the barn chic vintage sale.

Originally I planned on posting part 3 of my Stone Hill Farm tour today, but then last night I went and took photos of their Barn Chic Vintage Sale set up and Kim asked me if I would switch things around.  It totally made sense to post the photos of sale items today, so that any of my local readers can see them before the sale starts.  Tomorrow I’ll share the final leg of the tour of Stone Hill Farm.

If you locals see anything you just have to have, you should get to the sale promptly at 9 tomorrow morning to nab it.  I know there are a few things that I have my eye on, but maybe you can beat me to it since I have to wait until my lunch hour to head over there.  For all of you non-locals, I’m so sorry to tease you with all of this eye candy knowing that you can’t be here for the sale.  You might want to just quit reading now and come back tomorrow.

sale sign

I have to tell you guys, since the first time I went to this sale I have been envious of Kim’s amazing set up.  The inside of the barn is sectioned off into little ‘rooms’ using gorgeous architectural salvage like those big square pillars and that gorgeous arch.

sale 1

sale 2

They have lots of great space to work with and it’s all filled to the brim with amazing vintage pieces.

sale 4

I’m going to just kick back and let the photos speak for themselves.

sale suitcases

sale green desk

sale 3

sale clocks

sale bench

sale spice jars

sale 6

sale pillow

sale 7

Oh boy, I’m kinda wishing I could buy this blue stool.  I wonder if it will still be there by my lunch hour!

sale 8

I tell you, I was like a kid let loose in a candy store taking these photos!  I wanted to devour everything in sight.

sale 9

There was so much more that I didn’t get photos of.  They really have pulled together an amazing amount of fantastic items.

And guess what?  There’s more stuff outside too!

sale outside

Most of that was not yet set up when I was there, but I’m sure that come Thursday the yard will be chock full of goodies as well.

 Remember, the sale starts tomorrow, July 21, at 9 a.m. at 2946 Oakgreen Avenue N in Stillwater (cash and checks only, fyi).  The sale runs from Thursday to Saturday 9 – 5 each day, rain or shine (or ridiculous heat and humidity).  Be sure to check mapquest or use your GPS.  Although Kim has a Stillwater address, she is about halfway between highway 36 and I94, and about halfway between Manning Avenue and highway 95, just east of Lake Elmo Park Reserve (just to give you a general idea of her location).  Also, as I keep finding out the hard way, 10th Street is closed between Manning and Neal, but there is an easy to follow detour.

Hey, by the way, if you’re in town anyway this weekend be sure to check out the St. Croix Valley Vintage Crawl.

vintage crawl

Reclaiming Beautiful is featuring special prices, a lollipop pull with every purchase for a chance to win a free candle, a gift basket drawing and they will be serving refreshments.

Be sure to pick up a map from any one of the participating shops including My Sister’s Cottage, Mama’s Happy, Reclaiming Beautiful, UnHinged, Dwell. Furniture & Home Décor, The Foundry on St. Croix and Eye Candy REfind, and then make sure to stop by all 7 shops to get your ‘passport stamped’ and be entered to win a $25 gift card from every shop!  Hmmmm, that sounds like a pretty awesome prize, and they are giving away three of them!

I hope some of my local readers can make it out to the Barn Chic sale!  If so, let me know what you get!

7 thoughts on “the barn chic vintage sale.

  1. I should have passed the post up and you warned me. There are so many wonderful items for sale. Hope you get the blue stool. I love the suitcases particularly the wicker one. That little blue green desk between those wicker chairs is also a charmer. I know you are looking forward to that lunchtime excursion. The crawl also sounds like you are going to have a fun weekend.


    1. I think I might have gotten a little drool on those suitcases myself 😉 Last night I laid in bed trying to picture where I could use that little blue stool in my house. Got any ideas for using it other than just setting it on the floor somewhere?


  2. Of course I couldn’t quit reading…shame on me. Shame on you, you big tease! 😉 Wishing I was one of the locals.
    But I did my share of window (sceeen) shopping.
    Great photos, thanks for sharing.


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