the haul from Linden Hills.

Another one of my absolute favorite neighborhoods, Linden Hills, had their annual garage sale this past weekend.  My sis and I got up early Saturday morning and headed out to be there for the 8 a.m. start time.

There are several things I love about Linden Hills.  First and foremost, it’s a ‘Saturday only’ sale.  Since I’m a working stiff, I can’t get to the sales that start on Thursday or Friday (unless I take a vacation day at work).  All of the good stuff at those sales is long gone by Saturday.

Second, the Linden Hills Neighborhood Council provides a listing of all the sales along with descriptions of their goods, plus a map showing all of the locations.  Both are crucial tools for a successful garage sale experience.  I always try to pick the best spot for starting out in the morning.

Third, it’s just quite simply a beautiful neighborhood full of gorgeous old homes that is a pleasure to drive around in.

Before Debbie and I headed out Saturday morning I studied the list of sales and picked out one at the southern end of the neighborhood to start at.  The description said ‘Vintage furniture, linens & books.  Some small antiques.‘, so I was optimistic.

And we hit the jackpot!

I spent just over $100 and purchased a dresser, a vintage bookcase with a glass door, a 2nd vintage bookcase, two soon-to-be planter chairs, three old books, several sets of linen napkins (I’m going to try dying them with Dixie Belle paint, coming soon) …

some green depression glass, a McCoy pot, and a uniquely shaped Atlas jar …

I’ve already added a little something extra to the Atlas jar in the form of a Tim Holtz rub-on …

 and I also purchased three vintage milk glass light fixture globes at that first sale.

I especially love the art deco wedding cake globe.  In fact, I’m giving it ‘find of the day’ status.

I have a similar style globe on the light fixture on my front porch that I also purchased at a garage sale and I just love it.

So I was hoping that this one would fit my existing bathroom light fixture, and it did!

Since I was completely unable to get a decent photo of my own bathroom light fixture (since I have the world’s smallest bathroom), I borrowed this one from the ModMercantile on Etsy.  If you absolutely love this look, you can buy a similar fixture from them for about $265.  I paid $10 for mine, bwa, ha, ha, ha (insert evil garage sale laugh here).

Anyway, yes, all of that was just at the first of sale of the day.  We couldn’t even begin to fit all of the furniture into Debbie’s SUV, so I made arrangements to come back later with our van to pick it up.  That ended up being a good thing because we filled the SUV up with other stuff as the day went on including this adorable little nightstand and another potential planter chair.

I also picked up this amazing vintage iron crib.

I just love genuine heavy vintage iron pieces like these.

The older couple I purchased it from were quite funny.  They said that they actually used this crib for their kids when they were babies and pointed out this was before people worried about silly things like safety.  They mentioned that they called it ‘the slammer’ because their kids were ‘behind bars’ and then chuckled at those happy memories of their babies in their iron prison.

I’m not precisely sure what the fate of ‘the slammer’ is going to be.  I had initially thought I would put it back together and turn it into some sort of garden bench like this example from pinterest …

but I’m missing some of the parts that hold it together so I’m not sure I can make that work.  The separate  pieces would be gorgeous in the garden with a clematis or something growing on them though.  So we’ll see.

Luckily even after all of that there was still room in the vehicle when we came across this lovely crystal chandelier.

The gentlemen selling this item said he replaced it with something that was more his style.  I was happy to take it off his hands!  I don’t really have a spot for a gorgeous crystal chandelier myself though, so I’ll most likely be selling it on.

Unfortunately by the time we got to the house with the $5 small farmhouse table there was just no way at all we could fit it in the SUV.  And I knew when I came back with the van for the pieces from the first sale of the day there wasn’t going to be any room for it either.  It hurt me a little inside to have to walk away from that table.  I hope someone else found it and is going to give it a new lease on life with some paint!

Meanwhile I finished up a sweet vintage farmhouse style dresser yesterday that I just need to get photos of so I can share that with you here this week, so be sure to stay tuned!

33 thoughts on “the haul from Linden Hills.

  1. I really am jealous of all your finds… but happy with your wonderful haul. I especially love the milkglass globes, searching for some for my home.


    1. When we purchased our 1904 home it only had two original light fixtures. Everything else had been replaced in the 60’s and 70’s. So I like being able to put some vintage fixtures back in place!


  2. Wow, you scored some amazing things this weekend! I have some of the same things, but purchased years ago when I lived in St. Louis. I found a few things at estate sales this weekend, but you are the clear winner for an abundance of treasures! I love, love, love the white wedding cake light fixture! Your furniture finds are great, too. Can’t wait to see your transformations!


  3. I am trying not to go to any sales until I begin selling what I have already, but your haul made my junking lust go through the roof! You and I could NOT shop together because we would be dueling for the same items. I have replaced globes myself and thought I was so clever to do so…turns out you found a terrific replacement. People always remark about my finds but sometimes, I think you have to have the imagination to see other uses or flips to buy some things, like old globes.
    Well done!


    1. Thanks Susan! And that’s why my sister is the perfect garage saling companion. We have very different tastes and hardly ever want the same things at a sale 🙂


  4. It was difficult to read the whole post,I found myself holding my breath until the end! What a fantastic load of treasures that you will work your magic with.


  5. Looks like you and Deb made some great finds! Love the little three drawer side table and am already looking for a spot for it!


  6. Nice haul !!! I think I saw a vintage crib backs and sides attached to a wood bench somewhere. I bet Ken could work his magic. Nice ideas with the tub on transfers and I can waiting with bated breath to see the transformations of those lovely pieces .


    1. I saw that idea on pinterest. I might try that, but I wasn’t loving the more rustic look of wood paired with the iron. I’m going to have to fiddle around with it a bit and see if I can get the pieces to come together in some way. I’d love to add a tufted box cushion, but the prices on those are way outside my budget … and I can’t sew at all so making one is probably out of the running too.


  7. I always wish I could correct those mistakes I see right after I post …good thing I do not have a career in proof reading. So here’s it is – “rub on transfers “


  8. What great finds and what great fun!! The Midwest has the best finds. My family is originally from Missouri and every time I go there I think to myself, “ I should rent a U-Haul and fill it up and bring it back!” I never have, but maybe someday. I look forward to seeing the great finds re-done the “Quandie way.” 😊


    1. I’ve got a couple of Craigslist pieces I’m finishing up at the moment and you’ll see those first, but then I’m going to get after these finds! Plus I have a stay-cation next week, so hopefully I’ll get a few things done 🙂


  9. I think you have good instincts on where to start your shopping with a more than a dash of GSK. Garage sale karma or is dharma? Nice haul Q.


  10. Great finds. I love the glass front bookcase and that night stand. I’ve seen some amazing garden gates made from iron headboards/footboards.


    1. I love that bookcase too. It was obviously a built-in at some point, but has had a side and top added to allow it to stand alone. I painted a pair of these once before and they turned out gorgeous, so it will be fun to work on this one too.


  11. Wow! I am loving all your great finds, Linda. Yes, try to make a bench of that crib… that would be awesome! I am sure Ken could make that work. You scored big time, Lady. Enjoy!


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