fab finds on craigslist.

Before I get on with today’s post, I want to congratulate Wendy and Lori, the winners of the hatbox kits.  I have sent them both emails and will be sending out their hatbox kits later this week.

fab finds on craigslist

Now, let’s talk craigslist.  Usually I am just looking for furniture on craigslist, but lately there have been slim ‘pickins.  The pieces that I like are priced too high, and the pieces at decent prices are just not worthy of a makeover.  So in a moment of desperation last week I decided to troll the ‘antiques’ section.  I usually avoid that category because I find that most people who have ‘antiques’ want big bucks for them.

I was just quickly scrolling through the ads when a photo of this caught my eye.

ironstone soap dish

It’s a little ironstone covered soap dish.  I have been looking for one of these for more than a year now!  I’ve wanted one to store my Miss Mustard Seed brush soap next to my kitchen sink.  You know you clean a lot of paintbrushes when you need to keep your brush soap this handy.  And when I say “looking for”, what I really mean is that I keep an eye out for them when I happen to be in an antique store or vintage shop, and I would snatch it up if I happened to see it at a garage sale (obviously this hasn’t happened).  It also means that I’ve looked at them on Etsy, where they tend to be priced around $50 plus shipping.  In other words, way out of my price range.

This one was $12.  I should point out that it does not have the strainer inside for keeping the soap dry, which can bump up the price.  I saw a really lovely one with a strainer on Etsy for $68.  Yikes!

So clearly I was super excited when I saw it and immediately made arrangements to pick it up.  The seller was located in the Bryn Mawr neighborhood of Minneapolis, one of my favorite garage sale neighborhoods.  For even more fun, he said he had a few other pieces for sale as well.

Mr. Q and I drove out last Friday evening and when all was said and done, I came home with all of this (plus one more item I’m saving for last).


The most expensive piece was the little covered casserole in the back at $36.  But isn’t it sweet?

ironstone casserole

I couldn’t resist it.  It has such beautiful details on the handles and the shape is unique.  Speaking of beautiful details …

transferware tea pot top

This brown transferware teapot was a super bargain at a mere $5.  But, there was a reason for that, it has a large crack in it.

brown transferware tea pot

This poor teapot will never hold water again.  There is a trick to using pieces like this as vases though, just put a smaller watertight container inside.  It’s also suitable for display of course.  And I just happened to already have the matching creamer …

brown transferware set

The gentleman who was selling these was very knowledgeable about antique china.  He said that he acquired his first ironstone platter when he was 5 years old!  He had some really lovely antiques in his home as well.  I was seriously coveting some beautiful small oil paintings that he had on the walls, and Mr. Q really enjoyed seeing an amazing antique clock that had all wooden parts except for one brass gear.

As we were getting ready to leave, he showed us a couple of other transferware pieces that he had in his dining room.  While standing there, a piece that he had in his china cabinet totally caught my eye.  Those of you who know me by now won’t be at all surprised when you see what is was!

mini soup tureen

A teeny tiny soup tureen.  Complete with a teeny tiny ladle.  Good grief, that thing was calling my name.  So based on my ‘it never hurts to ask’ philosophy I asked if he would consider selling it.  Sure enough, he was game!

And it looks right at home on one of my tiny dressers, don’t you think?  The thing is only about 4″ tall.

mini tureen on dresser

So, all in all I ended up with some pretty fab finds from that craigslist ad.  How about you?  What’s the most fab thing you’ve ever purchased on craigslist?

23 thoughts on “fab finds on craigslist.

  1. Thanks again I’m so excited to get my hatbox set!! Ohhh myyyy gooooodnessss that tiny ironstone soup tureen.. I am coveting that!! Beautiful pieces you found!!


  2. Let me second Cheryl’s “great haul”! I would have score just to the ironstone covered soap dish. I also love transferware and aren’t you fortunate to now have matching pieces. Meant to be. My favorite Craigslist find is the love seat in my sunroom I snagged for $50. I did replace the seat cushions and had it Slipcovered in painters drop cloths. To be honest CL is my favorite place to shop.


    1. That sounds awesome Victoria. I love that you had it slipcovered in drop cloth. How has that held up for you? Do you like it? I need to come up with a solution for my sofa. It’s super comfy and very sturdy, but currently covered in very dirty microfiber in a beige that I no longer love. So, buy something new or slipcover?


  3. Good finds for sure! And it sounds like you both enjoyed meeting the seller too. My best Craigs list buy was my new puppy! Wasn’t even looking for a fog, but once I saw her picture, it was a “must have”. Can’t wait to see how the hatboxes turn out!


  4. Such a serendipitous pick-up trip that was, which makes the finds even more special! How nice to have things that were once prized by others, too. You are making me have a crush on those small dressers, especially this sweet one. I saw a couple last time I was out antiquing and may just have to revisit them for a closer look (thought of you when I saw them!).


    1. Hmmmm. Maybe I need to find out where you are seeing these small dressers Kim! You know they are perfect for a craft room. You can keep all kinds of small supplies in the drawers.


      1. I will have to tell you in secrecy (Stillwater Antiques and Midtown Antiques in Stillwater) or there will be a stampede after this posting!


      2. I will have to tell you in secrecy (Stillwater Antiques and Midtown Antiques in Stillwater) or there will be a stampede after today’s post!


    1. Do you ever go to the Bryn Mawr neighborhood sales Linda? If so, you’ve maybe been to this guy’s house. He does usually participate, and he has a basement full of china.


  5. I may be way off, but I think the teeny tiny soup tureen may be a mustard jar. My mom had a huge collection of them from her grandmother (who owned an antique shop wayyyy back when!) and they looked like little soup tureens or little sugar bowls. What a neat find!


    1. I was keeping that price on the down low 😉 I guess I’ve admitted before that I will pay more for things if I really want them, and that was the case with this. I paid $25 for it.


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