free is good.

I’m not sure if I should have called this “mid mod week” or “free is good” week!  Either way, I have another free mid century modern piece to share with you today.  Plus if you read to the end, I’m sharing a link where you can get a coupon for some free paint too!

My neighbor Karen (or as I like to call her, nnK) brought this table to me a while ago.  I think she said her dad, Big Larry, dragged it out of someone’s trash pile.  She likes to bring me trash.

hair pin leg table before

Fortunately, she has pretty decent taste in junk (and apparently so does Big Larry).  She does lean towards the mid-century modern.

Shortly after she gave this piece to me I happened to be browsing through the latest Schoolhouse Electric & Supply Co catalog and this page caught my eye …

schoolhouse table

photo via Schoolhouse Electric

See the bedside table?  Very similar to my freebie, no?  Certainly similar enough to provide inspiration for a makeover.  By the way, the table pictured above is available for $350 from Schoolhouse Electric … bwa ha ha ha.

This table was really dirty when I got it.  I scrubbed it thoroughly with a Scotch pad and Dawn dish washing soap and the brown gunk that came off this thing was disgusting.  Also, unexpectedly, as I was scrubbing with the Scotch pad the black paint started to come off too!  Underneath the black was the original green.  Once I dried it off, I realized I had to sand it to get more lose paint off.  Gack!

Once I had that done, I gave the legs and the bottom shelf a fresh coat of spray paint in Rustoleum’s Canyon Black in a satin finish.

Then I painted just the top level in Fusion’s Limestone.

And voila!

hair pin table 4

It only seemed fair that I stage the photos for this table over at nnK’s house.  She had the perfect mid mod props for me.  The atomic clock and the turquoise leather chair.  That chair, by the way, is another freebie.  She snagged it when the people next door to her were cleaning out the house after our former neighbor passed away.  They just thought it was an old ugly chair and were going to trash it.  It’s in fantastic condition, and that shade of turquoise makes me drool.

In hindsight, I wish I had worked harder to stage the table itself.  I just plopped a magazine on top and called it good.

hair pin table magazine

But really, I felt like I couldn’t compete with that chair and clock.

hair pin table 5

I suppose I could have chosen chalk paint for the top of the table, but I chose Fusion because I wanted a little more shine than you get with chalk paint and wax.  Plus, it was a one step paint job.  Paint and let dry.  I did use two coats, but it really couldn’t have been easier.

Not bad for a free table, right?

If you have been thinking about trying Fusion paint yourself, now is your chance to get something for free too!  Clicking on the image below will take you to the Fusion website where you can request a coupon for a free tester pot of paint to be redeemed at participation locations (offer good through November 30, 2015).

Fusion giveaway

For those of you who are local (Twin Cities), I checked with Jody at Farmhouse Inspired and she is participating in this giveaway.  Just bring your coupon to her and exchange it for a tester sized pot of Fusion in the color of your choice.

Hey, free is good, right?

This is not a sponsored post.  All opinions are my own.  I was not compensated in any way.

11 thoughts on “free is good.

  1. Another nice save – I remember this type of table from my childhood well done!
    It would appear your operation is a well oiled machine:
    there’s Mr.Q – the man with the the brawn and his handy dandy pick up truck
    then Ken super duper repair and all purpose fix-it guy
    then the duo “nnk” /Larry eagle eye freebie gathers
    then Sue the lunchtime garage sale cohort
    and on top of this loyal group now your sister/niece are in town to aid and abet
    All in all this is one fine posse!


  2. Love the hairpin leg table. Is it for sale. I’ve got multiple footstools to match as well as a long sofa table length bookcase. Let me know please. Thanks Andrea


  3. Great early 60’s colors. Boy that Naugahyde was sweaty in the summer and like cold hard block of ice in winter…. And thanks for another great post. It may feel as if some of us are lurkers as we read w no comment, when in fact we are basking in the creative light you shine with your fab projects.
    Just my thought….


    1. Linda, thank you so much for this comment. It’s as if you were reading my mind. I was just heading off to bed last night, thinking to myself that my blog post only garnered three comments and wondering if anyone out there really cared and then ding! My phone buzzed and I saw your comment. It was perfect timing and just what I needed to hear. Thank you!


  4. …so i have a stupid question…(not to change the subject from previous post) as i painted a little night stand yesterday and i was doing the drawer, I thought to myself ‘I wonder if ‘Quandie’ paints the insides of drawers?? Next dumb thought….as I was rubbing in the wax and it was freezing out, I put my small tub-o-wax in the microwave to soften er up. It worked well but didn’t stay soft too long so had to work fast. What do you do when its so dang cold?? Off to work…Have a great day-


    1. Funny timing on your question, I am just finishing up a dresser and I painted the insides of the drawers! Check back for the post on that next Monday. As for the wax, I have never microwaved mine. I do store it inside once it starts getting colder out. If it’s between 50 – 65 or so, I’ll still work outside but I pull the wax out only when I’m ready to use it. Any colder than 50 and I move inside to wax.


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