don’t eat your words.

don't eat your words

The ‘grow’ plates that I did for my June sale ended up being quite popular.

grow plate

So when I found a little stack of vintage plates with pine boughs on them, I thought perhaps I could come up with an autumn version.

And rather than using them in an outdoor planter, I thought they would be fun to incorporate into table centerpieces.  I gave you a little sneak peek at one when I posted my dining table makeover last week.

give thanks 2

I made some that say “give thanks” and some that just say “eat.”

eat plate 1

Not that anyone really needs a reminder to ‘eat’ at holiday gatherings.

But a reminder to give thanks isn’t a bad idea.

give thanks 3

It’s easy to whip up a lovely table arrangement just using things from around your garden (or maybe your neighbor’s garden, with permission of course).

I used some crab apples from nnK’s tree, some hydrangeas and some spent bee balm blossoms.

fall table arrangement

If you’d rather, you can also just place the wordy plates in your hutch.

eat plate 3

give thanks 4

Just remember, don’t eat your words!  They are for display purposes only.

I have a few plates left and need some more suggestions for appropriate fall words to use on them.  Any ideas?

27 thoughts on “don’t eat your words.

  1. I love the box arrangement. Just beautiful. How about harvest, blessings, grateful, family. Great ideas. It would also be a great idea to find a new use for that pretty plate that has a crack or chip and therefore not suitable to eat off of anymore.


  2. Oh I do know why they were so popular – because you use great plates, really good fonts and they are simple and elegant. A couple of phrases I thought of are “we gather together” and “through the woods”. I was so inspired by your plates I bought the small silhouette. Now to just figure it out.


    1. There really are tons of cool things you can do with the silhouette (or Cricut). I ended up with a Cricut because I already knew how to use it and I am not very patient about learning new technology. But I think a Silhouette is more versatile. Good luck with it!


  3. I thought of these: Bless Us, Pray for Peace,. Be Thankful, Hungry Yet?, Have Faith Could also do “Bee Thankfull”, (with a bumble bee on the plate. Have fun!


  4. It occurred to me you must be ramping up for the next CHouse Sale??? I am sure these plates are “conversation pieces”- seriously but pun intended. They are charming and fun simultaneously. As Christopher Lowell would say “Love that”!
    As for additional word ideas – I am at a loss for words…yeah imagine that! 😶


    1. Well … I should probably make an official announcement. We’re not having a Carriage House sale this fall. Between my bff’s daughter’s wedding and a “fall color viewing” trip to Duluth, my calendar is pretty well booked up! I plan to bring this to one of the shops where I’ve been selling this summer.


  5. I love how you have used “found items” around your yard in your floral arrangement, which is natural and beautiful for fall. If the little, oval Give Thanks plate heads to a sale, I hope you tell us where! For the Fall I also like Gather, Gather Together, and Embrace Change (my mantra since I retired).


  6. I would like a give thanks plate please! I am in bed resting from a brain bleed caused by a fall garage saling last Saturday. I give thanks for the guy on bike who ran to neighbor’s for ice, the gal on the baseball field who came to my aid & ran to find my friends, Sue & Jan. I am thankful for people who care for their fellow man. I am blessed. Now no driving for two weeks, no work for a week. If I fall again, with my present brain bleed, my brain could swell. Save a plate for me, Linda? I want to make a beautiful arrangement for Thanksgiving….


    1. Oh my goodness! I heard about your garage sale injury! We’re gonna have to get you a helmet! Or, as someone said, many different ones to match all of your outfits! I’ll save you plate!


  7. I can see my brain wasn’t the only one that went straight to “gather.” Alas, some less-reverent options:
    Gobble gobble
    White or dark?
    Tom says “You’re welcome.”
    Yes, we have more buns.
    Let there be peas.
    That was my great-grandmother’s tablecloth.
    Oh it tastes homemade?
    Save room for pie.
    Life is short. Pass the gravy.
    Target can wait.
    Mute the football.
    Pass the potatoes, hold the politics.
    Put down the knife.
    You wash, you dry.
    I’ve been up 37 hours.
    I’m never doing this again.


  8. I love the arrangement with the crabapples. You might neef to make a cute mini one to take to Mr. Qs moms for Thanksgiving.


    1. I haven’t cut any stencils with my Cricut yet. I do have some “stencil material” that is made to be cut with the Cricut, so one of these days I’m going to try it. Meanwhile, yes, I cut a lot of paper for scrapbooks, but I also do a lot of vinyl. The words on these plates are cut out of adhesive backed vinyl and then just adhered to the plates.


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