jodie’s house, part 1.

My co-worker Jodie and I have worked together at the day job for over 20 years now.  During that time Jodie has lived in a few different houses, but 3 years ago she and her husband Doug built their latest home out in Ellsworth, Wisconsin.  Jodie and Doug have two sons, the youngest is still at home but the oldest is off to college in Rochester, Minnesota.

While her home was under construction, my co-workers and I would hear frequent tales from Jodie about the process so I felt like I’d been there.  However, I’d never actually seen it in person until a month or so ago.  Mr. Q had a wedding to officiate in Ellsworth, so much to Jodie’s horror, I basically invited myself and my sister over to check it out so we could kill time while Mr. Q was doing the wedding.  I think Jodie was worried that I would notice every little detail that wasn’t perfect, but she couldn’t have been more wrong.  Both Debbie and I loved her house so much that I instantly asked Jodie if she would let me come back after her Christmas decorations were up to photograph it for a house tour here on the blog.  It has been a while since we’ve done a house tour and I’d been thinking about trying to find a willing victim for another one, so the timing was perfect.

And fortunately for us, Jodie agreed!

So last Saturday my assistant (a.k.a. my sister Debbie) and I drove out to Ellsworth again to get lots of pictures and more details about Jodie’s gorgeous home.

I have to admit, I was sort of hoping for a festive, snowy, winter day for our photo shoot, but instead it was bright, sunny and 45 degrees.  I shouldn’t complain, because a couple of days later not only did the snow show up, but so did the sub-zero wind chills.  I should have enjoyed that 45 degrees while it lasted!

But last weekend there was not a lick of snow in sight, yet Jodie’s house was still festive from the moment we walked up to the front door.

I ended up finding so many fab things to take photos of that I’m going to have to break this tour down into multiple parts.

  Today we are starting in the foyer.

Jodie’s husband made the console table that is just inside the door.  Jodie had been looking for just the right thing for that spot and when she showed a picture of what she wanted to Doug, he said “well, I could just make one.”

So, Doug made the table and Jodie painted it with Folk Art Home Decor chalk paint in Tuscan Red, and then she added a wax top coat.

Jodie and Doug’s home office is just to the left when you come in the house.

Are you wondering what’s on the floor?  At first glance it looks like an amazing old oriental rug with a very worn and muted pattern, but no.  The floors throughout the house are heated concrete!

The entire house is built on one level and is on a slab, so no basement.  The concrete has been stained with a concrete stain and then sealed.  The sealer has to be re-applied periodically.  The manufacturer recommends every year, but Jodie has only done it once in the three years they’ve been in the house.  She used a semi-gloss sealer, but says she would not do that again.  Scratches are just too obvious with the gloss finish (very similar to wood floors I’d say).  The next time she adds sealer she plans to use a matte finish.

One of my favorite things in the office are these globes that Jodie has hung from the ceiling.

I also love that she has an old family set of Encyclopedias on the window ledge.

These things might be totally defunct as far as researching your school paper goes, but they make awesome decor.

And hey, guess what’s over on the other side of the room?

Does anyone recognize it?  It’s the Old Pickup desk I painted back in July 2016.

The ladder leaning against the wall might also look familiar.

 Yep, Jodie has a few quandie originals lying around her house.

But the real pièce de résistance in this room, in my opinion, are those windows behind the ladder.  Jodie found them at a shop in Luck, WI called Junque in the Trunque.  She wanted to use them in the wall between the office and her dining room to allow more light to flow through.  So Doug framed them out.

I love that she retained that chippy white paint, isn’t it amazing?

You’ll see the other side of these windows when we get to the dining room in just a minute.

But first, let’s take a look at the small powder room that is also just off the foyer.

Hanging on the wall opposite of the toilet is this whimsical sign that Jodie made with a metal frame that she found at a junk shop.

I’m guessing that metal frame was once part of a first aid kit, but it is perfect for the powder room.  The message it contains is perfect for a house full of men too!

Before we leave the foyer, I also want to share this amazing ‘tree’ made out of barbed wire that hangs on the wall.  Jodie purchased the tree at a local occasional sale.  Then she cut the wording out of vinyl using her Cricut machine and added that to the wall.

I love the saying she chose, it works perfectly with the tree.

Just around the corner is the dining room.

And there is the other side of those fab chippy windows, only this side is red!

She has tons of storage in this giant built in cupboard along one wall.

By the way, all of the counter-tops in Jodie’s home, including this one, are made out of Granicrete.  Granicrete is a modified concrete mix that can be colored to look like granite, marble or any other stone material.

The dining room is open on two sides, one faces the kitchen which I’ll be sharing in a later post and the other faces the living room.

There are so many cool things to see in Jodie’s living room that I barely know where to start.  Let’s start with the window that is hanging on the wall next to the tree.

Jodie makes these window/signs out of salvaged windows.  When I come across suitable windows at garage sales, I try to snap them up for her because she is always working on another window for someone.  Now that my sister has seen this, she wants one next!  Jodie uses a combination of vinyl letters cut using her Cricut machine and hand painting to create her designs.

By the way, one glance at the Christmas tree reminds me that we are no longer in Minnesota!

Dang, those Peterson’s are a good looking bunch, aren’t they?

Jodie has lots of festive touches throughout her living room like this pretty snowflake pillow.

And this arrangement on the coffee table.

When Jodie was looking for the perfect table to place between the two chairs in front of her living room window, she couldn’t find exactly what she wanted.

So she made one!  She purchased a large round clock, and then Doug attached it to a table base to create the table she wanted.

The clock still works too!

In case you haven’t already figured it out, Jodie’s house is out in the country.  She and I are quite opposite in this regard.  She loves her country living and thinks it would be somewhat nerve wracking to live in the city (crime, neighbors looking in your windows), while I think living out in the country would be a bit unnerving (bears, bears looking in your windows!).

But, I can’t argue with the gorgeous views looking out from her windows.

Can you?

Be sure to check back next week for the rest of our tour!


40 thoughts on “jodie’s house, part 1.

  1. Great looking house Jodie….love all the accents and your floors and countertops are wonderful! Its so “homey” and comfortable. Love your Christmas touches too…especially the sled and ice skates. Also, we Linda, Deb and I, may need you to have a Cricut class for us in the near future! 😉


  2. What a treat. Her house is great! I particularly love the windows between the 2 rooms. I am glad that she left the chippy paint. I also love the 2 tables that were made. It sometimes is so hard to find the right size to go in certain places. I love the clock made into a table! How clever is that? Thanks for sharing Linda. I really enjoyed it.


  3. I love peeking in other people’s homes. What a great tour! So creative! The globes, windows, sign, tree….darling! I’m with Jodie on country living. Not so worried about the bears, ahaha 😉


  4. Love the concrete floors, barbed wire tree and the window/sign that she made. And that view is stunning. Looking forward to the rest of the tour.


    1. The views really are amazing, and wouldn’t they have looked festive with a bit of snow? If I was better at photoshop, I could have added in some snow for effect 😉


    1. Plummer Concrete, located in Ellsworth WI, poured the floors and my husband and I stained them ourselves. We used an acid stain, purchased from Home Depot. Doing some research before tackling this project we found out that it is important to know how the concrete is prepped as it will affect how the stain turns out. This was a time consuming project that required us to hang plastic onto all of the walls to prevent splattering, sweep and wash the floors (mulitiple times to get it clean), apply the stain, wash it off (actually brought a garden hose into the house for this), remove the standing water and then let it dry without foot traffic. If you are not interested in doing this as a DIY project, Plummer Concrete does offer this service.


  5. Love the tour! Looking so forward to the next part! Thanks – lots of ideas to copy! Really love the barbed wire tree! Did Jodie create that?


  6. Yep, I really do love Jodie’s house. Just you all wait until you see her kitchen. I didn’t even realize the tree was made out of barbed wire. Just too many things to look at in her house. And yes I am going to get one of those window signs made for my new house.


  7. Isn’t Jodie nice for letting you photograph her home? – her home is beautiful and so is her Christmas decor – wow! – and all the little personal bits and pieces that make a house a “home” like her husband’s hand-made hall table, the clock table, those windows in the study etc etc. Looking forward to seeing the rest of her home. Greetings from Melbourne 🙂


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