traditional red & green.

So far I’ve shared a pretty in pink Christmas including some pretty pink ice skates  and Christmas in black & white.

But maybe you are more of a traditionalist and you prefer the classic red & green!

I’m not much of a traditionalist myself, but I have a handful of red and green holiday decorations that I just can’t seem to part with.

Plus, I whipped up a couple of Christmas decorations in red and green to sell at Reclaiming Beautiful this year.

For starters, I found this oil can at a garage sale last summer and loved the patina of the red paint.

I washed it up with some Dawn dish-washing liquid (to cut the grease), I added a couple of Tim Holtz rub-ons, and then I clipped on a Dec 25 card.

It definitely makes for a unique Christmas decoration, despite its classic red color.

Next I purchased a green kid-size shovel from my friend Sue a few weeks ago.  She always has the best garage sale finds.  Unfortunately, I neglected to take a ‘before’ photo of it.  But I added a “Merry Christmas” in adhesive backed white vinyl that I cut on my Cricut machine.

I already had another similar shovel that I stenciled last year …

The shovels would be perfect hung on a door.

Last year I used the older one in the planter on my deck.

And finally, I painted this Christmas Tree sign for my sister using traditional red and green yesterday.

She stopped by to pick it up, and already has it hanging on the wall above her Christmas tree.

How about you?  Are you a traditionalist who loves red and green for Christmas?

P.S.  congrats to Melissa from New York who won my blogiversary giveaway!

14 thoughts on “traditional red & green.

  1. I am a traditionalist that loves all the colors for Christmas, but red and green definitely do say Christmas. I loved all your posts with the holiday ideas and this one is no different. Your photos are so beautiful, I really need to work on that for my own benefit. I most loved your sign above your front door, ‘a nice place to live’! But I will order the fresh cut trees stencil, you have used it well on many projects. Thanks for sharing your creative brain with us.


    1. We’ve had that sign above the door for … gosh … probably 20 years or so! It is the perfect sentiment for our house 🙂 And I have gotten a lot of use out of that stencil. I have one more project with it coming up too.


  2. You make the cutest decorations! I especially love the oil can! I’m definitely a traditional girl at Christmas using my green and red decor. It’s a tradition started 37 years ago that none of us want to let go of. Enjoy your week!


  3. Very cute ideas! I did do red and green on my front porch this year. I am not a ‘red’ person, I never wear red, and very few things are red in our home except for some very old advertising tins. I do love green. You have shown us some really pretty things for Christmas decor this year!


  4. Everything you do is charming Linda. Love the snow shovels reminds of my days in Wisconsin.

    Variety is the spice of life – I think that is the saying. Red has long been one of my favorite colors. I think the region of the country you live in affects that choice. One is the light here in the South Carolina is very strong and two being one of the original 13 colonies traditional decor remains highly prized. I fell in love with Christmas tree about 10 years ago that was completely full of red ornaments and berry sprays. We tweak it from year to year but it suits our Williamsburg style home.


  5. Yep, I am more into the traditional reds and greens for Christmas. I love my new sign and it looks great above the tree. We have a small one. I don’t have much red or green the rest of the year. Lots of blues and tans.


  6. Great ideas. I love the kids shovels! I change my Christmas theme about every year. You never know what next year will bring!


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