crafting a.d.d.

I think it’s possible that I have crafting attention deficit disorder (a.d.d.).

On a rainy day during my staycation last week I decided to organize the q branch, and most especially my giant English cupboard.

It hasn’t looked that neat and tidy since I first brought it into the room.

I started going through my supplies and deciding what to keep and what to throw.  I came across a couple of scraps of vintage wallpaper from past projects and decided to toss them.  I was trying to be merciless about getting rid of stuff I’ll never use.

But then I also noticed a couple of my scrapbooking punches that needed to be put away.

And I had a thought.

Why not create a little vintage wallpaper flag banner for my pretty green birdcage?

That would be so much more fun than continuing to organize my cupboard!

So I punched some flag shapes out of the wallpaper scraps …

Then I punched some holes in them and strung them up on some pink and white butcher’s string.

Easy peasy.

I started out with a banner that had two sizes and shapes of flags …

But after studying it for a bit, I realized I didn’t like the larger flags so I swapped them out for all small.

Ahhhh … much better.

I never really did finish organizing that cupboard.  That’s just how it goes when you are afflicted with crafting a.d.d.  Anybody else out there with this condition?

21 thoughts on “crafting a.d.d.

  1. Yes I’m not the only one! My motto is, you never see a hearse pulling the craft supplies! So craft away! The joy of doing what makes your heart sing is way more valuable than an organized cupboard. ☺️

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  2. You know, I think creativity is a pretty big influence in your life so maybe a little skipping around in your projects is a natural part of your thought patterns. So when you start organizing craft supplies you are bound to think creatively about using said supplies. Throwing away those beautiful pieces of wallpaper would have been tragic, see how well they are used now! Another great Quandie project.


    1. I am glad I was able to do something with those scraps! That was one of my favorite vintage wallpapers. As a side note, I was just reading that the wallpapers used on the sets for The Marvelous Mrs Maisel were purchased from the same place I get vintage wallpaper (Hannah’s Treasures), which is kind of just a fun bit of trivia.


  3. It seems to go hand in hand for some of us – it’s a blessing and a curse. It’s how we’re wired. And Mr Q. is okay with it!! So, it’s all good!! Craft on!


    1. Seems like I do more organizing than crafting these days, but either way it’s ok as I enjoy doing both. I think you needed my triangle flag to add to your banner! And I’ve never thought to use that tag punch as a banner punch – brilliant!


  4. Yes, this is me!! My house may not be the most organized but it’s certainly the cutest with all of my sweet, little, unique projects!! I pride myself on having a house that doesn’t look like everyone else’s..!!!

    Thanks for sharing Linda!


    1. It’s always so much fun to visit someone’s house when they have lots of unique and interesting things to look at. Who cares if it’s not perfectly neat and tidy? 😉


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