happy birthday to reclaiming beautiful.

Hey local readers, Reclaiming Beautiful is celebrating their 2nd birthday today!

They will be open from 3 pm to 8 pm, and they’ll have door prizes, special event pricing and refreshments.  Plus as a added bonus they are giving away a Reclaiming Beautiful Candle with every purchase over $50!!!! (while they last, so get there early)

Reclaiming Beautiful is located in beautiful historic Stillwater, Minnesota next to the post office at 216 Myrtle Street West.  Hope you can swing by!

4 thoughts on “happy birthday to reclaiming beautiful.

  1. Hey, while you’re revelling in vintage things, why not stop by the Washington County Historic Courthouse on 3rd and Pine. You can browse the rooms or take a free tour!


  2. Love your step stool. I’m just getting into furniture flipping, and am overwhelmed as to all the different brands of paint. I’m interested in trying Fusion as no top coat is required! That would be a big time-saver. I’m enjoying all your project ideas! Thanks for sharing them here.


    1. Welcome! Fusion paint is a great product and is absolutely perfect for someone just starting out because it’s so easy to use. As you mentioned, no top coat required! One important tip; if you are planning to distress be sure to do so shortly after the paint dries. As the Fusion paint cures (which takes about 21 days) it will become harder and harder to distress because it is designed to adhere and be super durable. The other thing that I really love about Fusion is that it’s a very safe and environmentally conscious product to use. You do not have to worry about using this product inside your home with the windows closed. Be sure to check out my post about waxes (here) if you plan to graduate to working with chalk or milk paints and adding wax down the road. You will get a little different look out of waxed finishes that some people prefer over the look of Fusion. Best of luck!

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