a Fusion Studio Metallics giveaway.

Recently one of my favorite bloggers, Melanie from Lost and Found Decor, decided to put together a blog hop.  She asked me to join in along with three other fab bloggers, Homeroad, Bliss Ranch and Finding Silver Pennies.

metallics collage

Our focus is the Mathew Mead Studio Metallics paint from Fusion.  As you may remember, a while back Fusion sent me some free samples of this paint.  So far I have painted a pale gold chair and added some brushed steel to the back of a mid-century bookcase.  I’ll admit that when I agreed to try the metallic paint I really wasn’t sure what I would do with it, or if I would really even like it.  Since then I have become a serious fan of the stuff.  Along with the Pale Gold and the Brushed Steel, Fusion also sent me some Copper.  So I pulled that out for this project.

copper 1

Back just before Christmas my sister and I had popped into one of our local thrift shops where we picked up some wooden divided bowls.  I had seen similar wooden serving dishes painted in a metallic gold, so I thought it would be a fun project to try with one of the Fusion metallics.

wood trays before

I’m afraid I have a confession to make at this point.  I went ahead and painted them without my sister.  When Melanie sent out the post asking if anyone wanted to join her in this blog hop, I knew this would be just the right project, so I got painting pronto without waiting for Debbie.  Sorry sis!

I started by sanding the bowls slightly and then wiping them down with TSP substitute.  I then painted them entirely with three coats of Fusion’s Picket Fence, which is a nice, bright, crisp white.

copper step 1

This is one of those projects that doesn’t take a lot of effort to do, but there is a lot of waiting between steps.  You know, paint the top, wait for it to dry, paint the bottom, wait for it to dry … repeat twice.

Next, tape off a section of the bowls to paint in the copper.

copper step 2

I absolutely love this copper color.  Isn’t it gorgeous?

copper paint

I used two coats of the copper paint.  I wanted a very solid coverage.

Once the copper was dry, I taped off at another angle to add the next color.  But before I started I used a little sandpaper on the seam between the copper and the white that I was painting over.  If I hadn’t done this, there would have been a visible ridge under the final color.

copper sanded

I wiped the dust away and then added a couple of coats of my favorite Fusion paint color, Laurentien.

copper step 3

As you can see, I don’t do a very good job of keeping the mouths of my paint jars clean.  Bad, bad, painter!  I often have to ask Mr. Q to help me get these open again.  It also works to run them under hot water for a minute.  But I always ultimately get them open.


After all of these small steps, in the end I have these lovely painted bowls perfect for holding jewelry.

copper with jewelry

Including my Mantraband bracelets.

copper with bracelets

You’ve probably noticed that I seem to have plenty of jewelry in my favorite color of aqua as well!

copper bowl aqua earrings

So there you have it, a simple way to update some divided wooden bowls.

copper bowl necklace

So snag some at your local thrift shop and get painting!

copper with jewelry 2

To help you out with that, Fusion is sponsoring an amazing giveaway for us today.


The giveaway includes the following:

2 MM Studio Metallics (winner chooses color)
2 Pints Fusion Paint (winner chooses color)
1 small Fusion Brush
1 Fusion Brush Soap
1 Fusion Antique Glaze
Nice, right?
There are numerous ways to get your name in the hat via Rafflecopter to win!  There is the same Rafflecopter on all five posts, so you only have to enter on one of the blogs to qualify.  Click the following link to enter …

a Rafflecopter giveaway

Please take a moment to visit each of the other blogs participating to see their Studio Metallic projects:

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17 thoughts on “a Fusion Studio Metallics giveaway.

  1. How do I say this so it’s not… weird….. but if anyone can paint nut trays and have them look fantastic, it’s you. My copper paint is almost gone I used it so much at Christmas, it’s so authentically coppery!


    1. Nut trays! So that’s what they are called! LOL. As for the paint, I have been hoarding the copper like a little old miser. Saving it for something special. Like nut trays!


  2. This is a great post. I love taking something that is found en masse at thrift stores and reinventing it into something beautifully functional. Love the fusion copper. The giveaway is incredible! It was fun to see the other blogs as well 🙂


  3. Good job! I picked up trays like that too a while back because I think of you when I get out to a thrift store or yard sale. I sometimes wonder what Quandie would do with this? Thanks for the inspiration. My paint jars are like that too, Hate how the lid and jar “fuse” together.


    1. That’s awesome Sheila, thanks! Now you know exactly what I would do with them! As for the paint jars, I was just painting today with Fusion paint and all three jars were ‘fused’ shut. I found that running them under a little hot water did the trick in no time though. As much as I’d like to be good about wiping the top of the jar before I put the lid back on each time, it really just never happens.


  4. Small, quick projects can be so gratifying, especially in this weather where sanding and painting big things indoors makes a colossal mess. I have 2 of these wooden bowls which were slated for the “donation” box until you hinted at this project weeks ago. Can’t wait to get some fusion metallic paint and transform them! Thanks for the inspiration….


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