bloom where you are planted.

bloom where you are

I’m ending out the week with another garden themed post.  I have tulips, scilla and crocuses coming up in my garden.  Just you never mind that we got a snow storm on Wednesday!  It’s mostly melted now, so it’s safe to start thinking about what annuals to plant this year, what perennials need to be divided, which garden beds need to be revamped, and what new things can I use to ‘decorate’ my gardens.

Along those lines, I’ve dropped off a load of garden decor items at Reclaiming Beautiful, including a whole new crop of plates with words.

grow plate in box

I did a few of these last year and they were a big hit, so I’m doing more.  If you’d like more details about how I create these, check out {this post}.

 You can tuck these plates into a wooden crate with some vintage garden tools for display in your potting shed or on your porch.  Or you can add them to a planter, like this example.

grow plate

 I kept this plate in my boiler pot window box all summer and the vinyl letters held up just fine.  I’ll be putting it back out again this year.

I found some sweet plates at an antique shop in Buffalo, MN a week or so ago when we went out there to see my niece’s school play, The Wizard of Oz.  These were perfect for turning into garden plates.

bloom plate

But these plates that I purchased at the Macalester Groveland neighborhood garage sale last year are my absolute favorites.

grow close up

Isn’t the detail on these plates just gorgeous?  And I just love the colors.

grow plate detail

How about hanging this larger platter outside your front door?

welcome plate

I’ve also done up a couple of garden quotes on plates …

bloom plates 1

earth laughs

After I took these photos, I switched out the font I used for the “flowers” on that last plate.  I wasn’t loving how that one turned out.  I don’t have a photo to share though, I forgot to take another one before I sent them off to the shop.

In addition to the plates, I’ve also added ‘grow.’ to this old enamelware pot.  I used a large nail and a hammer to pound some holes into the bottom of it so that it has drainage.  You could plant some bright red geraniums right in the pot.  Or perhaps you’re more partial to petunias!

grow pot

And this enamelware plate is probably my favorite of all.  I really was thinking about keeping this one.

enamelware grow plate

There’s just something about the rustic, farmhouse style simplicity of this one that appeals to me.  I can picture it added to a planter made out of an old galvanized tub, can’t you?

Are you starting to think about spring gardening where you are?

19 thoughts on “bloom where you are planted.

  1. These are too charming for words. Totally in love with these plates. Your topiary is impressive. Indeed I am thinking about spring here in South Carolina. We are sneezing our heads off. It’s a yellow pollen covered world. Lol! Spent most of last Saturday tending the yard which is just a drop in the bucket. I seem to lose track of time when I am gardening. So look forward to seeing your garden this year.


    1. Thanks Victoria! I am looking forward to seeing my garden this year too 😉 Was just thinking this morning that it might be safe now to get out and rake out the winter blanket of leaves that protects things from the cold. I wonder if I can con my sister into helping me …


  2. It is very exciting to see fresh and brave little leaves poking out of the soil in my gardens even though I know in the back of my mind how much exhausting work will be needed to transform the yard from the sad dregs of winter to the promise of lush and lovely things to come. One of your sweet plates would look so charming peeping out from among the flowers, and just may give them encouragemant to look their best. The power of words!


    1. Oh, I’m so glad. I was thinking about the one I sent you as I sent another one to the winner of the Goat Sticks from last week. Oooops, I just mailed that yesterday and she probably hasn’t seen it yet. Maybe she’s not a ‘comment reader’;-)


  3. You do such a lovely job with these, Linda…the choices of words and sayings, and the lovely plates! I love the enamelware pieces, too!
    I’m so excited to see daylilies coming up, and the 8″ of snow we got on Wednesday disappearing!


    1. And P.S., you are on that end of town that got LOTS of snow huh? I got about 3″ I think. Not so bad. And one of my co-workers who lives in Blaine didn’t get a single flake!


  4. I love these! I stenciled halloween images on old plates one year and loved those, now I need to make these! Thanks for the inspiration! happy Easter! karen…


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