a spot for your tea.

It’s finally summer, which means it’s time for iced tea!

a spot for your tea

And the tables that I painted recently provide the perfect resting spot for a glass of tea.

This pair of tables has been patiently awaiting a makeover since last summer.  They were thrown in as an afterthought with a pair of primitive cupboards that I purchased via craigslist.  They aren’t really something I would normally choose, but somehow I found myself loading them into my truck.

tea tables before

Yep, what was I thinking?  Just some basic redwood patio tables.  Oddly, the previous owner added a redwood stain over the existing chippy white paint.  This was really not a good look.

tea tables before close up

Not too long after bringing them home I decided to try a chippy milk paint finish.  I painted one green and one blue.  Huh?  What?  Why?

Yeah, neither one looked good.  So I shoved them in a dark corner of my workshop and there they sat all winter.

I finally pulled them out again and decided I needed to just do something with them.  I envisioned a sort of drift wood, beachy look.  So I pulled out some paint that Allie at Little Billy Goat sent to me to try out.  It’s a light grey and the color is called Farmhouse.

tea tables after

I used the paint straight out of the jar, which is a little thick, but gave great coverage.  As a result, I only need one coat!  You gotta love that.

I added a french poem stencil to the top, but I kept it very subtle in a just slightly darker grey.

tea table top

I distressed them vigorously.  I like how the texture from the previous chippy paint came through.  You can also see that this was the green one.

tea table details

I finished them off with some Annie Sloan wax.

These tables are perfect for taking out into the garden on a pleasant day to enjoy some iced tea and a good book.

tea table in the garden

I sent the tables off to Reclaiming Beautiful in Stillwater.  Hopefully they will go to a good home!


8 thoughts on “a spot for your tea.

  1. These I really like these this another oneof those times I wish I pop overto purchase something. I have four adarondaks and those would be super between them. The stencil is such a nice touch love that.


  2. I like how you are not afraid to try something with a piece of furniture, admit that you don’t like it when finished, then try a different approach. Sometimes I freeze up when selecting a color because I am afraid of spending the time and money and then being unhappy with the result. On the up side, I definitely know when I hit the mark, so to speak. For these little tables the second time was the charm!


    1. Thanks Kim! I totally hear you on the time and money thing. I hesitate a lot longer when deciding to repaint a larger piece. These small tables didn’t take too much time or paint. Although if you factor in the 10 months or so that they sat in a corner of the carriage house just taking up space … well, that’s a lot of time 😉


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