reinventing the wheel.

Have you ever seen a rusty, crusty old item with amazing patina and decided you simply must have it?

But what to do with it?

Such was the case with this old metal wheel.  I have no idea what it was on originally, by the time it came to me it was just a single chippy wheel.  Maybe it came off a vintage toy baby carriage?

Whatever its original use was, I turned it into a photo holder of sorts.  The photo of my grandmother is just clipped on with little metal clip and the metal label holder is a Tim Holtz product from his Idea-ology line (although they may be hard to find as they have been ‘retired’).

I’ve recently been moving some stuff around in my house and this wheel found a new home resting on the door handle on my Specimens cupboard.

I love the way it looks hanging there, but I have to admit it isn’t very practical.  I have to move it every time I want to get into the cupboard.

The combination of the old photo, the chippy wheel and that delicious furniture transfer is just about perfect though.

So until I get absolutely tired of moving it every time I open the cupboard, I think it will stay in this spot for now.

Do you have any odd little items that you’ve found a use for?  If so, I’d love to hear about it.  Be sure to leave a comment!

13 thoughts on “reinventing the wheel.

  1. Maybe on a hook on the front near the transfer, but not on it? Or the side? Love it…it must be used somewhere!!!!


  2. In response to your first question: “Have you ever seen a rusty, crusty old item with amazing patina and decided you simply must have it?” — yes, I call that “my husband” – and yes, like the Holtz item, my rusty crusty old item it also about to be retired. I’ve considered hanging him from a cupboard but rumor has it there are laws…..
    Love what you’ve done! Add a string to the top and you can hang it off any hook or nail so it’s not in your way.


    1. Oops. I mean he about to retire – not that I’m getting rid of him. I’ve invested too much in the refurbish over the years to put him on Craigs List.

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  3. I found some 1800’s ceiling fan blade brackets. I turned them upside down and now they are bathroom towel holders!


  4. This is an endorsement for “buy what you love even if you don’t have a place for it”. You can always figure something out. I like it as a photo holder!


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