miss mustard seed workshop.

I know that many of you guys also follow Marian Parsons, or Miss Mustard Seed.

If so, you know that she moved to Minnesota a couple of months ago.

I swear I’m not like a creepy stalker or anything, but I am a huge admirer.  I really love pretty much anything she does.  My own style is very much influenced by her work.  And I’m sure it goes without saying that I love her milk paint.  I’ve used it on so many of my own pieces, like my Belgian bench which is painted in Farmhouse White.

Or my fabulous Specimens cabinet, painted in Linen.

How about my Rooster cupboard, painted in Flow Blue.

Not to mention countless pieces that I have sold over the years, like this pretty french desk painted in a mix of Schloss and Trophy.

When I heard that Miss Mustard Seed was moving from Pennsylvania to Minnesota I have to admit I might have done a little happy dance in the privacy of my own home.

I was mainly thinking two things.  First, that I would now have the opportunity to buy a piece from her.  For the last several years I’ve drooled over her posts with all of the amazing things she was bringing to Luckett’s, or even just selling out of her studio, and wished I lived close enough to buy one.  Like that amazing sofa she did …

I would have snatched that up in a heartbeat.  And those fantastic landscape dressers, part furniture, part art …

And now buying one is entirely within the realm of possibility!

Second, I also thought that perhaps I’d get an opportunity to take a workshop from her.  Who wouldn’t love the opportunity to learn from the master?

Just to be neighborly I sent an email to Marian to welcome her to Minnesota shortly after she moved.  If she lived closer to me I would have brought her a hot dish, probably a tater tot hot dish (it’s a Minnesota classic).  But she’s still a little over an hour away, so that wasn’t really practical.  And it would seem kind of stalker-ish to drive that far with a tater tot hot dish.  Plus, who am I kidding, I don’t know how to make a tater tot hot dish.  So I went with an email instead.

Marian was kind enough to get back to me and to invite me to her upcoming workshop with Carver Junk Co!

It takes place on October 21 and there is a morning session and an afternoon session.

You will go home with an adorable shiplap-style sign.

And check out this little detail …

Drinks (mimosas, bloody marys, wine & beer), breakfast or lunch (depending on which class you take), instruction and all supplies are included!

Hmmmm …. mimosa’s in the morning or wine in the afternoon?  How do I choose?

As it turns out, I don’t have to choose because I offered to stay all day and lend a hand, and they took me up on it!

So for those of you who are local or even just semi-local, here’s your chance to learn from the master as well.  {Here’s} the link to the Carver Junk Co website where you can sign up.  And if you do, please be sure to seek me out at the workshop and say hello.  I’d love to see you there.

29 thoughts on “miss mustard seed workshop.

  1. You are so lucky…Marion is such a lovely person. My daughter and I have taken two workshops with her. The hospitality is second to none and she really is gifted.
    Jenna has a chair that Miss Mustard Seed painted. Its a treasured piece in her home.
    So glad you are part of the Miss Mustard Seed’s Fan Fest.


  2. WOWZA! I Would take that workshop for the opportunity to meet Both of you!!. If I win the Lottery I will be there too .


  3. Heart be still. A full day of like enthusiast of milk paint, a chance to meet in person the goddess of furniture painting AND wine/mimosa sustenance. A trinity of specialness. Good on you for volunteering and take lots of photos! Know your faithful followers are counting on you to tell all.


    1. Don’t tell anyone, but I might be looking forward to the mimosa’s the most … no, of course not really. I’m just looking forward to basking in the creative atmosphere.


  4. I’m excited for you. You will have so much fun. I hope you fill us in on all the details afterwards. Miss Mustard Seed is the first blog I found years ago. I love her style but I’m glad I found your blog too bc I think your posts are still the ones I most look forward to. You are both very talented.


    1. Hey, you still have two weeks to arrange travel Goedele, and you’ve already been to Wisconsin, so now’s your chance to check out Minnesota too. We could drive up to see the giant dala horse too. My guest room is just about complete, so you let me know if you want to make the trip from Sweden 😉


  5. OMG!! Both of you in the same place! Together! Wow. If I wasn’t already going to Hawaii, I might have asked my husband if we could have gone to Minnesota on a little vacation. Oh well maybe next time. I have a feeling that this is going to be a “match made in Heaven!” Surely the event of the year! You both are such a blessing to the community of artistic talent! Enjoy for me, and we, as your loyal readers, want all the details upon your return. You short change yourself Linda. You are among the great painters of all time!!


  6. You are so lucky. But, just so you know, those of us that follow you would be just as excited to meet you! And, I have my Grandmother’s recipe for a tater tot casserole if you need one. Didn’t realize it was a Minnesota thing until recently, just thought it was a family dish. My mother was born and raised on a dairy farm in Elgin, Minnesota.


    1. Oh, thank you so much Sharon! I’m not sure that Minnesota can entirely claim the tater tot hot dish, but I bet your mom learned how to make her’s on that dairy farm!


  7. I am so excited for you!! What fun to meet and participate in such a fun-filled event with an artist you have admired for so long!! It would be like if you moved to western Colorado!! ( I do think you should master the tot recipe and take one along)!! Wishing you a wonderful time!! Vicki in CO


  8. Wow, two of my favorite bloggers in the same spot! I am eight hours away, but if Marian has a big Lucketts type sale i will be there. I would love to have a piece of her furniture, especially a chair. I would really be happy if you had a sale at the same time, then I could meet both of you and have a piece from each of the pros. I figured since you are both in Minnesota now, at some point you would both meet! Oh how I would love to come to this workshop! Please please take lots of pictures. Maybe she will make a video of all of you!


    1. I’ll try my best to take lots of photos, and to avoid being in any. In case you haven’t noticed, I prefer being behind the camera rather than in front of it! But hopefully I’ll have lots of good stuff to share with you guys after the workshop 🙂 And you never know what the future might hold!


  9. Shut. The. Front. Door.
    Are you kidding me with this awesomeness?!?
    I’m sooooooooo jelly right now!
    I can’t wait to hear all about it!


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