only 36 more days ’til Christmas.

I might be giving the impression that I’m really on top of this Christmas thing.  As you saw last week, I’ve got my winter window boxes all ready to go.  And the other day I gathered up all of my vintage Christmas stuff to send to Eye Candy ReFind.

xmas 1

I didn’t have a ton of stuff, but I was able to pull together some red and green.

The old jars full of vintage red Christmas light bulbs would look fab added to a shelf.

xmas 2

I love the idea of decorating with red and green vintage books for Christmas, even if they aren’t holiday books.

xmas 4

And as you can see, I whipped up some Christmas messages to add to some plates.

xmas 5

xmas 6

I got the idea for this mailbox from pinterest.  The words are also Cricut vinyl rather than painted on.

xmas 3

How cute would it be to have this on a shelf or table so you could tuck all of those Christmas greetings you receive inside?

Despite having my winter window boxes done, and all of my Christmas merchandise sent off to the shops, I have only just started to think about shopping for Christmas gifts and decorating inside the house.

Thanksgiving will be here a week from tomorrow though, oh, how time does fly!  Have you started to decorate yet?

10 thoughts on “only 36 more days ’til Christmas.

  1. Very clever! Love the vintage bulbs the whole vignette is wonderful.
    So glad you shared that idea of storing the Christmas cards in the mailbox I
    have an antique wood mailbox the kind that was on the house by the front door.
    Perfect holiday incarnation. Seriously every year I intend to do decorate mine early
    but instead I am still decorating other people’s homes. Lol!


  2. Thanks for reminding how little time we have before Christmas. Today I am enjoying my last day with my sister in laws in Florida so the idea of Christmas is not on my radar. It’s been sunny and 85 everyday. But that all ends tomorrow. I love all of your ideas and am looking forward to seeing what you do this year. FYI. I do have two trees up at the cabin to get a head start so I don’t have so much to do when I get back to reality.


    1. Florida! Lucky you! I have taken some November trips to warm places before, and it does kind of throw off the whole ‘getting ready for Christmas’ thing. Not to worry though Donna, we are planning the perfect wintry weather for your return to Minnesota. Snow by the weekend (although right now it is 55 and sunny).


  3. Love your red and green display. I have a rule, no Christmas decorating until after Thanksgiving. I have a little shopping done, and have purchased some Christmas for myself! I am so easy to buy for! 😉 ha ha


  4. Hey Quandy… A question for you. In the picture in the upper right corner is a red file box – did you paint that with Fusion? I have the exact same file box that I painted in Laurentin with Casement stripes. On the inside of the cover I also used Casement and stenciled the word “grow” (this project was inspired by you btw) intending it to be used as a planter. I just haven’t gotten to planting it yet, I guess it’ll be on the spring to – do list 🙂
    I’ll be curious to see how the Fusion holds up on mine.


    1. I did not paint either of these red metal boxes, they both came that color. I bet yours looks fab painted with the stripes! You’ve inspired an idea for an upcoming post. I’m heading out to my mother-in-law’s for Thanksgiving and if you’ll remember, I gave her a toolbox planter that I also painted in Laurentien. I’ll try and get a photo of it while I’m there and then we’ll see how it held up being exposed to the elements!


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