand.

I purchased this sweet little nightstand at one of the neighborhood garage sales earlier this summer.

I sort of threw it in at the last minute because the price was right and I thought it would make a great smaller project for winter when I have to go back to painting in my living room.

But then Prima Marketing sent me a few of the new transfers from their re.design line, including the Floral Home set.

And I realized that the one on the lower right would be perfect on this piece.

Shortly after that, Dixie Belle sent me some of their paint in a color called Pink Champagne.  It’s the most delicate pale, pale pink and I thought it might just be perfect behind that beautiful transfer.  So I simply couldn’t wait until winter to get started on this makeover.

Before I got started painting though I wanted to remove that carved rose detail from the front of the top drawer.  It looks OK in that ‘before’ photo, but in real life it looked really plastic-like.  I had to chip it off with a putty knife because it was made out of some strange rubbery, plastic, waxy, I don’t know what, kind of material.

But I got it off, did a little patching with some of Dixie Belle’s Mud and then painted the nightstand with three coats of the Pink Champagne.  Next I sanded the edges and the detailed trim to distress.

Then came the fun part.  Adding the Prima Marketing transfer.  The transfer design had a pretty scroll-y frame around it, but I cut that off because it was just a tad bigger than my drawer fronts with the frame included.

One detail you might notice in that photo is that I don’t just apply the transfer to the drawer fronts leaving gaps where those cross pieces are between the drawers.  I did that once and I thought it looked kind of funny.  I prefer to put the drawers back in place and then apply the transfer without any blank spaces between the drawers.

If you use this technique, just be absolutely sure that your drawers are back in the right spots before you begin because there’s no going back.

Once the transfer was applied, I went over it ever so lightly with some fine grit sandpaper to give it a little bit of a distressed look as well.  I finished the piece with some of Dixie Belle’s Spray On Wax.  I used it right over the transfer and it worked beautifully.  That stuff is just so darn easy to use.

I replaced the original wood knobs with some petite glass knobs that I purchased from D Lawless.  These are the 1″ version.

Let’s face it, something this pink and flowery was just calling out for glass knobs.

I’m still dying to put those gorgeous Prima Marketing knob transfers that I shared with you a couple of weeks ago to work, but obviously it would have been a bit much to have knobs with transfers on top of a larger transfer.

I’m sure I will come across just the right piece for some knob transfers soon though.

In keeping with my ‘never say never’ motto, I once again lined the drawers with pretty paper.  I just happened to have this old roll of wallpaper in my workshop, so why not?

By the way, after working on this piece I came to the conclusion that it was probably originally one half of a dressing table.  There are some screw holes on one side, plus the wood on one side looked a little bit rough around where it would have connected to a center piece between the two sides (although you have to look closely in person to notice those details, they don’t show up at all in a photo).

I wonder what happened to its other half.

Didn’t this one turn out sweet?

As usual, if you are local and in need of a new nightstand, be sure to check my ‘available for local sale‘ page for more details.

49 thoughts on “a sweet floral nightstand.

  1. You are becoming quite the wizard with paint and transfers. No sooner do you see it on your “available for local sale”, no sooner do you “don’t”. Good for you Linda. These last flowered pieces were exquisite. Prima and Fusion have a great marketing tool in you. You touch their products and create MAGIC. You gifted girl.


  2. Superb! I love the way you apply the transfer without break between the drawers, and those crystal knobs are glammy but disappear so the sees the lovely details of the transfer. Hope Prima sees this beauty!


  3. Very pretty, Linda! ?? Do you take a razor blade to cut the transfer after it’s completely adhered? It really is a sweet piece. Thanks for sharing!


    1. I press the transfer in place lightly first, then use a razor blade to cut the plastic sheet that it comes on between the drawers so that it will lay more flat on each section. Then I continue on with making sure the design is completely adhered before I remove the sections of plastic sheet. I hope that makes sense!


  4. Linda,
    This is beyond beautiful! I would absolutely love to have this piece! It took my breath away! I am so paranoid to try a transfer! Have you thought about showing us how to apply them in a little video? I know it is more trouble, but Mr. Q could film you, it would not have to be fancy! These pieces are so cottagey! Just my kind of look! Hope to see more!


    1. I’ve thought about it, and you know my motto, never say never. But I’m not someone who enjoys being filmed, or even having my photo taken. So … don’t hold your breath 😉


      1. I get it. I hate having my picture taken. I was asked to do a training video for work, I was flattered they asked me, but I had to say no. I would have been a mess, and then there is that not liking to be filmed or having my picture taken. I totally get it Linda!😁
        Maybe Mr. Q can do it and you film him!! Lol


    1. Initially I hadn’t planned on removing that medallion. I was just going to paint the nightstand and call it good. But then those transfers arrived and I just knew I had to do it!


  5. I would do anything to get one of those transfers. Where in Ontario could I get them. Or could I get them delivered from the .States. They are beautiful. Love from Betty I .Ontario.g


  6. This came out delicate and elegant. So pretty! I agree with applying the transfer to the crossbars between drawers – it would just look odd and as if something was missing if you didn’t. I also love the old wood the drawer insides are made of. I usually paint drawers because most of the ones I come across are stained, splintery or nasty so I give them a good sanding and paint to refresh. These I definitely would have left raw like you did. The wallpaper liner is simply divine, too. Perfection once again!


    1. With a lot of these older pieces, adding paint to the edges of the drawers will make them stick. I used to always paint them, and then experience all kinds of frustration getting them back in place. So I’ve quit painting those edges! It makes my life so much easier 😉

      Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m usually pretty careful choosing which drawers to pick to paint the inside of. If they’re a tight fit at all, I won’t paint – just sand smooth and maybe wax for softness and then line the bottoms. I use super thin coats of paint that usually ends up acting more like a stain. I haven’t had the “sticky-drawer” problem yet because I’ve listened to my favorite bloggers and tried to learn from their experience (thank you!!) and only do it on drawers that have lots of spare room and only with certain types of drawer slides. I pray that by being careful with which ones I paint that I won’t run into that issue. Nonetheless, the wood of your drawers on this piece is beautiful and rustic looking while appearing smooth to the touch. I hate splintery feeling wood (I have texture issues when it comes to the way things feel – velvet and splintery are big no-no’s for me!). I’m weird that way. Heck, I’m weird in a lot of ways! Thank you about the reminder to keep a watch out for drawers that may stick if painted. I have noticed that the majority of MCM pieces I’ve worked on don’t have much at all in the way of wiggle room so I haven’t dared paint them.


  7. I just love this! I love the pale color, the knobs and omg the transfer is perfection. You’ve certainly mastered the art of application. The minute I saw this piece I thought it might have been a section of a vanity. These look so great next to twin size beds. Once again I just love it.


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