another do-over.

Did you happen to catch my blog post over on the Reclaiming Beautiful blog yesterday?


If not, you should pop over there and check it out!

I used Fusion paint and transfer gel to upgrade an old bucket.  But I didn’t want my own blog readers to feel left out, so I did a second paint & transfer gel project for you guys too.

Every once in a while I throw in the towel and decide something needs a do-over.  In this case, it’s a cutting board that I added a stencil to.  I probably did this two years ago or so.  I’ve had it for sale at my occasional sale, but there were no takers.  So, I decided to pull it out and try again.


First I gave the entire board a coat of paint in Fusion’s Limestone.  I was surprised to find that only one coat was enough to cover the black stencil.  Nice.

Next I taped off some grain sack style stripes using my favorite skinny tape (Painter’s Mate, .23″ wide).

I painted the stripes with some of Fusion’s Putty.

Next I used Fusion’s Transfer Gel to transfer a graphic I found on pinterest.

This time I tried a new technique.  Instead of adding the transfer gel to the cutting board and then placing the paper on it, I brushed the transfer gel onto the face of the paper and then placed it on the board. This was far less messy.

I did end up with a couple of spots where the transfer didn’t ‘take’ real well though.  Mainly the “C” and the “M” of cream.


It may be that I had air bubbles in those two spots, or perhaps I didn’t have enough gel in those spots, I’m not really sure.

But regardless, I am still quite happy with how it turned out.  I like a distressed look.


This little cutting board is perfect for leaning against the back-splash on your kitchen counter (and if you’re wondering, no, I would no longer use this as a cutting board, I don’t think it would hold up well to a sharp knife).


You can always check the “where to buy” page on the Fusion website to find a local retailer for both the paint and the transfer gel.

21 thoughts on “another do-over.

    1. Thanks Meggan. I took that with a new 50mm prime lens that I just got. I’m playing around with it to decide if I really like it or not. I have 30 days to return if I’m not satisfied. So far, so good 🙂


  1. I loved the original cutting board great stencil. Not that the current rendition isn’t superb. I agree photo styling is da bomb. I am very familiar with that my husband uses it constantly.


    1. I really like that original stencil too. I think maybe it was just a bit bland all by itself? Or maybe it was that the stencil went sideways instead of vertical? Not sure, but something wasn’t quite right.


  2. So here is a question…I love this, but I found the stencil but not the graphic?? So, when you say you took the graphic from Pinterest…does that mean you then made it into a transfer image?? Just curious…I love the graphic and I get most of my images from Graphic’s Fairy…and, I have no problem paying for this graphic…I’m just curious about the process of how you got the graphic? Thanks.


    1. I went to pinterest and found the graphic all ready to go as a mirror image (here), then all I had to do was print it out with a laser printer onto regular paper to use as a transfer. Does that make sense?


      1. Yes, I just saw the reverse image. Did you adjust the size? I tried to do that because I wanted it to be bigger but the pixels definitely got more distorted. But, thanks for responding. I’m like your Midwest Groupie!!


      2. You know, it’s funny, not two seconds after posting that reply to your question I thought to myself “hmmm, I probably should have provided more detail about how to print that” but then thought “well, she’ll ask if she needs more info” … so I’m so glad you asked! Here’s what I do. I save the image as a jpg file. Then I use Windows Photo Viewer to print it. In Windows Photo Viewer I can pick some standard photo sizes. I think for this project I used the 5 x 7 size. I also can choose a ‘quality’ setting, and in this case I chose “1200 dpi” which helped reduce pixelation. I’m not sure how large you are trying to make it, but for this particular graphic I am finding that I can’t make it any bigger than 5 x 7 without starting to get some distortion. I think the 8 x 10 version might be acceptable for a transfer, but any larger and it really starts looking bad. Best of luck with your project!


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