a toolbox towel bar.

Last year I bought quite a few old toolboxes and turned them into planters.  My favorite was this ‘hello fall’ planter painted in Fusion’s Mustard.

This kind of toolbox often comes with a lift out handled tray, like this …

There are lots of fun ways to re-purpose one of these.  You could fill it up with succulents or use it to hold all of your craft paint.

But I like the idea of hanging it on the wall and using it as a towel bar.

So while I had my Cricut out last week I went ahead and cut out some vinyl letters for this project and after giving the tray a good cleaning, I added the word ‘dry’.

I also drilled a second hole in the tray so that it could be hung with nails or even with screws for more stability.

It would be perfect in a kitchen …

but it would work equally well for the bathroom.

It would also be a fun addition to a potting bench, if you are lucky enough to have one of those.

What do you think?  Toolbox towel bar, yes or no?

36 thoughts on “a toolbox towel bar.

  1. A thought I had was that you could put tools in it and then use the towel rack as a handle to carry them around to various “jobs” that one might have to do.


    1. I really liked the color too. Initially I thought about painting it, but ultimately decided I didn’t want to cover up that color. The “s” hooks are a great idea!


  2. I like it. But I found a towel bar made out of rolling pins on Pintrest that we are going to make and hang in our new kitchen.


  3. Great idea…after reading this, I’ll bet it’ll be hard to find one now….everyone is thinking along the same lines. Love the Cricut letters too…perfect.


  4. This is so sweet and such a brilliant idea! Thank you so much for sharing your ideas, you really do have an eye for repurposing! Well done friend! (Again!)


    1. You’re welcome Terry. I always think I’m lacking in the re-purposing arena. I sometimes have a hard time thinking ‘outside of the box’, but I’ve been working on that skill and I think I’m getting better are seeing the possibilities 🙂

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  5. I have a couple of toolboxes stashed away that I was going to use for planters but wasn’t sure what to do with the trays. Didn’t think to turn them on their side. Duh!
    Now I have some ideas. Thanks.


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