think spring.

I’m probably jumping the gun a little thinking about spring, but last weekend it was sunny and close to 40 here in the Twin Cities.  Sunlight was streaming in through my windows.

roses in blue jar

After our previous stint of sub-zero temps, that felt positively balmy.  Snow was melting, birds were singing and it just smelled like spring outside.   The days are starting to get longer already, I’m no longer coming home from work in the dark.  But then yesterday we got a big pile of snow dumped on us.  I think it was Mother Nature’s way of reminding me that it really is only early February after all.  Drat.

Nonetheless, I am ‘thinking spring!’ and in anticipation of gardening season I ordered a new stencil for myself via Etsy.  I took it for a test run on this vintage picnic basket that I found at the thrift store.

stenciled picnic basket

And I love it!  I hope to use it on many more things.

While I was feeling floral, I also picked up some more pretty floral plates to add words to, as well as a Le Jardin themed table runner, both also from the thrift shop.

thrift store finds 2

I also ordered some more vintage floral wallpaper from Hannah’s Treasures via Etsy.

vintage wallpaper

This is in anticipation of an upcoming project that I have in mind using this …

coming soon

Ta da!  I am so excited!  I’ve been sent some samples of the new Rachel Ashwell Shabby Chic paint line to try out!

But before I can get to that project, I have to finish up the desk that I’m currently working on.

desk before

And speaking of desks, my February post at Reclaiming Beautiful is up and running today and is all about desks.  Head on over and check it out!


11 thoughts on “think spring.

  1. Fun French stencil. And your post at Reclaiming Beautiful is outrageously good. Beautiful photos and inspiring words.


    1. I should get crackin’ on that new project! I’ll admit it’s a little daunting so I’ve been putting it off. Now that I’ve posted about it, I am forcing myself to get going on it!


  2. All so beautiful…and the Rutherford book…such a good (LONG! he he) read!! Love all his books, but New York and Russka might be my favourites! xx


    1. I purchased it from Drexart. However, FYI, while I was checking to be sure I had the right name I noticed that their Etsy shop is on a break until Feb 15. Also, FYI, be sure to check back here on Friday to see another project using this stencil!


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