jodie’s house, part 3.

Initially I thought I would be able to fit the rest of our tour of Jodie’s house into one more post.  However, after working on it I realized I have so many more great things to show you that I’m going to have to make it two more posts!  If you missed the beginning, be sure to go back and check out part 1 and part 2.

Today we’re going to take a look at the boy’s bedrooms.

Doug & Jodie’s younger son, Carter, has a sports themed room complete with a basketball backstop as his headboard.

And check out this fab nightstand, it’s a basketball hoop mounted to the wall and covered with a piece of round glass.  How clever is that?

With this design on the opposite wall, I’m guessing that someone likes basketball.

There is a trio of lockers just as you come in the door which adds to the sports theme and provides extra storage for boy stuff.

And I love the way Jodie mounted this Scrabble board to the wall in Carter’s room.

There is one thing that all of the people who’s names are on the board have in common.  I’m debating whether I should just tell you what it is, or see if anyone can guess.  I’ll tell you what, I did a google search to see how hard it was to discover and it was pretty easy.  So I’ll leave it up to you!  Be sure to leave a comment if you figure it out.

I have to admit to a bit of a flub up now.  You see, both of the boys have their own small Christmas tree.  Each year Jodie buys them an ornament for their tree that represents something particular from that year.  When the boys leave home they’ll have ornaments to take with them for their own homes (my sister did the same with her kids).  Jodie had to coerce her boys into putting up their trees this year just so that I could get photos of them for the tour, and guess what?  I totally missed getting a photo of Carter’s tree.  I feel kind of bad about that.

The boys rooms are connected by a shared bath.

Each of the boys has his own sink area, with more of those Granicrete counters we saw on the earlier parts of our tour.

Around one side of the wall in the next photo is a shower, and around the other side is the toilet.

I wish I’d gotten a better photo of that ‘art’ on the wall (you can see it a little bit better in the next photo).  It’s designed like Scrabble and says “flush, brush, wash, aim”.   Ha, once again, definitely a boy’s bathroom!

There is a sliding barn-style door between the shared bath and their older son Blake’s room.

And hey, look!  I managed to get a photo of his Christmas tree, as well as some of the ornaments.

Jodie gave this next ornament to Blake the year he had his first girlfriend.

Awwww, isn’t that sweet?

Blake’s room originally had more of a hunting theme, but since he has gone off to college Jodie has toned it down a bit.

The headboard is made out of pallet boards.

And remember the ladder that was hanging from the ceiling in the laundry room?  I said you’d see more of it, and here is another section of the ladder in Blake’s room.

I had to share this bear with you …

Jodie had it made out of one of her dad’s old work shirts.  You see, Jodie’s dad was killed in a motorcycle accident 14 years ago.  Jodie’s boys were very young at the time, so how awesome that they have this reminder of their grandpa even though they didn’t get the chance to really know him.

This cute little desk sits next to the ladder.

Blake is currently a pre-med student at the U of M in Rochester.

I love that Jodie kept this board in it’s original condition and mounted it on the wall with a few nails for hanging hats and baseball gloves.

Just outside in the hallway hang these ribbons with all of the boy’s sports pins on them.

There are so many that they actually hang from ceiling to floor, but I wasn’t able to get far enough back to get them all in my frame.  What a great way to display them all though, right?

I hope you enjoyed today’s post.  Next week I’ll share the final segment of Jodie’s house tour, and I’m also working on a pair of nightstands that I hope to finish up this weekend.  So have a great weekend, and be sure to stay tuned!

22 thoughts on “jodie’s house, part 3.

  1. They all have dyslexia 🙂
    Beautiful house – we just did concrete countertops in the sink area of our kitchen this year – sure wish we’d have known about her concrete product!


  2. I LOVE the creativity! The basketball headboard and table are genius. And the bear?! Cry emoji, heart eyes emoji! Beautiful home Jodie 🙂


  3. There are so many beautiful things you shared with us, thank you for that. I love all tge little touches you added to this fabulous boys bed and bathrooms. I will be stealing some of them for my son. Happy Holiday’s


    1. It’s been fun sharing my home this way!

      The scrabble board has famous people all with dyslexia. Carter was diagnosed with this learning disability in second grade. We were fortunate to get him into the Children’s Dyslexia Center in Eau Claire WI where he spent three years tutoring twice a week. He is now in 9th grade and doing great! I made the board for him as a graduation present when he completed his tutoring as a reminder of how successful he can become and that the Dyslexia does not have to limit him.


      1. Tell Carter congratulations from me. I have mad respect for those who can face the tough stuff and make it blink!


  4. Wow. Her house is amazing. A lot of thought and very clever ideas. I love the sports room. My grandson would love that headboard for his bed. Thanks for sharing.


    1. This is my friend Jodie’s house, not mine. But yes, she did make the Scrabble wall hanging. It’s simply an old Scrabble game board and she glued on the Scrabble tiles in the words she wanted to include. Easy peasy.


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