winner, winner, chicken dinner.

First thanks so much for all of the many comments you guys left last week during milk paint madness!  I appreciated every single one and I wish you could all be winners.

But, I only had six prizes to give away.

I say only, but seriously, how incredible were my sponsors in giving me so much fabulous product to give away to you guys?!  I’d like to once again say thank you to Homestead House, Miss Mustard Seed, The Real Milk Paint Co and Sweet Pickins.  They made this all possible.

I used a random number generator to choose a winner from among the comments left on each day’s blog.  Yesterday I notified each winner by email, so if you didn’t get an email, I’m sorry to say that you didn’t win.

But here are the people that did win!

Jeanne R. won the milk paint basics prize.

Constance C. won the milk paint topcoats prize.

Sharon V. won the milk paint chalkboards prize.

Paula G. won the milk paint advanced techniques prize.

Paris B. won the milk paint magic prize.

And Laura W. won the bonus Sweet Pickins prize.

I hope I inspired a few of you to get out the milk paint and start painting something!

45 thoughts on “winner, winner, chicken dinner.

  1. Even though I didn’t receive a winning email, I still feel blessed to have received so much wonderful advice and details. I love your blog. Thanks for being so willing to share!


  2. I agree with the ladies above! I had questions answered that I had always wondered about and learned lots of new things! So I’m very excited to have this info that I can go back to time and again for reference. Thank you so much for doing this!


  3. Thanks again Linda for the opportunity to learn from you and as the winner of the Sweet Pickins bonus prize, it is so fun and exciting to have new (to me) products to try. I’m going to use your posts to refer back to as I continue on this painting adventure, so thanks for sharing your brain. Is it ( your brain) a little weary from pulling out all those knowledge gems!? Great series, looking forward to all your future posts.


  4. Congratulations to all the winners! And thanks for the opportunity, I had an exciting and very learned week reading all your posts so I was a happy bunny! I’m going to put your tips and expertise into practice and see what I can create. Can’t wait to read your next blog post! X


  5. Great fun reading the blog all last week and congrats to the lucky winners! When you finish a project, please share it with everyone, because everyones a winner!!!


  6. What a fun week! Thank you so much Linda for letting us all participate and all the great information on milkpaint!


  7. Hello! Thanks for your terrific blog! I’ve been enjoying it for years now!! I write today with maybe an odd question. A friend is throwing a surprise 60th birthday for her hubby, and has asked me to “help” her create one of the popular chalk boards detailing fun tidbits of what was going on the year he was born.
    I found a few sites where she could order one for less than $20, but yesterday she showed up at my door with a huge box that a cork board shipped in, and thought it would be perfect for us to use for the chalkboard. Sigh. So, my question is if you have any suggestions for prepping my cardboard canvas for this project? Spray
    Paint vs. brush on? I would appreciate any tips! Can’t say no in Colorado! Vicki B


    1. LOL. I love your ‘Dear Abby’ style sign off. Well, I wish I could be more help, but I’ve never actually tried turning cardboard into a chalkboard. However, I will say that I probably wouldn’t try milk paint for that. The milk paint is going to be too thin/watery and will soak into that cardboard. You might be able to get away with using the traditional Rustoleum chalkboard paint and just brushing it on. I think you’re just going to have to experiment. But, I do have to say, if you don’t already have some chalkboard paint on hand you’re going to pay $10 – $15 just for the paint so it seems like you’d be better off just ordering that $20 chalkboard! Of, if you have some appropriate milk paint colors, just buy a sheet of the hardboard for around $5 and turn it into a chalkboard with your milk paint.


      1. Thanks so much! Yes, I would shell out the $20, but apparently she could not find one that included all the desired factoids. I will experiment and give you an update on what works best. Not looking forward to this!! Thanks again! VB


  8. Congratulations to the winners. I loved all of last weeks posts. Such great information. I’m inspired to try some new products too.


  9. Congrats to all the prize winners. I kinda feel like everyone who comes to your blog wins. I know I enjoy it immensely.


  10. Thank you so much for all the great information last week. “YES” you always inspire me linda. I felt so blessed to be one of six winners. Now I have no excuse to not start milk painting, I’m so very excited thank you ♡


  11. Congrats to all the winners! All the posts about painting inspired me to buy more Fusion Mineral Paint and try to finish my table/counter stools project that’s been hanging around since before Christmas! Slow going since the weather has been cold, rainy and humid. Can’t paint out in the garage and the husband hates when I paint inside even though there is no real problem with Fusion smells except in his mind.


    1. Yep, the beauty of Fusion paint is that it has zero VOC’s. Perfectly safe to use indoors. Although convincing your hubby of that is another matter 😉


  12. Congrats to all the winners! Have fun with all your wonderful gifts. Thanks for sharing so much with us, Linda. It was a very wonderful week of Milk Paint Magic! I agree, you are a winner to all of us… a book, maybe? Someday?


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