a farmhouse fix.

First, this is just a quick post to say thank you so much for all of your kind comments yesterday!  What an awesome day.  I really enjoyed hearing from each one of you.  Remember, you have until Sunday to get your comment in if you want to participate in the drawing.  So if you didn’t get one in yet, you still have time.

fixed title

Second, I just wanted to share the fix for farmhouse dresser no. 5.

You remember, from the other day …

farmhouse dresser

I had issues with the non-hardening filler that I used to fill some old drawer pull holes.  It resisted the milk paint and ended up looking like this …

farmhouse problem

Although I badly wanted to go along with some of you who said it was fine as is, in the end the spots really bugged me, which is what the majority of you said as well.

And some of you had some really great ideas for fixes.  I loved the idea of adding vintage wallpaper or floral napkins to the drawer fronts.  I thought the idea of re-filling the holes and adding some vertical stripes of paint to camouflage them was awesome too.

But in the end, I decided different hardware was the easiest fix for me.  Also, the spacing of the holes was just right for some glass drawer pulls from D Lawless Hardware.

fixed farmhouse close up

Unfortunately, this fix was expensive at $38.90 for 10 glass drawer pulls.  It was a costly lesson about non-hardening filler and milk paint not mixing.  At least the rest of you don’t have to learn it the hard way like I did.

fixed farmhouse 1

And although I think I preferred the look of the single knob over the look of a pull, I do think these pulls fit this dresser.  I feel better about not leaving the poorly filled holes as they were too.  So thanks to everyone who left a comment on that post with either an opinion or an idea for a fix.  All were much appreciated!

If anyone needs a fabulous chippy farmhouse style dresser with glass drawer pulls, leave a comment.  This one is available!


7 thoughts on “a farmhouse fix.

  1. Where is Hobby Lobby when you need them? This solution is a winner in my IMO. I agree the single knob was a great look that dang filler. (FYI the email about the Bondo glazing and spot putty works great for filling in screw and nailholes – but for deep gouges it seems a hit or miss type filler).


    1. I probably could have found something a little bit cheaper at Hobby Lobby, but not a whole lot cheaper. Since I needed 10 drawer pulls, even at $3.89 each they added up quickly!


  2. Initially, I had a preference for the single knobs, but the more I looked at the finished dresser, the more I came to like the pulls for the understated pizzaz they provided, and how they appear to balance the keyholes. Perfect!


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