a fun new venture.

As some of you know, last summer I started selling some of my furniture pieces at a shop in Stillwater, MN called Reclaiming Beautiful.  It’s a shop that focuses almost exclusively on refurbished vintage furniture, so pretty much a perfect fit for my pieces.

Recently the owners of the shop came to me with a proposition.  They asked if I would be willing to spruce up their blog and write the occasional post for them in exchange for a reduction in their commission rate.

title photo

It took me about two seconds to think about it and then say YES!

I really enjoy blogging.  I love taking the photos, editing the photos, writing the text, coming up with the ideas.  And I especially love connecting with the people who leave comments.  I’m not as big a fan of the technical aspects of blogging, but my WordPress skills have come a long way since I originally started my own blog and fortunately the Reclaiming Beautiful blog is also on WordPress.  That couldn’t have worked out better.

Since writing blog posts doesn’t feel at all like work to me, I was happy to take this on.

First I spent a little time giving their blog a fresh new look.  I added their logo in the header, changed the ‘theme’ that they were using to one with bigger photos, updated some info, and added a link to their Facebook page.

Today is the official unveiling of the new look along with my first post for them.

I hope you’ll take a minute to pop over and take a look (click here).

Let me know what you think!  And consider becoming a follower.  You definitely won’t see me posting as often there as I do here on q is for quandie, so it might be convenient to get an email every time I do.

17 thoughts on “a fun new venture.

  1. Great job, as always! Love the updated look on their blog…and your pictures really look great…makes me want to get out of my jammies and go shopping!😄


    1. Well, you don’t want to rush into anything rash. It is currently snowing and 4 degrees. If I could be at home in my jammies right now, that is where I’d stay 😉 And since Reclaiming Beautiful isn’t even open today, I’d say stick with the jammies!


  2. Congrats on your new endeavor. I may have to take a trip to Stillwater one of these days. I really like the bigger pictures in your blog makeover. Would love to know more about the owners and a bit about how the shop has grown since they started in 2013 in another location. What are their challenges and successes? You do such a good job with the personal touch in your blog and that’s why I follow you. Of course, I love your work and someday hope to have a “Quandie”. Thanks for following up on my mirror and wreath suggestion back in December.


    1. Stillwater is always a good idea (lol, I know that is usually said about Paris, but Stillwater works too!) I do hope to write some future posts about the owners. I want to feature each one of them and include some shots of their own homes. Thanks for sharing that comment about the ‘personal touch’, it’s always good to get feedback like this so I know what I’m doing right!


  3. This is a wonderful collaboration! I followed them both on Facebook and on WordPress. Now… When will Quandie be over on Facebook? I find it much easier and more fun to follow and interact with all my favorite furniture bloggers over there! 😉


    1. Thanks Kristin! For now I prefer blogging over Facebook. I actually started out on Facebook before q is for quandie was born, but for some reason I always felt held back by the format. I much prefer blogging! But you never know, maybe some day.


      1. You can still blog … Just link the blog over to Facebook so you can get a larger audience and your fellow bloggers can share and love your work! That’s what I do. Just sayin…. 🙂


  4. L L L LOVE that shop. Even tho it is a bit of a drive my daughter and I try to get there about every 3 months or more if we can. I always play “I spy” for your pieces.
    Will definitely follow the blog in addition to their facebook page.


    1. You guys definitely get around! I’ve seen you at Eye Candy, and at that Christmas French Flea market up past Anoka … maybe I’ll run into you in Stillwater next!


  5. Sounds like a match made in blog heaven! My daughter and I discovered Reclaiming Beautiful during a frigid St. Croix Valley shopping “ramble” the weekend before Thanksgiving. The store is large and very well-stocked and the styling is fun to look at for great ideas. Definitely worth the drive. I checked out their blog and it is lovely and inviting…you definitely have a knack with design!


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